A guide to securing your moving boxes when relocating

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    Every step of the relocation is crucial, but proper packing might be the biggest challenge in the whole process. Careful packing is mandatory if you want your items to endure the relocation. That implies high-quality moving supplies, as well as a certain skill level. Our affordable movers Orange County can provide a packing service if your time doesn’t allow you to do it yourself. However, if you’re moving on a budget, you can do it with a few guidelines. You can find all sorts of tips online regarding packing and relocation. But securing your moving boxes is one of the main things you’ll need to focus on. The whole process depends on the quality of packing materials and your packing skills. If one of these things fails, the success of the relocation may be in question. So let’s learn how to pack and secure moving boxes properly. 

    Gather proper moving boxes

    Before you start packing, get yourself some high-quality boxes. They don’t have to be brand new, as long as they’re not damaged. Ask your movers if they can provide you with the moving supplies Orange County CA. Besides that, try to find bins in different sizes, small ones for heavy objects and big ones for larger but lighter items. In general, you’ll need around ten small, eight medium, and five big crates per room. For antiques and valuable items, it’s best to preorder custom-made packaging. Fragile items require special care and extra-padded boxes, as well. People tend to gather used crates to save some money, but in the end, it can cost them even more. If repeatedly used, cardboard can become easily breakable and porous. It can’t hold weight in such a state, which can result in crumbling and damaging its content. Prevent such scenarios with high-quality and endurable bins.

    Man in dark shirt meditating among boxes.
    Securing your moving boxes is a crucial step.

    Right kind of packing tape

    Except for boxes, choose the first-rate packing tape, too. Bins can be exposed to high temperatures a few days in a row in the back of the truck. That’s why you should choose the tape that can withhold the heat, cold, and humidity. Moreover, they can shift and bump against each other during transportation. That could compromise your load if you didn’t pack it properly. It’s needless to mention the importance of using the finest tape. Don’t get confused by the wide range of packing tapes on the market. When in doubt, choose the stronger and thicker one. However, you can always rely on packing services Orange County CA, and leave the hard work to your trusted movers. Or they can recommend the right kind of tape for securing your moving boxes. 

    A woman taping the box.
    Choose the right kind of packing tape based on your needs.
    • Shipping tape is perfect for house moving and local moves since it doesn’t tolerate the heat very well. But it is strong enough to endure shorter relocation. 
    • Water activates the adhesive on gummed paper tape and creates a firm connection. It’s somewhat harder to apply, but once you manage, you can’t remove it without scarring the box. Being stronger than common packing tape makes it safe to use on heavy boxes. 
    • Filament tape is a sort of very strong pressure-sensitive tape. Its fiberglass strands make it extremely strong and suitable for securing and reinforcing packages. It can cope with high temperatures, so it’s suitable for long-distance relocations. 
    • Labeled tape is not so durable, but it is practical since it can seal the box and label it. It comes in different colors, so you can indicate the room where the crate belongs. 

    How to properly tape moving boxes

    Once you gather boxes and packing tape, it’s time to learn how to secure the crates. There are several ways to tape and seal the bins. But first, check if the box is folded well and then tape down its bottom. Don’t get stingy with the tape, and apply it amply. You can even double-tape the joints, just in case. For heavily loaded bins, use a “snowflake” method. Form an “X” with the tape, and then add the central stripe around the box. Finally, add two more parallel layers near the edges and over the other layers. The “H” method is just as firm, securing the bottom and side edges of the crate. But if you need to deal with the relocation on short notice, it may be wiser to hire last minute movers Orange County to help you out. It can save you time and spare you from stress and anxiety. 

    Securing your moving boxes with different packing tapes.
    You can find various types of tape on the market.

    The most common packing mistakes 

    If it’s your first relocation and you’re a rookie in packing, try to avoid the following mistakes. Always get more moving supplies than you might need. Running around and searching for the moving supplies at the last minute is far from fun. Don’t skip downsizing before packing. Downsizing can notably reduce the number of boxes. Set up your bins correctly to avoid falling apart. Wrap each item separately, then fill the boxes but don’t overdo it. Overstuffing can result in breaks and damage. When you overstuff your bins, it’s hard to seal them well. That can lead to falling out of the box and losing your items. Securing your moving boxes with packing tape is crucial. Labeling is also important, so don’t forget it. And put the lighter and fragile crates on top of the heavier ones. Try to follow these few tips and learn to pack like a pro. 

    How to secure your moving boxes?

    Securing your moving boxes with packing tape is the easiest way. Try to reinforce critical parts like edges and joints. You’ll achieve this by adding an extra layer of packing tape. Pay special attention to taping the bottom of the box. And before that, fold it correctly. Once you seal and tape your boxes, add some tags, too. It’ll grant you an easy unpacking, as well. Or you can skip all this by hiring a professional and reliable moving company such as Familly Affair Moving. Entrust them with your relocation and lay back and relax. 


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