Best places in Southern California to practice an active lifestyle

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    Being the number 1 fun state in America and the 6th most active state says it all about California. It’s one of the most popular destinations in America for a reason. Especially, Southern California’s whole year-round sunny weather and laid-back lifestyle attract more people every year. Some of them come to visit its sights, but others come to stay. As for Californians, they’re very active and fond of outdoor activities. And this part of the US has it all, mountains, beaches, and national parks. All of that makes it perfect for all kinds of sports and hobbies. We have listed several places in Southern California to practice an active lifestyle. And if you’re one of those who dream about moving to SoCal, you’ll need the help of one of the moving companies Southern California. Entrust us with your relocation while you enjoy surfing or hiking in Golden State. 

    These are some of the best places in Southern California to practice an active lifestyle

    SoCal is the perfect place for you if you’re up to living in a city but prefer an active lifestyle. Unlike the northern part of Cali, the southern part is pretty much like a tropical paradise. Its miles-long beaches with golden sand, endless summers, and an ocean breeze are why so many people come. This climate is ideal for those who are outdoorsy and healthy-life oriented. Its position is also suitable, because of the nearness of beaches and mountains. Whatever your cup of tea is, it’s within your reach. And so it is throughout the whole year. For those of you who still have doubts, we will list some of the perks of living in SoCal. 

    women in one of the Best places in Southern California to practice an active lifestyle
    Living in a city doesn’t mean you can’t live actively!
    • Beautiful nature attracts visitors and newcomers. You’ll find it all there, from striking ocean coastline to impressive mountains and deserts.
    • Southern California’s weather and everlasting summer allow you to practice and remain active during the whole year. 
    • California is the most diverse state in the US regarding its topography and climate, but also ethnicity and culture.
    • Its vibrant city lifestyle is alluring for people of all ages. It’s suitable for families and raising kids, young adults pursuing careers, and retirees. 
    • California is ranked as the number 1 fun state due to its theme parks, nightlife, restaurants, arts, and cultural scene. No matter what your interests are, you’ll surely find something to occupy your attention. 
    • Job opportunities are numerous since LA is the biggest city in the state. It’s the center of major corporations and world-famous companies which provide jobs for millions of people. 

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    Los Angeles

    Although LA residents like to run the most, there are tons of outdoor activities that you can try in LA. You could try roller skating down the Venice Beach Boardwalk or try out the famous Holywood Sign Hike. However, if you seek more than just occasional recreation, you can browse from a variety of options. Runyon Canyon Park Trail is a 2,5 dirt jogging trail where you can spot a celebrity running at times. But if you prefer a more solitary running trail near the beach, try Hermosa Valley Greenbelt. For those who enjoy hiking more, we recommend Malibu Creek, State Park. It has it all, flat strolls, step canyon paths, lakes, and film history. Cycling lovers would enjoy the San Gabriel mountain routes for sure. 

    los angeles palms and buildings in the sunset
    Los Angeles, one of the five best places in Southern California to practice an active lifestyle on our list, has a lot to offer.

    LA is the home of many professional sports teams

    In support of the fact that Californians value sports and activity stands the fact, that there are 14 professional teams in the greater LA area. According to the number of professional teams in the city, LA ranks third in the US. LA is the home of the Lakers, Clippers, LA Angels, Dodgers, LA Kings, Anaheim Ducks, and others. Hence, it’s easy to conclude that LA is the city of sports. No matter if you’re a diehard fan or just a random visitor, you’ll have your share of fun and excitement. Don’t miss the chance to attend one of these clashes once you visit LA.  And for sports fans, LA is surely one of the best places in Southern California to practice an active lifestyle. If this convinced you to move, consider hiring movers Whittier CA. Our capable team will take care of your relocation for you. 

    San Diego

    Another big city in Southern California that has to offer a lot of activities to its residents, is San Diego. Its dazzling beaches and great weather make it one of the most desirable places to live in the US. Also, it’s perfect for a beach vacation. For those who want an active vacation on the beach, Mission Beach might be the right place. Mission Beach is a favorite surfers’ hangout, but it’s also suitable for all water activities, volleyball, and even golf. Besides that, you can stroll down the Mission Beach Boardwalk, and explore the area on your bike or skate. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle requires accessibility to parks and outdoor spaces. And San Diego is one of those cities that offers opportunities for healthy living on every corner. Our capable movers Lake Forest could relocate your home shortly after you decide to move to San Diego. 

    san diego marina in the sunset
    Living in San Diego opens the doors to many opportunities.

    Try out various water activities while visiting San Diego

    When the weather is hot and the sun shines bright, nothing helps you cool down like water. Luckily, there are many fun water activities to try out in San Diego. You can try attending one of the many surf schools that offer classes for beginners with rentals of wetsuits and boards.  Pacific Beach, Bird Rock, La Jolla Shores, Del Mar, and Encinitas are only some of them. Speaking of La Jolla, if surfing isn’t your thing, you’re welcome to try kayaking and visiting the seven caves at La Jolla Cove!

    If you’re still not convinced, then you might want to call our movers Norwalk CA locals hire so they can get your hiking equipment. Before you ask why so, let us introduce you to the Torrey Pines State Reserve and the many wonderful trails it has. What does that have to do with water activities, you ask? Well, with the hiking equipment our movers can transport to your new home, you can take the Beach Trail and reach lovely beaches with hardly any signs of civilization nearby: perfect for swimming!


    With nearly 300 sunny days a year, Irvine has excellent conditions for any activity or sport. Except for winter sports since there isn’t much snowfall. However, there are mountains within driving distance from Irvine, so you can even ski if you like. More than 100 beaches stretch near Irvine, so surfing is also possible. Some of the best California beaches, like Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, are only half an hour away. Another fun fact about Irvine is that it has twice as many bikers as any other major city in the US. Either way, you can spend your time outdoors during most of the year. As for the rainy days, if any, you can train in one of the many gyms. All this speaks in favor that the residents of Irvine are extremely dedicated to an active lifestyle. 

    a beach in one of the Best places in Southern California to practice an active lifestyle
    If you love sports and the warm sun, Irvine is the right place for you.

    Unique vacation in Irvine

    For those of you seeking an active but unusual vacation, Irvine can offer a lot. From skating at the Spectrum Center’s Ice Rink to picking melons and pumpkins at Tanaka Farms. Another thing you don’t get to experience every day is full moon hiking at the Bommer Canyon. Who knows, maybe your vacation turns into relocation. In that case, we’re one of the many moving companies Newport Beach has to offer that can move your household from any part of the country. Entrust our trained movers with your relocation and see the quality of our services. 

    Long Beach

    If you’re fond of water sports, then Long Beach is a place for you. Its 28 miles long continuous beach offers an abundance of water activities. You can experience everything from relaxing walks by the scenic seaside, and moderate hiking trails, to scuba diving, kayaking, etc. The Long Beach can satisfy the appetite of any hardcore adventurer or fitness fan. If you belong to that type of people, wait no more and hire one of the best moving companies Long Beach. Also, there are treats even for adrenaline junkies, such as skysurfing and thrill rides. Besides the beaches, you can spend your time in parks or natural green spaces. Thanks to 169 parks and recreational services and programs, the Long Beach park system is ranked 18th in the US. 

    woman walking on the beach in one of the Best places in Southern California to practice an active lifestyle
    When you think of the best places in Southern California to practice an active lifestyle, Long Beach also comes to mind.

    Some of the best parks in Long Beach

    El Dorado East Regional Park stands out as one of the most popular parks in Long Beach. Its two stocked lakes are surrounded by open green spaces with trees and are perfect for fishing. The biking trail winds through the entire park, past the playgrounds and archery range, where you can take lessons. For those who like hiking, Signal Hill Trail on the Hilltop is a treat. It’s not very long, but it’s a steep and fairly difficult path that leads to a beautiful viewpoint. Your effort will be rewarded with one of the best views of the city and the ocean. On the other hand, Bixby Park is ideal for relaxing Sunday afternoons. It has a volleyball court and skate park, and free yoga classes. It’s pretty clear why Long Beach is one of the places in Southern California to practice an active lifestyle. 


    One more Southern Californian city reached the top 100 list of the most active cities. It’s Anaheim, the second largest city in Orange County. One of the safest cities in the US is also the home of the famous Disneyland. But apart from Disneyland, there are a lot of ways to spend your day outside, and still have a blast. Paths and trails curl through the area, and up to the Anaheim Hills. Locals enjoy fishing by the Santa Ana River Lakes. It seems Anaheim has it all, mountains, rivers, lakes, parks, and it’s close to the ocean. A perfect setting for any kind of physical activity in the open. If you ever decide to move to Anaheim, movers Diamond Bar CA are the right choice. A fast and efficient team of movers will help you relocate with no stress involved. 

    flo's cafe at night
    If you have kids, don’t move to Anaheim unless you want to be asked to go to Disneyland every few days.

    What can you do in Anaheim to remain active?

    Parks and gardens are gems of any urban city, as is the case with Anaheim. You don’t have to go far from the city to exercise or run. Take your kids to one of the parks, in the middle of the city, and watched them run and play in vivid playgrounds. Baker Ranch Park in Lake Forest is an amusing playground, with slides and lawns for children. Not far from there is Serrano Creek Park, a rustic western setting near the horse stables, with a walking trail and climbing stones. Paths and trails around Anaheim will take you to forests, meadows, and beaches, and will reward you with beautiful scenery and viewpoints. For that matter, we recommend you visit Crystal Cove State Park in Laguna Beach. 

    There are many places in Southern California to practice an active lifestyle…

    But sadly, you can only choose one place to call home! Now that you’ve seen some of the best places in Southern California to practice an active lifestyle, you must think things through and decide. What will it be: will you hire our movers to relocate you to LA, San Diego, Irvine, Long Beach, or Anaheim? You better choose carefully, but no matter which place you pick to move to, Family Affair Moving will be there to help you. We’re sure that you will be more than happy in your new home in Southern California. So, what are you waiting for: hire Family Affair Moving and start planning your move today! Get a free moving quote, and we can work out the rest of the details after that!


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