A guide to moving from San Clemente to Irvine

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    Moving to another city is always stressful, more or less depending on the move itself. While moving from San Clemente to Irvine is certainly easier due to the small distance, you still need to prepare well in advance. That means you’re going to want to decide if you wish to have a moving company, or do a DIY move. That’s always the beginning of every move since it’s the most basic distinction there is in the moving industry. Hiring one of the moving companies Southern California offers means you’re going to pay a few extra dollars, but save a lot of time. On the other hand, moving by yourself can be tiresome and exhausting, but you’ll probably save a couple of dollars. After deciding what’s best for you, it’s only a matter of packing and preparing to leave.

    How to decide whether you want to hire a moving company, or to do a DIY move

    Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and neither is superior. If you’re really short on cash, then doing a DIY move is a better option. Be aware, however, that you’re still going to need to rent a trailer or a truck to be able to transfer all of your furniture and items. You’re also going to need to pack all of your items, and there are some things to keep in mind when doing that. For example, you don’t want to damage your appliances by not knowing how to relocate them safely. Seek online guides and tutorials on how to secure the hoses, buttons, drums and etc. Moreover, if you’re moving odd-shaped and heavy objects, seek assistance. That can include items such as pianos. It’s often for the best if you hired a moving company for those. Otherwise, you’re risking damaging your furniture and items.

    Two men from a moving company carrying a couch outside during a relocation.
    Using packing services when moving from San Clemente to Irvine is a terrific idea to save time and effort.

    Your relocation and life in Irvine – what is it going to look like

    The fact that there are only 26.5 miles between the two cities means you’re going to encounter a cheap price for your relocation. That’s over the I-5 N highway, which is the quickest route between the two. Irvine is generally described to be a safe city, with excellent opportunities for sightseeing. People often say it has beautiful nature. Moreover, tourists often praise the local cuisine, as well as the culturally rich options it offers – as well. You’re really making a good decision when hiring the movers San Clemente offers and booking them for your Irvine relocation. The area is served by good academical institutions, so your kids are in good hands when it comes to their future.  Irvine is described to be a super-planned community, which means it’s very bicycle friendly. Why not consider starting a new habit and biking everywhere rather than driving?

    How to estimate your relocation costs when moving from San Clemente to Irvine

    No matter if you’re doing a DIY move or hiring a company, there are some metrics to help you estimate the costs. It’s certainly easier to know the exact price when hiring residential movers. That’s because many of them offer free estimates, or will be able to tell you the general cost range vaguely. On the other hand, it’s harder to pinpoint the exact numbers for a DIY move. That means you can do your own research and see how much it’s all going to cost individually, then sum it up together.

    • The distance: luckily, this one is great for you. From San Clemente to Irvine it’s half an hour of driving. This means that moving costs are going to be really low.
    • How much are you moving? Is it a single-bedroom apartment or a four-bedroom one? How many items do you have? How many of them require special care? If you’re moving a lot of stuff, you’ll need a good moving plan.
    • How soon are you moving? If you’re looking to relocate the next week, the prices are going to be way higher than if you planned something for the next spring, for example.
    • How much time do you have? This is very personal to you, but see how much free time you have, Then, decide how much of it you want to spend packing and moving. If you don’t have a lot, then your best bet for moving from San Clemente to Irvine is to hire a moving company.
    person signing a moving contract for moving from San Clemente to Irvine.
    When looking to hire individual services when doing a DIY relocation, make sure to read everything and check prices.

    What can you do and see in Irvine?

    There’s a lot to see and do in Irvine. Since the University of California is there, you might want to book a visit and walk around the campus. It’s popular with tourists, and maybe even your kids are going to want to attend that same school in the future. Otherwise, if you’re more of a museum fan, there’s also the Irvine Museum. They have nice exhibitions named All Things Bright & Beautiful, so make sure to visit once you’re in Irvine. There’s also the William R. Nelson Regional Park if you ever want to spend some time in peace and quiet after work. If you’re more interested in local events and happenings there’s plenty of that, too. Book your spot at the Irvine Global Village Festival which is held annually in Fall. Or the ReggaeFest. What’s even better, both of them are completely free of charge.

    A family of two packing together for their relocation to Irvine.
    Packing for Irvine can be stressful, but think about all the cool stuff you’re going to experience once you’re there.

    There are also many golf courses, so if you’re a fan you’re really going to enjoy Irvine. Thanks to the plethora of different opportunities the city offers, movers Irvine CA get quite a lot of calls during the year from people wishing to move there. Moving from San Clemente to Irvine might not feel like a big change because of the small distance, but make sure to use this opportunity to the maximum. Go to the Irvine Spectrum shopping center, and see movies at The Dollar Theater (as it’s called by locals, the most expensive movie is just $2). Why not go to the Irvine Improv Comic Center for a good dinner and some laughing with your friends and family? It’s all up to you but consider all the options.

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