6 moving mistakes that students make

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    Whether you’re relocating for the first time or just searching for a few pointers to make your next move go more smoothly, everyone could use some advice when it comes to moving. Whether you’re preparing to start your first semester or want to make your next move go more smoothly, our advice can help you a lot. To ensure that everything goes according to plan, you must be aware of any roadblocks. Read on for 6 moving mistakes that students make. With this knowledge, you can focus on what you need to do. Focus on acquiring your books and getting the school year started well. If you need help with your move, affordable movers Orange County are there for you.

    6 moving mistakes that students make

    Packing for university, especially if you’re moving to another country for school, can be a time-consuming task. Being away from home for the first time in your life makes sorting through nearly two decades’ worth of clothing and possessions a daunting task. But if you stick to these rules, you’ll have a much easier time.

    a student staring at the blue sky with a red backpack on his back
    Moving away and going to college can be scary, but it is a very important step towards your bright future.

    1. Don’t bring too many things

    This is a basic error virtually everyone has done. When you’ve never lived on-campus before, it’s easy to bring a lot of stuff. It’s better to be prepared than not to have what you need – or so people think. On-campus and off-campus living sometimes necessitate smaller accommodations than normal rental areas. Colleges strive to maximize their campus space for student enrollment. Winter garments might be left at home to reduce space, especially if you can return home when it becomes chilly.

    2. Plan ahead of time with your roommate

    It’s in your best interest to get to know your roommate before you move in together, thanks to social media. Some individuals like to decorate their flat in a specific motif, but your potential roommate may not. Prepare some questions to ask your roommate before move-in day. Discuss your living standards, what they’ll bring for your common space, and when they’ll move in. Remember to discuss mutual hobbies and upcoming plans so you can arrange interesting bonding activities ahead of time.

    a student sitting in a student dorm with a lap top
    Along with the common moving mistakes that students make is not checking in with their roommates before they arrive.

    3. Pay Attention to Rental Fees!

    Not every student lives on-campus, so if you live off-campus, you’ll have more items to move. Apartment complexes seldom offer furniture, and bed frames and couches are difficult to transport. Before you rent a moving vehicle, understand common hidden moving company costs to prevent overspending. For a service you can already afford, check the fine print on rental agreements and book your movers ahead of time. Feel free to contact movers Norwalk if you’re not moving to a student dorm and you have a lot of stuff.

    4. Remember to pack a travel bag

    Weekend travels will necessitate a larger bag than a backpack, so stock up on duffel bags that you can put beneath your bed or in your closet. They don’t take up much space and will come in handy if you spend the night at a friend’s or go home for a few days. Also, you can read these tips on how to pack your bedroom in the most efficient way.

    5. Expecting college to provide everything is unrealistic

    Campuses today have more resources than ever, yet college still does not supply everything. You may have a milkshake machine outside your door, but not a toilet plunger or oven mitts. Your room won’t have a TV stand or even a mirror. Before you depart for college, make a list of your favorite items and what you want your routine to be in the future. Do you need shoe storage? Do you like a shower shelf? Do you prefer a lot of toss pillows? You’ll need to bring these items or buy them once you get to school. You can contact furniture movers Orange County if you need help moving your furniture.

    students lookin into moving mistakes that students make
    College is a truly unique experience and if you decide to go, you’re bound to have the time of your life.

    6. Have your books delivered to the uni

    Similarly, why not have your new books sent to your new university address? Buying them all during the summer is fine, but then you have to get them to your university town – one of the moving mistakes that students make! Order online and have them delivered to your new university address in a few days!

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