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    Many people don’t like moving because it includes a lot of decision-making. Depending on the constitution of your family, you might need to make more or fewer decisions. But one thing is for sure, all these decisions will impact the outcome of your move. If you are a parent, then moving will be even more difficult for you. The future of your kids will greatly depend on the next step you take, and affordable movers Orange County will help you take it with ease. The important thing to think about is the schools available in the place that you plan to move to. If San Clemente is the place of your choice, you should know which the best schools in San Clemente are.

    General information about San Clemente

    Irvine is a city in California with a population of 273,000 residents. San Clemente is a suburb in this big city, that 65,000 residents call home. This city is located in Orange County and is serviced by some of the best long distance movers Orange County CA. San Clemente is a dense part of the city, where many people own their homes. This shows that many of them are here to stay, which is not weird since the majority are families with kids. It is a conservative suburb, with highly rated schools, which are excellent amenities for developing kids.

    Picture of two girls sitting and playing in one of the schools in San Clemente
    Many people in San Clemente have school-aged kids

    Which schools in San Clemente are available?

    As we said previously, the schools in this suburb have great ratings. Some movers San Clemente are also highly rated, making this a great combination to choose this place for your next move. These grades have been made as a total of teacher and student satisfaction, teacher-to-student ratio, and final grades. There are 11 public schools in this part of the city and 5 private schools. The majority of kids are students of public schools, but in a bigger amount than the state average. There are:

    • 10 elementary schools
    • 4 middle schools
    • 1 high school

    This amount of elementary schools shows that the majority of families have young school kids aged from 5 to 11 years. But since there is a big range of schools to pick from, we will give you a list of the best schools in San Clemente.

    This suburb has 3 top-rated schools

    Vista Del Mar Elementary School, Vista Del Mar Middle School, and Concordia Elementary School have the highest rating and popularity. The ranking test for these schools is based on math and reading proficiency. The test result of these institutions are high above the state average, so they make it into the top 20 schools in California. There are also minority groups enrolled in these schools, mostly Hispanic. This only shows that apart from the great ratings, the schools are also a good environment for childer who are not from San Clemente. If you are worried about your kids adapting to a new school, there is no need for this here.

    Picture of kids playing with letters
    The schools in San Clemente will give a good start for your kids’ education

    Picking schools in San Clemente is no easy task. And the pressure of ensuring that your kids get a good education is not small. One thing you can do for sure is to hire furniture movers Orange County. Your movers will take care of your move, and you will have time to focus on your kids. Good luck!


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