A list of things you should throw away when planning a move

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    Moving is a process that people don’t like doing. It takes a lot of effort and it is expensive. There are a million things to do and lots of items to pack and transport. Now, the majority of people have a lot of items, mostly because they like to collect stuff. If you only have items that you need, then you are a rare case. To make it easier for yourself and professional movers like Family Affair Moving you should opt to transport as few items as possible. If you don’t know what exactly to get rid of, we put together a list of things you should throw away when planning a move to help you.

    What things you should throw away when planning a move

    Now you might think, that the more items I own, the more I will have to get rid of. Well, not necessarily. If you use the majority of items that you own, then you should take them all with you to your new home. But, be honest with yourself about what you use and what should be on the list of things you should throw away when planning a move. Some of the items that you should dump are:

    • Kitchen gadgets you don’t use
    • Mismatched dishes
    • Perishable items
    • Cleaning supplies

    Kitchen gadgets

    Kitchen gadgets have a certain charm to them. You just want to buy more and more. In everyday life, you can stash them away in some corner of the kitchen, and no one minds it. But if you hire some Orange County residential movers, it would be a good idea to downsize your collection. Some kitchen gadgets are big and heavy, and they will only add to your expenses. If you don’t use it, just get rid of it.

    Picture of kitchen appliances
    Everybody has a lot of kitchen appliances

    Mismatched dishes

    After some time in the same kitchen, you will have different sets of dishes. With time, many parts of a set will break, leaving you with mismatched dishes. Since you will be starting over after moving with some local movers Orange County, you should start fresh with new dishes.

    Perishable items

    A rule of thumb before moving is to get high quality moving supplies Orange County CA and to get rid of perishable items. When saying perishable items, we mean mostly food. But instead of throwing away food, you should limit your grocery trips before moving day to just the necessities.

    Cleaning supplies

    When it comes to cleaning supplies, you should also stop purchasing new ones before moving day. Not only are liquids difficult to transport without spilling, but cleaning supplies are part of the list of items that movers won’t move. Upon arriving at your new home, in most cases, it is cheaper to buy new ones than to transport the ones you already have.

    Picture of things you should throw away when planning a move, cleaning supplies
    Liquid cleaning supplies are also difficult to transport

    Conclusion on things you should throw away when planning a move

    The things you should throw away when planning a move will only make your moving experience more affordable and easier. The fewer items you have from your old home, the easier it will be to settle into your new one. We wish you a successful move!


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