5 reasons to avoid unknown moving companies in Los Angeles

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    Moving is a big responsibility that should not be entrusted to any company. To finish the relocation properly, you need to have the right team with you. That means that the crew is reliable, that all tasks have been done properly, and that there are no hidden costs. After all, moving is exhausting in itself. Therefore, you need a company that will provide you with a pleasant moving experience. Furthermore, you should avoid unknown moving companies that appear out of nowhere. Numerous fraudulent advertisements circle around the internet. As a licensed company with proven track record, we at Family Affair Moving OC do our best to execute your move from start to finish, with integrity and dedication. 

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    It’s good to avoid unknown moving companies if there isn’t any information about them available online.

    There are several reasons why you should not deal with unknown relocation companies

    When you think about moving, a lot of questions pop into your mind. What if you don’t manage to pack everything in time? What if you can not do it all by yourself? Will you bee able to find the right mover to help you relocate? The last question is potentially of crucial importance because with the right support you should be able to do everything properly and in time. Let us review some of the reasons why you should keep your eyes wide open when seeking professional moving help.

    Avoid unknown moving companies that are not registered

    By no means should you entrust the relocation to any company. This is especially true for unknown movers that no one has heard ofIf the company is not fully registered and licensed, then it’s not a new company but a possible fraudulent scheme. Furthermore, if information about the company and services cannot be found in online databases, know that you have reason to be suspicious. Additionally, feel free to ask some of the prominent Orange County residential movers or some of your friends and colleagues if they have heard of the company.

    The information on the moving company’s website are not clear

    Even if unknown moving companies have their official websites, pay special attention to the following:

    • Is there a short description of the company’s history that can be easily proven? The lack of basic information is a huge red flag.
    • Is a free assessment offered? Keep in mind that every company that has years of successful work behind it doesn’t charge for a free assessment.
    • Are the prices clearly stated? It’s not enough to simply list the prices. There must be a thorough explanation of the rates of each service to avoid confusion. Therefore, make sure to avoid unknown movers that are vague about their rates.
    • Can you verify their contact information? Their street address, phone number(s), and e-mail should be confirmed. On the contrary, don’t waste time with any suspicious company.

    Reviews about the unknown relocation companies are not verifiable

    Unknown fraudulent moving companies usually write flattering reviews on various online platforms. For example, on Yelp it’s possible to find numerous reviews and realize that the company’s employees wrote them. On the other hand, the websites of such companies can also be full of fake reviews that sound too good. Simply, it’s impossible for a company that suddenly appeared on the market to have dozens of satisfied customers.

    Hidden fees are another reason to avoid unknown relocation companies

    Another trait of suspicious relocation companies is hiding additional costs from customers. This means that they can charge you a surprising amount of money just for an estimate! Furthermore, they don’t want you to know whether additional moving costs are included in the price of the service. In addition, often these companies do a poor job. Moreover, they will charge you more money for the damage they cause to your belongings. You deserve to without having to worry about getting additionally charged along the way. To avoid having these kind of worries, whether moving locally or across the country, stay away from such suspicious companies and save your money. 

    white moving van
    Unknown movers seem quite suspicious and not so trustworthy.

    Thefts are very likely to happen

    Unknown movers don’t have your best interest in mind. Without detailed information about registration, experience, prices, and the like, you will not know who you are working with. Often it happens that a so-called moving company only presents itself as such. The main goal of their “crew” is to steal your items and disappear. Moving is stressful enough in itself and additional stresses and accidents are the last scenarios you need. Therefore, be careful and contact only local moving companies Southern California customers trust.

    There are ways to additionally confirm whether it is better to avoid an unknown moving company

    What you can do is personally verify the validity of what employees from a new unknown company tell you. Simply call them on their phone number and ask directly anything you want to know. Also, pay attention to what kind of answers you get. Are they clear and detailed? Is nothing clear to you even after you get them? Don’t believe in nice words and empty stories. Representatives of any legitimate moving company should give you the answers right away. Keep in mind that legitimate movers are serious in their business and direct with their customers. Next, if a company like this claims to have storage, ask for location and conditions.

    woman searching online how to avoid unknown moving companies
    Make sure to check everything about unknown movers.

    Also, ask them if you can come in person and take a look. If the employee you are talking to bypasses the answer and suggests that you hear from each other a second time, you will know that the company is better to avoid. Don’t hesitate to inquire about the work of the company and their experience. If it’s a completely new company, even registered, there is no reason to worry. On the other hand, if what their employees tell you doesn’t make sense, don’t consider them. Every legal relocation company strives to be transparent with its clients. Therefore, their staff is there for you to provide you with additional information. Also, when it comes to unknown companies, pay attention to the time of the alleged company’s establishment. Next, make sure the company has a large number of reviews, that also resemble each other.

    Unknown movers are likely to organize fraudulent schemes

    It’s not easy to discern whether the moving company is new in the city or another scam. You can never be 100% sure about the safety of your belongings. Keep in mind that hiring fraudulent companies may cost you time, energy, and money. Fortunately, all information are available at your fingertips! Thus, make sure to avoid unknown moving companies at all costs.

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