Best places to move with kids in Southern California

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    Moving to Southern California with kids is becoming more and more popular! That’s because this particular part of California offers lots of things that families simply need. Be it well-paying jobs, easy access to a number of bigger cities, or just general quality of life – they are some of the best places to move with kids in Southern California. And the list of such cities is pretty extensive, as well! Moreover, lots of families choose some of the great movers Orange CA  offers. Relocating without a moving company when you have kids is a hard process you probably don’t want to go through. Furthermore, with such great moving quotes and prices for the area, there’s no reason not to! Right now, focus on picking one of the following beauties.

    Whittier is always a popular and excellent choice in Southern California

    Whittier remains quite a popular place for people looking to move to Southern California. A lot of the locals praise the city’s beautiful nature. If your family likes spending time outdoors, then Whittier is for you! You will be able to have everything ranging from a short jog in nature to hikes and just exploring with your kids. Lots of the movers Whittier CA teams know this very well and actively seek active families who love sports and outdoor activities. But that’s not all that Whittier offers! Another great perk of living here is that it’s so close to Los Angeles, you could spend every afternoon there! On a more serious note, it is always great to have a big metropolis nearby you can visit whenever you have a need to.

    Three kids smiling while sitting down after moving to Southern California.
    With so many families moving to Whittier, it’s going to be easy to make new friends and get used to the place pretty quickly.

    But, what does it look like to live here? Well, for starters, Whittier City School District has 8 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and a single K-8 school. They serve students all the way from kindergarten until the 8th grade. And when the time for high school comes, there are plenty of great options in Whittier, as well. Whittier has amazing housing options at a median price of $750,000. Prices were slightly higher just a year ago, so now appears to be an excellent time to become a homeowner. Whittier, with a typical family income of $76,026, is one of the best places for families with children. You definitely won’t be making a mistake if you decide to relocate to the area. There are plenty of families with kids, and neighborhoods are great and there’s a sense of community.

    Reasons why Santa Ana is one of the best  places to move with kids in Southern California

    With over 300,000 residents, it’s quite bigger than a lot of other options on this list. But, it still remains smaller than the likes of San Francisco or Los Angeles. That’s its key advantage, depending on what you want out of a city. Being in that sweet middle can be a great place to raise a family at. It is also very close to a lot of other cities on this list, meaning the general area is going to remain the same. According to movers Santa Ana, this is one of the best places to move with kids in Southern California and many families do just that! But, what are some of the advantages of moving here?

    • Culture and history: there are numerous museums, art galleries, and cultural events that provide opportunities for your kids to learn about and appreciate local history and culture.
    • Warm climate: Santa Ana has a warm, Mediterranean climate with pleasant temperatures all year, making it an appealing area to live for families that like being outdoors.
    • Education: the city is well-known for its excellent educational system. Many of the city’s schools are well known for their challenging academic programs, competent teachers, and welcoming learning environments.
    • Proximity to beaches: many of Southern California’s most known beaches are located really close to Santa Ana. This city is going to be one of the best places to move with kids in Southern California if you want to be close to a beach.
    • Strong economy: as a major city, Santa Ana has a thriving and ever-growing economy. You can find many great job opportunities in the city

    It’s important to know when you’re moving with kids that you’ll be financially stable – and you won’t have any trouble with that considering the median salaries in cities of Southern California.

    an infographic

    You are going to fall in love with Diamond Bar quicker than you think

    Standing in sharp contrast with Santa Ana, Diamond Bar is quite a small community. For those who want to raise their kids in a peaceful and quiet community, this is the place for them. Lots of families choose to live in smaller communities, but still, have access to some of the bigger cities in the area. Diamond Bar offers just that. Los Angeles is super close, and many of the city’s residents frequently travel there. You might even decide to work in LA while living in Diamond Bar. A typical house in the city costs roughly $713,000. When you compare that to the costs in Los Angeles, it’s easy to see why this place is so popular. After all, it appears to be a true hidden diamond in the heart of southern California.

    Two friends spending time together after moving to Southern California with kids.
    Many families with kids that move to Santa Ana do so because of its great job opportunities.

    Get ready to move as soon as possible

    Moreover, it’s not hard to relocate to the area, either! No matter if you want to do a residential or a commercial move, or a combination of the two, the local movers Diamond Bar CA offers will be able to help you. Moreover, there are plenty of storage services in the area, as well. To put it simply: these are all great, effective, and fast ways for you to relocate your family to Diamond Bar. Relocinatg with kids can sometimes feel exhausting, which is why you want to be quick with it. The right moving company can offer you exactly that, and more!

    Family spending quality time outside in Diamond Bar, one of the best places to move with kids in Southern California.
    Diamond Bar is one of the best places to move with kids in Southern California!

    Choosing between living in Anaheim and San Clemente, both popular choices

    Lots of people cannot decide between moving to either Anaheim or San Clemente. How are they different? Well for starters, Anaheim is super-close to Los Angeles, whereas San Clemente is more to the south. You can expect different kinds of weather, as well. San Clemente is closer to the ocean and experiences a mild temperate climate. On the other hand, Anaheim is hot with traditional Mediterranean weather. You can expect a vastly different lifestyle! Anaheim is known for its entertainment industry, whereas San Clemente is more laid-back, giving a beach town vibe. Maybe that’s why moving companies San Clemente offers are having clients around the clock who want to move to the city. If you want your kids to have easier access to the beach, then San Clemente can totally be an excellent choice.

    On the other side, Anaheim is an excellent and quite popular choice, as well. After all, it is known for its Anaheim Ducks and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Any sports enthusiast will definitely catch those names! Moreover, when you compare it to the nearby cities, it has a relatively low cost of living. That’s what attracts many people to call one of the moving companies Anaheim offers and get their free moving quote! By the way, your kids are surely going to love having Disneyland in the city where they live. If they’re a fan, then Anaheim should be pretty high on the list of your best places to move to in Southern California! If you also plan to open a business in the city, this is another great factor. Disneyland attracts many tourists, and millions visit it annually.

    Villa Park is one of the best places to move with kids in Southern California

    This is another great choice for those families who want to have a more laid-back life in a quiet community. They often say that Villa Park has more horse trails than sidewalks! Jokes aside, the community is quite family-life oriented which is why many families with kids enjoy it here. Neighbors tend to know and help each other, and there’s a sense of solidarity. When you look at the crime rate statistics, you’ll quickly see that the city is generally considered to be pretty safe. The two of its safest neighborhoods include the very city center and Cerro Villa Heights. When moving to a new city with kids, it’s especially important to see how safe your children are going to be. But there are no problems with that here!

    Mom playing with her kids in a kitchen after moving to Southern California.
    Villa Park is a small, laid-back community where there’s a sense of solidarity and people know and trust each other.

    Almost all of the houses are family-owned, and everyone knows everyone else. You’ll be 5 to 10 minutes from the 55 or 91 freeways, 15 minutes from Disneyland, 30 minutes from the beach, and an hour and a half from the mountains or Palm Springs. This makes for an excellent location to raise your kids in. You will simply adore how quiet, peaceful, and family-friendly this place is. It’s no surprise that the movers Villa Park CA team relocated quite a few families to the area! Even since 2000, Villa Park has had almost the same population size — around 600 residents. But that’s one of its biggest strengths, and locals would never want to see it change! Choose this city if you’re ready for such a lifestyle, but chances are you won’t regret it. You will still have access to a lot of different bigger cities with a bit of driving.

    Mission Viejo is one of the best places to move with kids in Southern California

    Mission Viejo is nicely situated in-between Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, and Rancho Santa Margarita. Moreover, it’s well connected to the nearby cities and communities through the train station. Many locals love it since it’s a cheap way to travel around Orange County and visit other places. What’s perhaps even more important for families with kids, this is generally considered one of the safest cities in the county. Moreover, it’s one of the safest communities in the entire country with a population under 100,000. According to movers Mission Viejo, this is one of the major reasons why many families with children decide to move to the area. However, this does mean that the typical cost of living in Mission Viejo is quite high.

    A man and a woman playing with their kid outside.
    Many families select Mission Viejo because it’s one of the safest communities in Southern California.

    For example, you can expect the average house to cost around $1,100,000. This is definitely one of the most expensive options on the list, but it does provide luxury and a lifestyle other communities simply cannot match. All the benefits that come with living in Mission Viejo are there simply because the place is known for its expensive and extravagant lifestyle its residents have. You can expect that the average salary in the area is around $120,000. On the other side, the average family has around $732,100 as their median property value. The schools are safe and well-rated, and finding a suitable employment opportunity is simple. Because it is a planned city, public transit is nearly ideal, and there is almost no need to own a car!

    Choosing where to move with kids in Southern California

    As you can see, there are many great options to consider! From smaller communities to bigger major cities, it’s a lot to think about. Moreover, there’s a bit of everything so anyone can find the right city for them. Southern California offers such a variety of places that it’s hard not to find something that’d work for your family. After all, it’s a perfect location to raise your family. Overall, Southern California on average offers excellent educational institutions. This is especially important to families with kids, so be sure to do lots of research into the education quality in the place where you are moving.

    A girl playing outside in one of Southern California's best places for families with kids.
    Think about what sort of a place you want your kids to live in when selecting where to move to in Southern California.

    Moreover, you always want to hire a reliable and professional moving company to help you relocate. Southern California can be hard to navigate, so having extra help is always great. They’re going to help you have a quicker moving experience, something which is great when you have kids. Moreover, don’t forget to take care of all the paperwork related to moving. That’s something people sometimes forget when they start exploring all the best places to move with kids in Southern California.







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