Best places to start a family in California

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    California is one of the most famous states in the United States. That is why, in this article, we discuss some of the best places to start a family in California. Raising a family in the right environment is of utmost importance and having a solid choice of activities and other options can only benefit you. However, moving to California should not be a hard task, especially if you consider hiring movers Santa Ana to help you prepare for the relocation.

    Having a home in a good and peaceful neighborhood, while enjoying the view is something many people desire. When starting a family, you want to make sure all the conditions are met for you and your future family to have a wonderful life. Moreover, depending on which city you choose from, a variety of options will be presented. From educational options to choose your favorite outdoor activity.

    view of the mountains and forests in California
    Beautiful scenery, diverse culture and many career options are something that describes California the best

    Best places to start a family in California

    Palm trees, sandy beaches, and warm weather throughout the year are something that makes this state desirable by many people. The state of California is home to many different cultures and people. Because of this, you will be looking at one of the most diverse states in the United States that has a lot to offer to anyone who indulges in it. Without further ado, here is a list of questions you should consider when looking for the best places to start a family in California:

    • What choices do you have for educational purposes?
    • How safe is it to start your family there?
    • Does the city have a lot of activities to offer to your family?
    • What are your career options in that city?
    • How easy will it be for you to adapt to the lifestyle?

    These questions are something most people consider when looking for a home in which they plan to start a family. Of course, finding a good home is important. However, having a good neighborhood and a variety of educational and career options is something that plays a big part in making a choice.

    La Cañada Flintridge

    La Cañada Flintridge is a suburb area of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It is located in Los Angeles County and, judging by the polls, people view it as one of the best places to live in California. The area’s rural feel creates a more “homey” atmosphere, followed by a plethora of activities to enjoy throughout the year. The climate is very typical of a Californian inland valley, making summer hot and winters mild. Moreover, the area has very high ratings in public schooling. For instance, the La Cañada Unified School District boasts having the second-highest Academic Performance Index in the whole state.

    a girls holds a paper with her friend next to her and the teacher behind her
    The city’s high-level educational system is a great way to ensure your child’s education

    The town also offers other ways one can enjoy time with family. For instance, visiting the Lanterman House, which is a museum and a local historical archive. If you love playing golf, you will enjoy gold courses in the area, or maybe visit NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and admire the science. Another great family activity can be taking the low-cost busses to the beach, which the city provides.


    Albany is a city on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay. Jazz, poems, cycling, walking, racing, this city has a little something for everyone. With all the activities this city has to offer, you can rest assured that your family will soon find new hobbies and interests. The city has a strong musical program, which can help your children develop musical talents. Another way you and your family can relax is to go to one of the oldest Finnish-style saunas in North America.  By hiring Southern California movers you can focus on enjoying what the city has to offer, instead of planning your move. The city is in the top ten best suburbs for young professionals. Because of this, it can play a huge role in the fact that you are planning on starting a family.


    One of the advantages of moving to Orange County is that you have the chance to visit or live in Irvine. Irvine is a master-planned city that was incorporated in 1971. The city is formed of different villages which are separated by six-lane roads. However, the best part about this city is that most of the population prefer walking or cycling, instead of driving. Moreover, the city traffic lights have sensors to adjust to the traffic at the moment. This creates a safer environment with less pollution and lowers the chances of any accidents. Bikeways encourage people to use bikes as their main source of transportation, which can be a fun family activity.

    a hiking trail in Irvine making it one of the best places to start a family in California
    Hiking, cycling and long walks in nature are a great way to have fun and healthy activities with your family

    Summers are mostly warm and dry and winters are mild and with little-to-none frost. The majority of the population are white and Asian, which brings the advantage of Asian cuisine. Food enthusiasts will enjoy the different type of cuisine this city has to offer. Irvine is one of the best places to start a family in California because it offers a great educational system and contains many different corporations that can offer careers.

    Some of the best places to live in California are the ones you connect with the most

    When searching for a home to start your family in, you must take into consideration the environment in which you want to do so. Many different cities offer different options, after all, California is very diverse. Because of this, one of the best places to start a family in California is the one place you will connect with the most. This means that you should decide what city compliments your lifestyle and long-term goals. So, make sure to check your last minute moving checklist and enjoy the options California has to offer.

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