A list of items you should pack yourself when relocating

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    Packing is the most tedious task of moving. It is boring, repetitive, and takes forever to finish. If you have a lot of items, it gets even worse. In case you cannot do it yourself, you can hire some affordable movers Orange County to help you. Now you probably think, you hire movers and they will pack everything for you. While it can be arranged, it is not advised to do this. There are some items you should pack yourself before moving by yourself, and we will list them below.

    What are the items you should pack yourself?

    While you should leave some packing services Orange County CA providers pack your most fragile belongings, there are items you should pack yourself. It’s not that they don’t know how to pack these items, it’s that you need to have them with you, or packed somewhere where you will know about them. Some of these items are:

    • Important documents
    • Essentials bag
    • Houseplants
    Picture of a pile of documents
    There are a few items you should pack yourself

    Important documents

    If you are moving internationally, you will need quite a few documents for the journey. Depending on the country that you are moving to, you might need a visa. A passport is a must, while you might need many other documents as well. The birth certificate, driver’s license, and health insurance card are just some of them. You might need some of these during the trip when some residential movers Orange County won’t even be in the same country as you, and neither will your items if the documents are with them. Even if you have them with you, it will be more difficult to find what you need if someone else packed them.

    Essentials bag

    By now, we probably all know the importance of the essentials bag. It is the one bag that will contain the majority of items you will need to survive the first few days in your new home. Toiletries, a change of clothes, chargers, and medications should all be packed here. But did you ever think about who should pack this? Packing it is a must, but you might think about leaving it to your movers. They can do it, but you know best what you use daily, so no one else should pack it but you.


    People that have houseplants and want to go through the tiresome process of transporting plants to their new home, probably see them as much more than just decoration. They are living beings after all, and need gentle handling and care when moved. No one will care more about your plants than you. Apart from the fact that you should pack them yourself, many movers won’t even accept to transport them. Your car is the best vehicle they can travel in, just make sure to keep the temperatures in the preferred ranges for your plants.

    Picture of a houseplant, one of the items you should pack yourself
    Houseplants need care when transported

    The list of items you should pack yourself depends on the type of items that you own. The ones we listed are the most common items that people want and should pack themselves. Whatever you pack, we recommend using moving supplies Orange County for the safest travel for your items. We wish you good luck!


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