A guide to relocating your office to Irvine

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    Are you relocating your office to Irvine? Whatever the reason for moving the office, increasing the team, or the proximity of the market, hire moving helpers Orange County to help you. Because the job mustn’t suffer much during the relocation. With professionals, it will surely go faster and easier.

    Make a good plan for relocating your office to Irvine

    Good organization and a good plan are very important for every move. For this plan to be successful, we advise you to hire commercial movers Orange County when you start planning to move. With them and with your team, moving will be faster and easier. The plan should include:

    • Everything that needs to be packed
    • How long does it take to pack
    • Transport time to the new location 

    Prepare boxes and protection for furniture

    Before the day of relocation comes, you must prepare for packing. You need a lot of cardboard boxes for documents, small office furniture, and accessories. Since these are documents that are important to you and they are not light. This means you need clean and strong cardboard boxes. We are an agency that offers complete packing services Orange County CA, so we also offer cardboard boxes for moving items of different sizes.

    Boxes - for relocating your office
    For better packaging organization, get boxes of different sizes

    Notify everyone about the change of location 

    When you have decided to move the company to a new location, inform the team to prepare the necessary documentation. The next thing you need to do is inform everyone that you will operate at the current location. The easiest way to do this is by sending them your location on google maps. After a certain period, you will move to a new location. First of all, we mean clients and associates. Keep in mind that change may require certain changes in their business. This will of course depend on the location you are moving to. Also, inform your employees on time. This change will be harder for some of them due to their arrival. On the other hand, for some, it may make their arrival easier.

    Involve your workers when relocating your office to Irvine

    Team spirit is really important in these situations. We believe that it will certainly be good for them to take a break from everyday work. This way they can dedicate themselves to packing. It would be best for each worker to pack their office. This is related to the documents and small things that are needed at work. That way, they will know where they packed them and it will be easier for them to unpack.

    People paking - relocating your office to Irvine
    When you relocating your office to Irvine, involve your employers

    Hire experienced drivers

    When transferring packages and furniture hire movers Irvine CA to help you. They have a lot of experience so you don’t have to worry that something will be damaged during the move. We know how important every piece of furniture and documentation is to you. Our workers will treat the packages as if they were personal.

    Motivate your employees 

    Moving is a big change for everyone. Just because of that, talk to employees about relocating your office to Irvine. Involve them in the whole process, and ask them for suggestions.



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