A guide to packing medical supplies when moving your private practice

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    Relocating private practice is very delicate work, and it needs strict planning. It can be exciting and horrid, above all if you plan to move to another city or state. Making a moving checklist and setting up your tasks can make it somewhat easier. But all that sensitive and often expensive equipment requires special care and attention. Packing medical supplies is by far the most arduous part of the practice move, and costly, too. However, consider hiring affordable movers Orange County for this venture. Their high-quality services guarantee you efficient relocation at rational prices. And best of all, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your equipment. These moving professionals have experience in handling specialty items and sensitive gear. Your items will be carefully packed and secured for the move.

    Find movers trained to handle sensitive equipment

    You might think you could handle the packing of your private practice, but you better reconsider. The chances are you’ll need help to relocate your practice. Not only because of the bulky furniture and gear, but medical equipment requires specialized expertise. And you surely don’t want amateurs conducting your move. Negligent handling can result in damaging your expensive gear. To avoid that scenario, make sure your movers meet the federal standards for transporting the medical equipment. That means they are trained to operate your equipment safely. And finally, they need to know how to assemble and test the equipment after the move. Start browsing for the right moving company months ahead. Check their methods and their former customer reviews. Also, inspect their packing services Orange County CA and see if they meet your needs. 

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    Plan well your private practice relocation.

    Correctly pack your medical supplies

    You should know that the transport of medical devices and supplies is subject to legal regulations. Those regulations control the handling of medical supplies to retain their quality and safety. And as it directly relates to the health of final users, we must strictly adhere to them. Improper packing may result in damage during transport. Damaged medical supplies are then unusable. Therefore, pay special attention to packing medical supplies. Our top-quality moving supplies Orange County CA will ensure the safe move of your practice. Always opt for the best products like three-layer cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, and packing tapes. As for the sensitive gear, you might want to order custom-made cases. Your movers will estimate the number of needed packing materials. However, you must know your medical supplies and how to handle them. And with help from your movers, you’ll have the best results. 

    What you should know about the packing of temperature-sensitive supplies

    When moving medical supplies we must underline the importance of climate-controlled storing and transportation. Keeping medicine at an adequate temperature is crucial for maintaining its quality. That’s why is important to choose specialized movers for relocating medical equipment and materials. They know exactly what packing method is best for certain substances or devices. And they’ll act accordingly to your case. For various materials and based on the duration of the move, they could recommend some of the following packing solutions. 

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    Entrust your movers with packing medical supplies and gear.
    • There is a variety of insulated shipping kits for the transport of sensitive goods. They come in different sizes and shapes, like insulated bubble rolls, liners, or mailers. 
    • Coolers with gel packs are ideal for this purpose since they can maintain the desired temperature. The right temperature for keeping medicine is between 59 and 77 F.
    • Depending on the quantity, your movers can recommend freezers of various sizes. And you can choose between portable or stationary types
    • Thermal boxes consist of thermal insulation material. For longer periods and the best results, use them with cooled gel packs. 
    • Cold temperature sealing tape is another necessary material. The glue of the regular tape is fickle at extreme temperatures. It can easily freeze at cold, and melt at hot. On the other hand, a cold temperature tape has adhesive designed to endure both, cold and humid conditions. 
    • Today, the use of dry ice is widespread, especially for the transport of medical supplies. It’s used to ship vaccines, medicine, etc. And it’s quite hazardous, though, so it requires some safety measures. Unlike real ice, dry ice doesn’t melt but vaporizes. However, it releases carbon dioxide, which can affect people nearby. Dry ice suppliers can provide you with detailed info. 

    How to pack fragile medical supplies when moving your private practice?

    Medical devices and inventory can be extremely expensive and hard to repair and replace. So, take all measures to secure your items. Firstly, hire a capable and trained team to handle your inventory. Your movers should be familiar with handling sterilizers, test tubes, and instruments. Check their packing methods and the interior of their vehicles. Request only the best packing materials and supervise the process. If relocating your home, as well as your practice, browse commercial movers Orange County. You only need one capable team for moving both, your home and office. 

    a dentist checking a patient and thinking of packing medical supplies for the move
    Hire movers specialized in handling delicate equipment.

    Sort and pack all medical records and paperwork

    As for this part of your move, purge unnecessary files first. Since it takes a lot of time to go through all your files, do it weeks or a month before the move. Keep only essential documents, pack them in boxes and seal them. It would be wiser to have digital copies of all your records. That way you’ll have a backup if your records get lost or damaged. To go a step further, also use external memory devices

    Plan and organize your practice relocation

    The backbone of every relocation is a good plan. Organizing the move of your private practice might be too much for you. But your movers can certainly handle every aspect of this process. Our movers can do all from packing medical supplies to unpacking and assembling your devices. If you need reliable movers, consider hiring Family Affair Moving. Entrust us with your medical supplies and have a stress-free relocation. 


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