A guide to unpacking after relocating to Long Beach

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    At the end of the long moving day, you’ll probably feel fatigued but relieved. However, postpone your joy and celebration for later, cause you’re far from done. Once you step into your new home, you’ll realize that the work is not over. Unpacking can be exhausting just as packing was, so prepare and unpack only necessities for the first night. Some of the best moving companies Orange County offer their unpacking services. If you can afford it, consider this moving service, but if you can’t, fear not. We enlisted tips for unpacking after relocating to Long Beach. This can help you gradually unpack your boxes and organize items right away to avoid clutter. 

    Where to start when unpacking?

    This entirely depends on your lifestyle and daily routine. It may also depend on the time of the day you arrived. If you arrive at the end of the day, you’ll probably want to start with your bedroom. But if you turn up before lunchtime, your kitchen might be a priority. Whatever is the case, start unpacking right away after relocating to Long Beach. Roll up your sleeves as soon as movers Long Beach CA leave your home. The general thought is that box of essentials must be unpacked first. If you forgot to prepare it, then unpack towels, toiletries, and bed sheets for everyone. Hopefully, you labeled the boxes, so this won’t be a problem. Here are some general tips for efficient unpacking. 

    notebook with a checklist for today
    Unpacking will go a lot easier if you make an unpacking plan.
    • Make a plan and unpack with a system, to avoid clutter in your new home.
    • Organize your items as soon as you unpack them. 
    • Go room by room or divide your home into zones.
    • Get help and assign your family members to unpack their rooms. 
    • Clean each room before placing furniture and unpacking boxes.
    • Classify the boxes into fitting rooms. 
    • Place the furniture and carpets before unpacking boxes. 

    Unpack the essentials box before anything else

    The essentials box should go with you in your car during the move. Or it should be among the first boxes to unload from the moving van. It should consist of toiletries, towels, spare clothes, medications, chargers, and important documents like lease contracts, etc. This is especially important for long distance relocations. If you want to be thorough, add bedsheets and some basic cleaning products. You’ll need some dishes, at least a few plates, mugs, and a pan. In case you forgot to prepare the essentials box ask your long distance movers CA for advice or, try to find the necessary items in the other boxes. This is about everything you’ll need for the first several days. After that, you can unpack at your own pace. 

    Essential items for relocations as, MacBook, chargers, clean clothes, etc.
    When unpacking after relocating to Long Beach, have your bag of essentials unpacked first.

    Assemble heavy furniture before unpacking boxes

    It’s a lot easier if you have planned the layout before the move. If you didn’t, try out apps for creating layouts and home designs. That way you’ll design your new home easily. After that, you can label items so your movers know where to place them. You don’t want to put together a closet just to realize it goes to another room. Moving it will be hard and such a waste of time. Assembling though requires certain skills and strengths. You’ll need to have some basic tools such as screwdrivers and drills. Also, it would be great if you have some help and an additional pair of hands. Don’t forget to install some closet organizers and shelves before unpacking. 

    Unpacking room by room 

    This is probably the best advice one can give you about unpacking. You might feel a temptation to unpack everything the very first day. Try to resist that urge, unpack only necessities, and rest. Tomorrow, start with only one room and move on to the other when you’re done. If you unpack all at once, you’ll create clutter and unpacking will seem endless. Avoid getting stressed and overwhelmed by all that work ahead of you. First of all, clean the room and then place the bulky furniture like sofas, closets, or pianos. Speaking of which, piano movers Orange County CA are trained for the safe and secure moving of your special items. When that is over, start opening the boxes and placing the items in their place. Apply this system to other rooms, as well. 

    Low-effort ways to dispose of the boxes after the move

    As the unpacking comes to an end, there will be a lot of boxes around the place. Gather them and try to dispose of them in an environmentally-friendly way. First, you can set aside undamaged boxes for reuse. It’s good to have a few spare boxes around, just in case. Keep your gardening tools in them, for instance. You can donate the remaining boxes to friends that might need them. Or you can place an online ad and give them away if they’re in good shape. Another thing you can do with cardboard boxes is to use them as fertilizer for your garden. Decomposed cardboard is a great mulch and prevents weeds from sprouting. Of course, you can always drop them off at a nearby recycling center. You might even return them to your movers. 

    Three plastic recycling bins for paper, glass and plastic.
    Dispose of all your cardboard boxes properly.

    Finishing up with unpacking

    Once you finish with all the rooms in your home, it’s time for utility rooms, garages, attic, sheds, etc. Make sure you leave those for the very end. Unpack right away only tools and materials you’ll need for assembling furniture. Everything else can wait because it’s not a priority. The last thing you should unpack is the furniture items for your porch or garden. However, you can make an exception with a barbecue grill. It can be useful for preparing food while you’re unpacking after relocating to Long Beach. When all of this is over, don’t forget to reward yourself with at least one free weekend. Allow yourself to get to know Long Beach and enjoy its beautiful beaches. 


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