Best places in Southern California for single parents

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    Some of the best places for single parents are definitely in California. The Golden State has a lot to offer, both to you and your child. You will find everything you need, and perhaps even more than that. Beautiful cities, nature but also world-famous beaches. And with many moving companies, such as Family Affair Moving OC, operating in the area you’re going to have an easy relocation. But that’s not all. Some of the best schools in the nation, but also worldwide, are in California. That means you are going to be able to provide the best possible education to your child right there. And as a single parent, that will probably mean a lot to you and will be important. That’s why this is a great thing, and with this list of best places in Southern California for single parents, you’re in for a good choice.

    What you want to look for when searching for places in Southern California

    Southern California is a huge area, and you will need to decide on a single location. Luckily, it does offer a lot. You can choose from a variety of different options depending on what you want and what you personally enjoy. There are great options for both bigger and smaller cities, those next to the ocean and those that are more landlocked. However, that’s why it can be troublesome and tiring to look for something when there’s such a variety. That’s why you need to sit down and list all the things you want to have, and then look for something that’s the best fit. For example, if you really like nature you should really consider Whittier.

    A woman writing something down on a sheet of prepare as she makes her final plans for a relocation to Southern California as a single parent.
    Exploring and researching all the places Southern California has to offer can be a hard thing to do, luckily there are some particular cities that are just amazing!

    There are many other options to choose from. For example, if you want a bigger city then definitely check out Long Beach. The list of best cities for single parents in Southern California goes on and on. It’s also a good idea to just ask around and see what are other people saying. If you have family or friends who’ve relocated to Southern Cali, ask them how they decided. Perhaps that can help you make the best choice. However, in the end, you’ll have to make the final cut and decide. So, do lots and lots of research. Compare different cities, see what kind of school they have, what kind of work opportunities are there, and so on and so on.

    Diamond Bar can seem like a true diamond hidden in California

    With a population of only 55,000 people, this little city can seem pretty unremarkable. But that’s really one of its biggest strengths. Having a smaller and quieter community is a far better place to raise your kids as a single parent than busy and noisy big cities. Thanks to the fact that Los Angeles is really close to it, you aren’t going to miss having a bigger city nearby either. That’s a great opportunity for shopping, visiting or just sightseeing. You could even end up working in LA while living in Diamond Bar. That’s a really good deal when considering housing options and living expenses in both cities. Moreover, Diamond Bar’s household income on average is one of the biggest in the state – a bit more than $88,000 a year!

    If you want to raise your family in a smaller community, then considering this city is a really good idea. Frankly, there are both advantages and disadvantages to living in a smaller community. You lose some things while gaining others. In any case, movers Diamond Bar CA offers are one of the best on the market. With them, moving to the city is going to feel like a breeze. That’s an important aspect when moving as a single parent. With so many great opportunities, the city is quite popular in the moving industry. Living in a smaller community, with a great economy and Los Angeles nearby is what makes this city great. It’s going to be a great match for lots of people, and it’s certainly one of the best places Southern California has to offer to single parents.

    A picture of friends spending some time together, as Diamond Bar, and Southern California, is one of the best places for meeting new people as a single parent.
    Since it doesn’t have too many residents, Diamond Bar is a perfect opportunity for you to meet people and spend quality time with them.

    Long Beach is a well-known Californian city with a lot to offer

    Standing in contrast with Diamond Bar, Long Beach has a population of a little less than half a million people. For all those who like living in a bigger city, this is definitely something to really consider. It has a considerably big economy and industry. Moreover, as California State University is located within the city, you’re going to have a great opportunity for your child. Even if they decide to study out-of-state as many do, having a University within the city means its economy can develop more rapidly thanks to its research output. Its robust development is one of the main reasons the city is one of the best places in Southern California for single parents looking to relocate.

    A picture of palm trees on a beach, with a sky in the background in Southern California.
    Long Beach can be a great option for you and your family if you like what it offers!

    It’s no wonder the city attracts many professionals seeking to develop their careers in Southern California. It hosts the second busiest container port in the United States and possesses an oilfield. With many companies located there, such as Boeing which employs a lot of residents, you’re set for a great salary. And with so many great educational opportunities for your children, you can see why Long Beach is such a popular city for single people. It’s no wonder, then, that movers Long Beach CA are receiving lots of calls for relocation to the city. So, do your research, look up any job opportunities here, and see if it’s a good fit for you.

    A lot of single parents who want to relocate to Southern California choose Whittier

    Whittier is another one of the great places in Southern California for single parents. It’s a little bigger than some options on this list, yet still considered small when compared to other major Californian cities. What’s truly remarkable about this city is the nature that surrounds it. If your family is very active and plays a lot of sports, this might be a good opportunity. Many of the people hiring movers Whittier CA are picking this city for the beautiful nature it offers. Moreover, as the city is really close to Los Angeles, you can find work there while enjoying all its perks. That’s exactly what a lot of people are doing. Smaller cities in Southern California are seeing more and more people coming, as they leave the bigger expensive cities. And Whittier has proven to be quite a popular choice, for all sorts of people and families.

    The city has also been used as a filming space for many famous movies and TV shows and is currently undergoing a major economical revival. That means that now is the best time to get some property and move to Whittier before the housing market soars even higher. Right now, the prices are going down after having a high jump during the inflation and COVID-19. As the saying goes, the sooner, the better and that is certainly true in this scenario. Finding a great spot in the South of California as a single parent can be an exhausting experience, so choose fast, but also wisely. You don’t want to wait for too long, but also don’t rush your decision. You want something that’s best for you and your children (or a child), but know that Whittier can probably offer you just that.

    A group of friends spending time out in one of the best places in Southern California for single parents
    Whittier has a lot to offer, and it has beautiful nature – great for walking, hiking, and all other kinds of activities.

    You’ve probably heard of the beauty of San Clemente – Spanish Village by the Sea

    There is a lot to like about this one. Located just in between Los Angeles and San Diego, it’s famous for its beautiful scenery, beaches, and architecture. You won’t find classical American buildings, but instead, you will have a chance to enjoy the Spanish colonial-era architecture. It’s the southernmost part of the LA metropolitan area. That’s why this is one of the best options on the list if you want to be close to bigger cities. But San Clemente has a lot to offer on its own, too! It has a population of around 64,000 people and is known far and wide for its excellent surfing locations. If your family is into sports, you’re going to love it there.

    You will be able to choose between six elementary schools, three middle schools, and a single high school. Its housing market is having a downturn in terms of housing prices, and the average salary is around $75,000 a year. That’s pretty good, considering that the Californian average is almost $15,000 lower. And with many people being attracted to the city, many companies, such as movers San Clemente CA, are offering great relocation options and services. Give them a call and see if they offer any free estimates. This can be a great opportunity for your family, and it’s one of the most sought-after options on the list for families looking to relocate to California.

    A man seen surfing near San Clemente
    San Clemente is famous for its great surfing locations far and wide.

    Why is Santa Ana one of the best places in Southern California for single parents

    Santa Ana is a big city, with over 300,000 people. Sure, it’s not the biggest in terms of sheer population, but it’s the 4th densest city in the US. It’s a major economic and industrious hub in the area. That means lots of professionals flock to the city looking for jobs. With its economy thriving, Santa Ana is one of the most sought-after options when it comes to relocating to Southern Cali. A unique trait of Santa Ana is its demographics, with over four-fifths of the city residents being Latinos. If you’re coming from a different cultural and ethnic background, you’re probably going to experience a whole new culture within the city. That can be a great opportunity for you and your family. It’s also sure close to the beach, and family weekends over there are going to be a terrific thing to look towards!

    This city is going to be a great opportunity for all those who want to live in a bigger, culturally rich, city that’s not overcrowded. You’re going to get all the perks of a bigger place, without feeling suffocated. ZipRecruiter lists that Santa Ana’s average salary is around $55,000. To find more information, and ask regarding your moving fees seek out any of the movers Santa Ana offers. When moving, it’s best to seek out professional help and assistance when deciding whether or not to move somewhere. Naturally, you’re also going to do lots of research by yourself. Just know that Santa Ana is a very popular choice when it comes to family relocations and that it offers a lot.

    A picture of Santa Ana, one of the most sought after options in Southern California.
    Santa Ana is a city that regularly makes the top 10 list of best places in Southern California for single parents.

    People who love Santa Ana will also enjoy Tustin, a smaller city right next to it

    Tustin is a great option if you like Santa Ana, but something is turning you away. Since Tustin is right next to Santa Ana, you can see what options you got in both cities. You can easily work in either of the two, and live in the other. There’s also North Tustin, close to Tustin but technically part of Santa Ana. It’s a hilly area with lots of big and fancy houses. Locals say people keep to themselves mostly, so it’s a quiet neighborhood. Tustin is also very diverse and culturally rich, so you won’t have trouble finding all sorts of different opportunities and activities for your family. Not to mention Disneyland is not too far away, which is a great place to spend some time with your kids.

    With a population of around 80,000 people, it’s a lot smaller than Santa Ana. Be aware that its average salary is also lower than that in Santa Ana. However, this is negligible since you can find work in Santa Ana. This is also a great tactic to keep your living costs low, by earning a higher wage from a bigger city while living in a smaller community. Since Santa Ana and Tustin are such a great combo, lots of people use movers Tustin CA offers to relocate to the area. And if you really like the area around Tustin, you can also choose North Tustin and get to live in Santa Ana… while being right next to the actual Tustin.  It might seem confusing but just think of these two cities as being together. They’re both great places in Southern California for single parents.



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