Best housing options in Southern California for large families

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    Some of the best housing options in Southern California for large families can seem like hidden gems. They can be hard to find, and all that pops out when you google it is some expensive multi-million homes in LA. While Los Angeles is great, there are some other more affordable, and more interesting, options to choose from. That’ll give you the necessary room for making your decision. Relocating to another house as a big family can seem like lots of trouble. That’s why more and more people are giving Family Affair Moving OC company a call and scheduling their free estimate. The key to these kinds of moves is to research your options and do lots of planning. Bringing your family across the country to your new home might seem exhausting from the start, but it can be a great chance. Families tend to bond during such long journeys and ‘adventures’. Kids can enjoy it. Moreover, it represents a fresh start in your life.

    Things to think about when looking for housing options for your large family in Southern California

    While the answer to this question might seem straightforward, it’s important to think about it for a minute. Because of your large family, you don’t want to be stuck in an apartment on the 10th floor. With some luck and research, you can find a reasonably large house with a backyard for your kids to play in. Moreover, you’ll want to be looking for cities and towns with beautiful nature, parks, and maybe beaches.

    Kids and their dog spending some time together
    There are many factors to look out for when looking for a great home for your big family, so do lots of research.

    All in all, what you want to be looking for is definitely a long-term plan. years be able to see yourself in that place in 10-15 years’ time. Unless, of course, you’re planning to relocate again rather soon. Speaking of the house, try finding one where you can provide all of your kids with their own room. Check the number of bathrooms, the size of the kitchen, and all of that. This will help you make a decision that is going to suit your family the most. Some people tend to overlook such smaller details and end up in a situation where they1 can’t let their kids outside to play. So, the moral of this story is research, research, and research!

    Santa Ana can be a great option for your relocation to Southern California with your big family

    Santa Ana (and you guessed it, it’s Spanish for ‘Saint Anne’) is one of the biggest cities in Southern California. With over 300,000 residents, it’s an important economic and industrial hub. That means that lots of young professionals tend to flock to the city to look for good work opportunities. That is why it is also popular with larger families looking for housing options in Southern California. Finding a good job, and school for your children tends to be easier in larger places. Moreover, there are a lot of things you can do in Santa Ana. It’s also relatively close to the beach, so spending a weekend there isn’t an overstretch.

    Relocating to Santa Ana can be a good decision. The biggest perks of moving there are its size, economy, job market, and educational system. If you do want to do it, you can give a call to one of the movers Santa Ana has.  Scheduling a free estimate will set you up for a good start in your relocation process. Simply, if you’re used to living in a larger city then Santa Ana is going to be the best decision for you.

    Housing options in Southern California for large families can be hard to find, but there are some great options.
    Santa Ana has a good housing market, making it easier for you to find your perfect home.

    The great housing options in Southern California for large families can be found in Tustin

    Tustin is a tremendous choice if you fell in love with Santa Ana but don’t like something about it. It’s a lot smaller than its closest neighbor, with just over 80,000 people. Living in a smaller city has its perks, and being so close to a much bigger one seems even better. And because it’s so much close to Santa Ana, you can still go there for work. Many people will enjoy living in a smaller place. They tend to be safer and more community-oriented. Actually, Tustin movers relocate lots of families here. What’s especially important is the fact that larger families will find it easier to settle down in a smaller community than in a metropolis.

    Spending family time together is an important aspect to consider when looking for housing options for bigger families in Southern California.
    Living in a tight community such as Tustin is a great place to raise your family at!

    Moving to Long Beach is also a popular choice for a number of reasons

    Another great option if you love bigger cities is definitely Long Beach. A well-known Californian city, it has more than half a million residents. This makes it easy to find good work opportunities and chances for your growth. A lot of people choose to relocate there for many of the chances it offers. Moreover, California State University is located within the city limits, making it a great educational and scientific hub. Having a university in a city means its economy and industry can bloom and develop more rapidly. Many well-known companies, such as Boeing, operate in the city. Its budget is also filled with oil extraction. Its port is the second busiest in the entire United States!

    With such numbers and statistics, it’s no wonder many people choose to relocate there. From young single professionals to entire families. Growing up in Long Beach is going to offer your kids an opportunity to explore many different and diverse kinds of things, which is especially important. Most of the movers Long Beach CA offers to give free estimates to people interested in relocating. Moreover, as the city offers some good housing options for larger families it’s especially popular with them. When compared to other cities on the list, Lo definitely the most developed and the biggest in terms of its population. It also has a trend of future growth and development. That’s what makes it stand out apart from others.

    Diamond Bar offers things for bigger families that larger cities can’t match

    Diamond Bar is a city that can seem like a true hidden gem in Southern California. With its population of around 55,000 people, it’s a small community. On the other hand, its median household income is one of the biggest in the entire state – standing above $88,000 a year. It takes half an hour to reach Los Angeles, making it even more perfect. Combining a big city nearby, its median income, and a smaller community it all seems like a good match.

    When thinking about relocating to a smaller place, you want to consider the fact that the housing market is going to be much cheaper. Also, you’ll probably find more spacious houses with backyards. Calling movers Diamond Bar CA has can get you provided with more information regarding the city. Finding good housing options in Southern California for large families can be troublesome. But, it seems Diamond Bar can get that aspect covered.  Moreover, with its proximity to Los Angeles, it’s popular with a lot of people.

    Children playing with dry leaves in the backyard
    Living in a city close to a metropolis can be great, as you get the perks of both worlds.

    Whittier is another great choice if looking for a smaller community in Southern California for a large family

    Whittier is a city in Los Angeles County, with just below 90,000 residents. This makes it bigger than a lot of options on this list, but also smaller than cities such as Long Beach or Santa Ana. One of the great things about Whittier is its surrounding nature. That’s what most people tend to say about it, but also remember. It’s surrounded by beautiful hills, and hiking is very popular. If this seems like something, and you decide to move to this wonderful place, contact one of the movers Whittier CA has to help you relocate there. This can be a great option for active families who like to do lots of sports. Exploring a new hiking space with your kids is a great idea for some bonding time with your family.  The city enjoys a tight community, with the economy being driven by small business owners.

    In the next years, it’s going to undergo a big development cycle, with many more houses being built. This makes it a great time to purchase a house there, as the prices will only go up. This is because more and more families are leaving the nearby bigger cities because of the prices and choosing Whittier as their home. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic saw many more people return to Whittier as they were offered to work remotely. This all makes it for a pretty bright future for this little city!

    Mom using a laptop to read about housing options in Southern California for large families
    Working remotely for a big company, and living in a small city is going to make your salary high, and your living costs low.

    The great opportunities and housing options you can find in San Clemente

    If you love being close to a beach, you are going to fall in love with San Clemente. It has a beautiful beach, with long beaches stretching close to the city. It’s located between Los Angeles and San Diego. You can already see why this particular place is very popular for family relocations. With a booming economy and a healthy housing market, you won’t have any trouble finding something that suits you. San Clemente, having only around 64,000 residents, is a tight community. It’s also safer than the rest of the state, and its average salary is $79,000 ranking it above the Californian average.

    Because of its great location and beautiful nature, it’s very popular with bigger families looking to relocate to small and safe communities in Southern California. If it seems interesting, talk to reliable movers San Clemente residents recommend and check out your options. With its popularity, it should not be that hard to find something that suits you. And with it being a lot smaller, you’re going to get a great price for a larger home, than you would in some other spaces. Saving a couple of thousand dollars is a great idea.

    Looking for your next home in Southern California

    Finding a good home in Southern California can be troublesome. First, it’s a big area to navigate and decide on one particular place. Second, bigger families need a lot more space than smaller ones. You’ll want to check all of your options before deciding on where you’re going to continue raising your family. Things that you want to consider:

    • Big home, with lots of rooms for all of your kids, leaving you enough space for everyone
    • A decent backyard for your kids to play in
    • A safe community
    • Good options in terms of education for your children, either public or private schools
    • A decent and growing housing market, that’s going to make your home more expensive in a decade or so if you ever decide to sell it. This will especially be important and true for housing options in Southern California for large families. As more people get out of bigger cities, they’re going to choose smaller communities en masse.
    • Distance and its location. You want to be close enough to all the bigger cities, just because of the many opportunities they offer. If it’s close enough, you can even get a job there and enjoy a big city salary and have the living costs of a smaller city/ town.
    A family packing and spending some time together
    Researching about housing options in Southern California for large families will show you that a lot of them are located in small cities.

    Conclusion: choosing from the list of great housing options in Southern California for large families

    The list of great Californian cities to relocate to can seem pretty long, making it hard to choose. You’ll want to put down on paper what you’re looking for, and then find something that best matches your expectations. If you want peace and quiet, and a small tight community, choosing bigger cities won’t be a good idea. On the other side, if you want the opportunities that larger cities offer you’ll want to live somewhere with at least over 200,000 residents. One doesn’t necessarily negate the other, it’s just that’s the usual difference between a smaller city and a bigger one. On the other hand, several of the cities in the list are also located close enough to bigger places, making it all balanced out.

    You can also think in advance about what school you want your children to attend. Checking out the state and national ranking is a good option, especially since you get a lot of options to choose from. In the end, choosing good housing options in Southern California for large families isn’t just about the houses, but also other things. Considering them too will make your decision well-informed and rounded. 


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