A guide to relocating your business across long distances

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    It takes a lot of planning to move your company to a new location. And even more when relocating your business across long distances. Whether you decide to expand your business or get close to a bigger market, prepare well. The well-organized move doesn’t have to interrupt your work at all. Moving helpers Orange County can manage your company move so you can continue with your daily duties without pause. You surely want an efficient and quick relocation, so your work wouldn’t suffer. That’s the way to avoid losses and stress, as well. We have collected a few tips from our rich experience that might help you. Continue reading and learn how to organize a smooth long-distance company relocation

    Start early and plan ahead for your move

    You’ll need to perform all sorts of tasks when relocating your office. You don’t want to wait until the last day to get to grips with it. As soon as you decide to move, start preps to avoid piling up the tasks and stress. Have in mind that large corporation relocations require more time and planning in advance. Depending on the size of your firm, act accordingly. You might want to consider scheduling your relocation during the off-season. In the fall and winter, moving costs drop. And it gets easier to book wanted commercial movers Orange County. Yet, early spring or fall is the best time for relocations. Summer is always a high-demand season, and winter is risky. One more thing to think about is your budget since long-distance relocations cost more. Also, consider finding some help or hiring professionals, or renting a storage unit while adapting your new workspace.

    Large office with cubicles and computers.
    Relocating your business across long distances must be well planned.

    Packing tips for long-distance business relocation

    This part of the relocation is the most time-consuming of all. It can get overwhelming and hectic. The best advice you can get is to hire capable movers with long-time experience. Long distance movers Orange County offer their packing services, as well as commercial moving services. Still, if you decide to cut your expenses and do it yourself, here are some pointers. Following these tips can help you pack your gear efficiently and safely. You’ll pack like a pro and save some money, at the same time. 

    • Relocation is a great excuse to lose dead weight and downsize. Go through your office supplies and set aside surplus. We’re referring to outdated files and furniture. That’s how you can notably cut back the number of items which will reduce needed supplies and costs overall. 
    • If your moving company doesn’t provide you with the moving supplies, you’ll need to buy them. When it comes to packing office equipment, always opt for top-rate supplies. Maybe it’s even worth considering ordering custom-made packaging for high-quality gear. Leave nothing to chance, but pack and secure your items properly. 
    • Involve all your employees in the process, and assign them tasks. Every team member should pack their desk. That’ll notably speed up the packing and save some time. Also, you can pick a coworker or two to supervise and help the others. They could be onsite on a moving day, as well. 
    • Relocating your office is extensive work. So, hire as much help as you need for things like cleaning, packing, taking apart your furniture, etc. 
    • Label all your boxes, and tag them on top and the sides. Also, you can apply color-coding to appoint departments and individual offices. 
    • As you pack items, make an inventory listing so you can unpack easier. 

    Additional tips for long-distance business relocation

    Relocating your business across long distances can be hard. You’ll need to coordinate everything, shut down an old and start up the new workspace. Set your office move deadline and cancel all your utilities. Double-check and pay the remaining bills while you search for fitting providers in a new location. You’ll need it all in an operative condition once you move. That means internet, phone lines, electricity, security, etc. As for your new workspace, it would be wise to find an appropriate one before everything else. It’ll probably need some alterations or upgrades. So you can deal with that while you pack your items in the old office. Remember, you can always speed up the moving process by hiring packing services Orange County. They are trained to handle and pack sensitive gear and equipment. 

    Man packing up his office desk.
    Your team members can help with packing.

    Announce the relocation of your company

    When moving your business to a new location is crucial to inform your partners, clients, and personnel of the upcoming move. First, make an official notice within the company. That’ll give enough time for your IT sector to prepare a moving strategy for servers and computers. Make it as soon as possible to give your staff enough time to cope with it. After that, you’ll probably want to inform the rest of your contacts about future changes. You can send a circular letter via email to your suppliers, future clients, and partners. Update all your social networks and post details with the new address, phone number, and email address. It’s preferable to add a map with directions. You might want to update your business cards and other advertising material

    Write an announcement about relocating your business across long distances.
    Inform your associates about upcoming changes.

    Always pick a reputable office movers

    Long-distance relocations are costly and difficult to perform. And the last thing you want is to hire movers that are not up to the task. Every delay or obstacle can mean more time and money, and sometimes that’s not the option. You surely want professionals relocating your business across long distances. Deadlines must be met as agreed, and the load must be safely delivered. Only a serious moving company with years of experience can meet these standards. Our company is proven as reliable and capable of handling long-distance relocations. Your items will be safe, and your move will go easily and with no stress. When you move, hire the best, Family Affair Moving. 



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