A guide to packing liquids for relocation

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    Packing your items for relocation can be a tiring and time-consuming process. Especially if you take to account that some objects require special attention. Fluids belong to this group of items. You need to pack them and secure them from spilling. Liquid packaging can be fragile glass or squeezable plastic, so it needs to be packed properly. Packing liquids for relocation can be easy if you learn how to handle fluids properly. Hopefully, our guide can teach you a few useful tips on how to pack liquids for relocation. Or you can always hire affordable movers Orange County and leave them packing your inventory. However, if you prefer to do it yourself, follow these several pieces of advice.

    What can you do with liquids before the move?

    Avoiding certain situations is the best policy sometimes. This rule also applies to the relocation of fluids. Try to stop buying liquids for a few weeks before the move. So when the time comes for packing, you’ll have fewer items. Just as the same, try to spend as much as you can. Also, try to apply sorting and downsizing in this case, too. Go through your fluids and decide which are worth keeping and which ones to throw. Make sure to dispose of properly, especially some hazardous liquids like bleach or antifreeze. But even more so, be very careful and pack them properly if you decide to move them. You can find a wide range of moving supplies Orange County CA, necessary for packing liquids.

    Before packing liquids for relocation seal the orange juice bottles.
    Seal the bottles before packing.

    Gather adequate moving supplies for liquids

    Good old cardboard boxes aren’t suitable for packing liquids for relocation. Especially if you plan to pack glass bottles or squishy plastic bottles and tubes, it’s much better to use solid plastic containers. Choose small or medium size crates as they are easier to lift. Line the inside of the crates with garbage bags in case of spilling. Still, don’t forget wraps and padding materials. Bubble wrap is a good choice, but you can use your old linen or t-shirts. Add a padding layer on top of the bottles for extra protection, and then close the lid. That will prevent shifting and collision during transport. Bottle separators are suitable for bottles of the same size.  Inquire about packing services Orange County CA for additional info and check their assortment. Make sure you label the boxes more than just once. Mark them as ‘fragile’ or ‘liquids’ to warn your movers.

    Liquids rules and limitations

    This part entirely depends on the type of your relocation. If you’re moving locally, you can relocate the fluids and fragile by your car. However, for interstate or long-distance relocations, you might encounter some limitations. Your long distance movers Orange County might have rules regarding the transportation of fluids. And especially when a part of your inventory travels by plane. There are strict rules regarding the type and amount of fluids you can take into a plane. You can bring in the plane certain fluids in your carry-on bag. Just make sure that they are in travel-sized packaging up to 100 ml.

    A bottles sealed with cork.
    Find out which liquids are not allowed in moving trucks and planes.

    But if you are not quite sure about these restrictions, review the TSA liquids rule. However, your movers may also have similar rules. Most of them will not transport flammable or toxic chemicals. To be sure, arrange details in advance and check if they have rules regarding liquids. Your moving company probably will not accept to transport following items.

    • Acids
    • Motor-oil
    • Poisonous chemicals
    • Gasoline, kerosene, and other fuels
    • Paint and paint thinners
    • Anti-freeze
    • Ammonia and bleach

    Additional tips for packing liquids

    With high-quality moving supplies, you can be sure that your liquids will complete the journey unharmed. However, you can never be too careful when packing liquids. If you apply these few pro tips, you’ll improve the odds for your liquids to arrive safely. Always pack alike items together into gallon plastic bags. That will prevent damaging the rest of the load if it comes to spillage. Don’t leave your crates with liquids opened. Always seal the lids, and add a “this side up” label. Then, don’t forget to wrap the bottles, no matter how good they’re sealed. It’ll prevent smudging in case of a scramble. It’s wise to use cloth as a wrap because it can soak the liquid if it leaks. Add some extra tags on the sides and top of the boxes, to alert your movers.

    Seek advice about packing liquids from your movers

    If you have doubts about packing fluids, ask your movers for some extra tips. Their experience can be helpful and it can prevent some amateur mistakes. First of all, ask for a list of allowed liquids. When you set aside these, ask about forbidden liquids. You’ll need to decide how to dispose of those, or you can give them away to your friends and family. Check with your movers what is the best way to pack certain liquids. Ask about which packing material is suitable for glass bottles and how to pack plastic bottles or squeezable tubes. Is it better to use bubble wrap, or is it ok to use your towels and linen? Don’t forget to ask about suitable crates and containers.

    A milk bottles and small jars in the refrigerator.
    Consult your movers about packing liquids for relocation.


    Good plans and organization are essential for every relocation. Think carefully is it worth the risk to move certain liquids. It’s best to move as few liquids as possible. Toss everything close to the expiring date or half-empty. It would be cheaper to buy a new product than mitigate the damage caused by spillage. On the other hand, proper packing of liquids for relocation can notably prevent liquids from spilling and leaking. Good quality moving supplies can also make a difference when packing liquids for relocation. However, if all this sounds like too much, consider hiring professional movers and our packing services. That can save you some time and from additional stress and anxiety.


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