Best Southern California neighborhoods for pet owners

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    Having a pet usually means adjusting your lifestyle, even by little, to suit their needs. With that in mind, there is no wonder people will not move to non-friendly pet locations if they own a pet. However, today we will discuss what are some of the Southern California neighborhoods for pet owners and how can your pet enjoy living there. However, if you plan on hiring a professional moving company, do not rely on the fact that they will transport your pet. Although they will have a professional approach to moving your items, moving pets is not what most moving companies do. Instead, you will have to move the pet by yourself. Preferably in a car with you or via a professional pet moving service.

    What are some of the Southern California neighborhoods for pet owners that you should consider moving to?

    The state of California is very open to different types of lifestyles and people. However, they do not exclude pets from their open-mindedness. California is a very pet-friendly state. This does not come from the fact that you will have dog parks around town either. When we say dog friendly, we mean the ability to take your pets inside stores, hotels, on beaches, etc.

    a panoramic view of one of Southern California neighborhoods for pet owners during the night
    The state of California is quite receptive of pets and is providing good living conditions for them

    Although with certain rules that must exist, you and your pet will surely have an easy time adapting to your new lifestyle. If you are planning your relocation, but need additional assistance, you can hire Orange County residential movers. On the other hand, what are some of the places you can live happily with your pet?

    • Los Angeles
    • San Diego
    • Anaheim
    • Long Beach

    Los Angeles

    The whole city of Los Angeles is long known for its pet-friendly attitude. Not only can you take your pet out and enjoy a plethora of different activities, many venues, stores, and hotels will gladly allow you to visit with your furry companion. Some of the most pet-friendly neighborhoods are Santa Monica, Studio City, West Hollywood, Silver Lake, etc. Santa Monica can offer a huge variety of different dog parks and green pastures in which your pet can enjoy exercising and playing with other dogs. However, one of the best places to live with a pet is surely Studio City. Aside from multiple activities, you can do, even outside of the dog park, there are many pet-friendly restaurants in town. On the other hand, if you are looking for dog-friendly establishments and amenities, West Hollywood is perfect for you.

    San Diego

    If you are looking for a dog owner and dog paradise, look no further than San Diego. This region of California is known for its dog-friendly communities. Southern California neighborhoods for pet owners that you should consider moving to in San Diego are Ocean Beach, Kensington, Hillcrest, and Sabre Springs. Ocean Beach, for example, is a growing community with access to the beach. This means that you and your furry companion can enjoy some off-leash activities while relaxing on the beach. Moreover, if moving to Kensington, you will find that the majority of the population owns a pet.

    a man paddling on the water with his dog on the board
    San Diego has some of the best Southern California neighborhoods for pet owners

    Not only will you have access to amazing dog parks, but the sheer nature in the area will also be perfect for your pet to roam around and enjoy. If this is your choice, but you lack moving materials to pack you and your dog, hire moving supplies Orange County CA services.


    Does your dog enjoy spending time in nature? Or maybe relaxing while you enjoy a meal or beverage with your friends? Maybe you both enjoy engaging in fun activities together? Well, if the answer was yes to some of these questions, then you should consider moving to some Anaheim neighborhoods. For instance, you and your dog can enjoy various activities in the Anaheim Hills area with a plethora of nature all around you. If not, you can visit the Disneyland Resort Kennel Club. If you want to socialize with your pet, you can also visit the Olive Hills dog park that is one of the most famous and best dog parks in the area. Whether you move to The Colony, Anaheim Hills, or another part of the area, you will surely find a lot of activities to engage in.

    Long Beach

    One of the best feelings a pet owner can have is not leaving their pet behind because they are unable to enter a certain venue. Luckily, Long Beach can change that. Not only can you enjoy various dog parks and activities in the fresh air, you and your pet can also enjoy the beach. The Rosie’s Dog Beach is the only beach in the LA county that allows off-leash time with your pet.

    a lifeguard station on a sandy beach
    You and your pet can enjoy some free time relaxing at the beach

    Is there a better way to cope with moving stress than to play around the beach with your dog? On top of that, if you were to visit restaurants in the area, you will be happy to know that your pet can come with you. Moreover, certain restaurants even offer small, “dog-bite” food portions for your companions to eat alongside you.

    Do proper research before moving

    Many of these Southern California neighborhoods for pet owners are super pet-friendly. However, you should also engage in your own little research. Most places will allow them in homes, apartments, restaurants, and other venues. On the other hand, this does not mean that, if you are renting a home, the situation will be the same. The vast majority of people enjoy playing and living with dogs. When renting a home, the owner might not be so thrilled to see a dog. Your best solution is to find the neighborhood you like and search for houses in that area. After that, when you contact the homeowner, make sure to highlight that you are moving in with your pet.

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