Biggest mistakes when moving a piano and how to avoid them

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    Moving heavy and bulky things like the piano requires the professional help of a moving company. The best solution is to simply hire Southern California movers that will move your instrument in the safest way possible. As you may imagine, moving the piano requires special expertise and care, and professional movers have the appropriate tools to do it. However, regardless of the distance to where you want to move your piano, there are certain precautions you should pay attention to. So here are some of the biggest mistakes when moving a piano and pro tips on how to avoid them to safely move your piano.

    Can you avoid certain mistakes when moving a piano on your own?

    Well, if you want to move a piano on your own, first you need to know how to dismantle a piano on your own. Still, you can make many mistakes when moving a piano on your own. The priority is to protect this valuable instrument. As the piano is a heavy and massive object, you have to be careful because due to its vertical shape it can tip over when you push it. The thing is that the wheels on its bottom are often be damaged or replaced with another object, and very often they are turned in the wrong direction – just to prevent the piano from moving. If you lift the piano from the side, you must be very careful and know how to lift heavy objects. Its protruding parts, keyboard and legs, as well as the pedals, need to be protected before lifting.

    piano - mistakes when moving a piano
    Here are some of the biggest mistakes when moving a piano.

    Calling professional help is the best option

    As we said in the beginning, simply hiring professional piano movers Orange County CA will help you to safely move your piano. When it comes to a concert or grand pianos, pay special attention to protecting the piano’s feet. It is very important that, when you lift this large instrument, you do not burden its legs. If you do this, you can damage or even completely destroy the piano. That’s why movers hire workers to carefully pick up and move the piano. In order not to damage the floors, movers also remove the carpets and unlock the piano wheels, to avoid scratching the parquet. If you want to do this on your own, try not to lift the piano more than necessary, as you may disrupt the piano tune and the tones.

    Don’t hurt yourself when moving a piano on your own

    If you still think you can move the piano on your own, just be careful if you move it from one floor to another. The instrument itself is very delicate, and any damage may stop the piano from producing the proper sound again. Even if you start moving a piano on your own, you can always call last minute moves and ask them to help you out. Take the time to hire a company that specializes in transferring and moving the piano like Family Affair, Moving because it often happens that the employees from the basic relocation are not experts when it comes to moving this instrument.

    You can always call last minute moves and ask them to help you out.

    How to move a piano – the key is in the good plan!

    As with any relocation, planning all the steps here is the most important factor for a successful relocation. First, call your local movers to help you out. But, before they arrive, measure the dimensions of the piano itself. Then measure all doors, windows, stairs where it will pass on the way to the transport truck. Have a clear plan where the mover will carry it – from start to finish. Otherwise, workers may start to carry the piano towards the exit and then find that it cannot pass through the stairs or through the door. This can only further damage not just the piano, but also walls, floor or railings on the staircase. Also, wipe the road so that it is not slippery and move unnecessary things that may bother workers when they move it.

    Things you may need when moving your piano

    When thinking about how to move the piano, you must keep in mind that you need certain materials and tools for the job. In addition to work gloves, protective foil and soft covers to protect the piano from bumps, scratches, and dents, it is necessary to provide auxiliary equipment that will make it easier for you to move it. This includes sliding belts that make it easier to maneuver the instrument from one room to another, special plates for descending from one floor to another and a special moving ramp with wheels.

    Preparing a piano for the move

    When talking about mistakes you can make when you move your piano, the basic is not preparing your piano properly. So, after the elaborated plan, the next step is to pack the piano and prepare it for transport. Although massive, this instrument is delicate and you have to take care of all the parts. Remove the feet and pedals, close the cover and lock it, if possible, to prevent damage to the piano keys. If there is no lock on the lid, wrap it well with tape to prevent accidental opening. Then the whole piano is protected by a shot of foil, blankets or a special cloth, and only then you can start the transfer.

    Before any move, measure the dimensions of the piano itself.

    Still, the hardest step loading and moving the piano to the truck. Place furniture strips under each end and use the combined strength of at least two people to lift it. When the piano is in the air, make sure it stays upright. Of course, try to be safe at all times and avoid injuries. To avoid this, always keep your back straight, shoulders back, and be sure to bend your knees when lowering or raising the piano. This will allow you to use strong leg muscles for tension. At the same time, this will reduce the risk of a back injury. Move the piano slowly, in small steps so that the muscles have time to adjust to the extra effort. And don’t forget, never move the piano more than a few meters, and then take a break.

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