10 Things to Do in Your Old Home When Moving Out

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    The time has finally come to say goodbye to that wonderful place you used to call your home. And although moving out is a good thing, you will probably catch yourself missing it before even leaving.  You have come to the right place because we will make the entire process much easier and more fun. There will be many things to do before actually leaving so here are our picks for 10 things to do in your old home when moving out.

    1. Double-Checking after packing

    Even when you are sure that everything is packed, there still could be something that you missed. After all the items are packed and prepared, we suggest you double-check the entire place. Maybe you skipped an area, or even simply forgot to go through that one cupboard. If you have kids, you can include the entire family and make a super interesting game out of it. Kids will for sure love it, and you will be assured that not a single item is left behind. If you are going to or leaving Los Angeles, Los Angeles County movers will do the job quickly and you will have plenty of time for this part. On the other hand, if packing and moving were done by you and your family, this activity will come as a reward to all of you.

    man carrying the box as one of the things to do in your old home
    Double-check packed items

    2. Deep-Clean your old home

    Just as it was nice and cozy while you were living there, it should stay like that once you are gone. There are countless strategies on how to do it and the best one is yours to decide. You can clean one room at a time when you finish packing, or you can do it at the very end. And as you guessed- cleaning the empty home is much easier than with all the furniture being there. It will not take too much of your time and it will be a perfect “thank you” to all those years you spent there.

    3. Disconnect all electrical devices

    In such cases where you are leaving some electronic devices in your old home, make sure to secure them. We suggest you do this at the very end, so you can be assured you went over each one. This is probably one of the most important things you should do in your old home when moving. If you are not sure how to disconnect some of them, you can always ask for professional help.

    4. Forward your mail

    This will take less time than you think, you just need to do it as soon as possible. Dealing with mail after moving out can be super stressful so make sure to forward it all from your old home. Depending on how large your mail data is, you can finish it all in just a couple of hours and get ready for your next task.

    porch house
    Make a plan of all the things do to in your old home before the move

    5. Help out the movers

    While they do their professional work, movers may still need a hint or two from you. If you are in California, and not going too far, many Orange County residential movers will have some follow-up questions for you. They may ask for directions for certain items or boxes or even offer some extra help you didn’t know you needed. That is why being in your old house when moving is actually the right thing to do!

    6. Make a list of recent renovation works

    Whoever gets your home next is going to love this one. Many real estate agents will ask that you provide this list, but even if you don’t we suggest you do it. Other than reminding you how much love you invested in your old home, it will be super helpful for someone else. 

    7. Leave a note

    Speaking of the next owners, they will enjoy your welcoming message. if your old home has already been sold, share your experiences and possible advice with them. Many moving website reviews praise leaving a note and we assure you it will bring out many smiles. If, on the other hand, your old home still waits for its next owner, a real estate agent will take care of your note and give it to them when the time comes.

    8. Keep personal items with you

    This one is for chargers, handbags, keys and all those things you will need with you all the time. If for some reason, you stay longer in your old home when moving, these particular items can be used and unfortunately- easily forgotten. So no matter how big of a rush you are, everything that you need should be close to you all the time. It will spare you going back and stressing out in vain.

    9. Invite your friends over

    If you are in beautiful sunny areas, like Villa Park in California, one of the things to do in your old home is give yourself a well-deserved goodbye party. While movers Villa Park CA  do their part of the work you can enjoy some high-quality time outside with your friends and neighbors. You will get a chance to say goodbye to them as well and make some amazing memories.

    10. Take some cool photos

    Speaking of memories, this will be an amazing idea! The entire moving process sometimes makes us forget how much we will miss the place. Give you and your family plenty of memories to keep by taking some cool photos! You can do this before or after the packing, or even in the meantime! It will always be wonderful to come back to them from time to time and remind yourself of your old home!

    woman taking a photo
    Make some wonderful memories of your old home when moving out!

    Come up with more things to do in your old home

    We hope that our 10 things to do in your old home when moving out will make your move unforgettable! And you will probably add a bunch of new ones as soon as you start packing. If things get pretty complicated at one point do not hesitate to give us a call. Our final advice is that you keep your stress level very low, enjoy all those moments, and start your new chapter in life like a pro!


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