A guide for moving from Santa Ana to Whittier

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    There has been a boom in people moving from Santa Ana to Whittier recently. That’s for a variety of reasons, but Whittier is getting more and more popular. It makes people wonder what’s the best way to relocate. While the move heavily depends on your family, there are certain things and tips you can follow to have a seamless experience. Moves tend to be stressful because you get a lot on your plate. Fortunately, you don’t have to do everything alone, and Whittier is a perfect location to move to from Santa Ana. It won’t be too much different, it’s pretty close and you get to see all your friends and family back from Santa Ana all the time. That all make it for a really sweet deal, getting the best out of both cities.

    What to expect when moving to Whittier: DIY or a moving company

    When it comes to short-distance relocations, it’s a lot easier to pack. These are perfect for a DIY move, meaning you can move all by yourself. While this is a cheaper option, there are certain downsides, as well. You’ll need to put in a lot more time and effort than when hiring a professional moving company. That includes things like planning your whole move, renting some trailers or trucks, packing and etc. While it’s possible and completely normal, it does take a lot of time. Some people simply can’t afford to miss work because of it, or are too tired on weekends. Whatever you choose, make sure it works best for you.

    The other bad thing is the fact you might not have all the necessary equipment to move certain things. For example, relocating a piano by yourself is a bad idea. That’s why moving companies, like Family Affair Moving, come in handy. Other than taking care of everything for you, they often offer other services. For example, moving all the heavy pieces of furniture, taking care of it, and so on. When planning your move to Whittier, you need to first choose whether you want to do a DIY move or hire a company. There are benefits to doing both.

    Boxes in the back of the truck with a house in the background.
    When moving from Santa Ana to Whittier, it’s important to decide whether you want to do a DIY move or hire a moving company.

    Things to consider when moving to Whittier from Santa Ana

    Whittier has a lot to offer, but keep in mind that it’s a lot smaller than Santa Ana. This gives you fewer opportunities to choose from. When looking for the right neighborhood, make sure you keep track of all the nearby things you want to use. That’s a good time to think about your kids’ school, your workplace and etc. While Whittier houses tend to be expensive, they offer great deals and are generally really sought after. A lot of movers Whittier CA receive a lot of calls from people moving in from all sides of the US, it’s no question you’ll find a good home to call yours.

    Consider the storage space you’ll have after moving from Santa Ana to Whittier

    One thing to keep in mind when packing, and after choosing your new house is the storage space. The worst thing that can happen is that you overpack. You won’t have a lot of storage spaces in your new house in Whittier, making your place look crowded. To make sure this doesn’t happen, and if you’re moving to a smaller living space, consider what you want to bring. However, make sure this isn’t a last-minute decision. Last minute moves tend to be hectic, and in that case, it’s best to hire a moving company. On the other hand, this is a great chance to declutter. Donating the things you don’t need is a great thing to do. On the other side, if you’re moving to a lot bigger place, there’s no reason not to bring everything and see what you’re going to do with it afterward.

    A couple taking some things inside after moving from Santa Ana to Whittier.
    When packing, use the change to declutter and get rid of the things you won’t need.

    The short distance between Santa Ana and Whittier

    Whittier is really close to Santa Ana. In fact, it’s less than an hour of drive to each other. That means you don’t really need to give up things you love about Santa Ana, since it is so close. All your favorite shopping places, cafes, clubs, and other things are right there. That is what makes it popular for people to move from one to another. Movers Santa Ana receives quite a lot of calls asking them about Whittier relocations. People like the opportunities Whittier offers, plus they’re close to all the people they know.

    How you can get ready for your moving day and how to unpack – if you have to

    No matter if you are doing a DIY move or have hired a moving company, the very day you’re moving from Santa to Whittier is important. Luckily, thanks to the fact you can get there rather quickly, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. If you do need to unpack, the best thing is to start from the essentials. That means you should probably unpack some plates, cutlery, some clothes, and so on. Meaning: all the things you will need straight away. The rest can probably wait until tomorrow, or when you feel like doing all the work

    A checklist with spaces for 4 things to do today.
    Creating a checklist for what you need to get done before your move is a great organizational tool.

    Some other tips to follow when packing by yourself:

    • Try packing room by room, meaning pack everything in one room and then move to another one.
    • Ask for help from your relatives and friends.
    • Consider the things you will need straight away after moving from Santa Ana to Whittier and put them in a single box that you’ll first unpack once you arrive.
    • Categorize your content into different boxes so you can unpack it more easily.

    Another good thing you can do when moving from Santa Ana to Whittier is to make a packing checklist in advance. Meaning, sit down and think of everything you need to get done. You’ll probably remember some things a bit later, so write them down, too. The goal is to have a ready checklist for your moving day to know where you have to be at, and when. It will also help with unpacking. Putting some sticky notes on your boxes with things like “Not important, kitchen things” is also a great idea. This will speed up your unpacking process by a ton of time.


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