Changing Scenery: Moving from Santa Ana to Irvine

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    There’s something incredibly exhilarating about changing your surroundings, and moving from Santa Ana to Irvine is no exception! Just imagine: a new neighborhood to explore, new friends to meet, and endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. What’s even better? You don’t have to travel far to experience this fresh start. The distance between Santa Ana and Irvine is a mere 13 minutes (6.4 miles) via Main St and E Warner Ave. That’s right, a whole new world awaits you just a short drive away! If you’re already searching for movers Santa Ana, you’re on the right track. This blog post will help you understand all the exciting aspects of this move, from the cost of living and housing options to job opportunities and quality of life. Let’s dive in!

    How Affordable is Life in Each City?

    Thinking of relocating from Santa Ana to Irvine? Your first step should be to consult with local movers Orange County who can provide valuable advice on various aspects of the move, including the cost of living. Let’s delve into these costs for a more informed decision-making process.

    counting money
    Your cost of living will increase after moving from Santa Ana to Irvine

    Basic Expenses and More

    The cost of living varies from city to city, affecting both individuals and families. In Santa Ana, the estimated monthly cost of living for a single person stands at $2,543. In contrast, Irvine is a bit higher at $2,818 per month. Families face similar expenses in both cities: $5,342 per month in Santa Ana and $5,422 in Irvine.

    It’s also worth noting the difference in average monthly salaries after tax. In Santa Ana, this amounts to $6,581, while Irvine trails slightly at $5,989. Food is another essential element to consider when comparing these two cities. The average monthly food expenses are $562 in Santa Ana and $587 in Irvine.

    List of Basic Expenses

    • Single Person Cost of Living: Santa Ana: $2,543 – Irvine: $2,818
    • Family Cost of Living: Santa Ana: $5,342 – Irvine: $5,422
    • Monthly Salary After Tax: Santa Ana: $6,581 – Irvine: $5,989
    • Food Expenses: Santa Ana: $562 – Irvine: $587

    Housing: The Financial Cornerstone

    When moving from Santa Ana to Irvine, one of the most critical aspects to scrutinize is housing costs. Whether you’re thinking of buying a property or renting, each city has its unique set of financial metrics to consider. Consulting moving companies Orange CA can offer invaluable insights into this subject, but here are some key figures to ponder.

    Property Costs

    Santa Ana’s housing market is competitive but less so compared to Irvine. The median sale price for homes in Santa Ana last month was $753,000, reflecting a 3.2% increase since last year. These homes usually sell in about 32 days and receive an average of 4 offers. The median sale price per square foot stands at $574, showing a 9.2% annual increase.

    On the flip side, Irvine’s housing market is extremely competitive. The median sale price here surged to $1.4 million in September 2023, a substantial 10.2% hike from last year. Houses in Irvine typically sell within 25 days and can receive up to 8 offers. Furthermore, the median price per square foot is $766, rising 12.0% since last year.

    house in Irvine
    The median sale price in Irvine is currently $1.4 million

    Renting Rates

    Now let’s talk about renting. In Irvine, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment as of October 2023 is $2,859, a 4% year-over-year increase. In contrast, the 1-bedroom apartment rent in Santa Ana is $2,095, showing a 3% decline compared to the previous year.

    Santa Ana Housing Costs

    • Median Sale Price: $753,000 (+3.2% year-over-year)
    • Number of Homes Sold: 69 (-38.4% year-over-year)
    • Median Days on Market: 32 (-2 year-over-year)
    • Median Sale Price per Square Foot: $574 (+9.2% year-over-year)
    • Average Rent for a 1-Bedroom Apartment: $2,095 (-3% year-over-year)

    Irvine Housing Costs

    • Median Sale Price: $1,410,500 (+10.2% year-over-year)
    • Number of Homes Sold: 213 (+7.0% year-over-year)
    • Median Days on Market: 25 (-10 year-over-year)
    • Median Sale Price per Square Foot: $766 (+12.0% year-over-year)
    • Average Rent for a 1-Bedroom Apartment: $2,859 (+4% year-over-year)

    Thriving Careers and Daily Commute

    If you’re considering relocating from Santa Ana to Irvine, you’ll find that each city has a unique job landscape to offer. Let’s take a look.

    Job Market Insights

    The largest industries in Santa Ana include Manufacturing, Retail Trade, and Accommodation & Food Services. If you’re in Utilities or Public Administration, you’re looking at the highest-paying sectors. When you consult with movers Irvine CA, you’ll find these industries often make up a significant portion of their clientele.

    using laptop after moving from Santa Ana to Irvine
    If you are working in Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, you will have no trouble finding work in Irvine

    On the flip side, Irvine is a hub for Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, employing over 41,000 people. This city has a diverse, highly educated population, where over 70% have a bachelor’s degree or higher. With a strong presence of life science and technology companies, this city is perfect for professionals looking to accelerate their careers in these sectors. Irvine accounted for nearly 20% of Orange County’s employment growth between 2001 and 2018. So, if you’re a recent graduate, particularly from the University of California – Irvine, you’ll likely want to stay and work locally.

    Commute Options in Irvine and Santa Ana

    When it comes to commuting, Irvine is well-equipped with a variety of options. From OCTA buses to Metrolink commuter trains, getting around this city is a breeze. The average one-way commute takes about 25.1 minutes, a bit below the national average. Most residents here prefer to drive, but cycling and public transit are also popular.

    Santa Ana is similarly well-connected, offering multiple bus lines and a light rail system. The city is also quite accessible for those who prefer ride-sharing services or renting a bike. Commute times? Identical to Irvine at 25.1 minutes on average.

    Irvine Commute Stats

    • Drive alone: 77.2%
    • Carpool: 7.1%
    • Work from home: 7.3%
    • Take mass transit: 1.2%

    Santa Ana Commute Stats

    • Drive alone: 73.4%
    • Carpool: 14.3%
    • Work from home: 2.0%
    • Take mass transit: 5.8%

    Education: A Closer Look

    Irvine is a city that takes education seriously, offering an array of schools for all age groups. With 82 preschools, 91 elementary schools, 31 middle schools, and 26 high schools, the options for quality education are vast. The city has 48 public district schools, one public charter school, and 108 private schools, totaling 157 educational institutions. It’s a city well-suited for families who prioritize education.

    kids in school
    Irvine offers quality education opportunities for your kids

    Top Schools in Irvine

    The Irvine Unified School District serves over 35,255 students, offering a range of educational experiences. For families transitioning from Santa Ana to Irvine, rest assured that Irvine offers an educational environment that is both diverse and top-notch. Here are some of the best schools in Irvine:

    Elementary Schools

    • Stonegate Elementary School: 3.3 rating (Public, K-6)
    • Oxford Preparatory Academy – South Orange County: 4.3 rating (Charter, K-8)
    • Alternative Education-San Joaquin High School: 4.7 rating (Public, K-12)
    • Hicks Canyon Elementary School: 4.1 rating (Public, K-5)
    • Beacon Park: 4.5 (Public, K-8)

    Middle Schools

    • Lakeside Middle School: 3.1 rating (Public, 7-8)
    • Oxford Preparatory Academy – South Orange County: 4.3 rating (Charter, K-8)
    • Alternative Education-San Joaquin High School: 4.7 rating (Public, K-12)
    • Beacon Park: 4.5 rating (Public, K-8)
    • Sierra Vista Middle School: 2.9 rating (Public, 7-8)

    High Schools

    • Arnold O. Beckman High School: 3.1 rating (Public, 9-12)
    • Portola High: 3.8 rating (Public, 9-12)
    • Alternative Education-San Joaquin High School: 4.7 rating (Public, K-12)
    • Irvine High School: 3.4 rating (Public, 9-12)
    • University High School: 3.5 rating (Public, 9-12)

    Conclusion: The Perks of Moving from Santa Ana to Irvine

    When you evaluate the benefits of moving from Santa Ana to Irvine, it’s clear that the latter offers a wide array of advantages. From a more competitive housing market to a diverse range of job opportunities in growing industries, the city of Irvine presents a compelling case for relocation. Not to mention, the city excels in educational offerings, making it an ideal location for families. While Santa Ana has its own unique charm and amenities, the opportunities for career growth, quality education, and a higher standard of living in Irvine are hard to ignore. When planning your move, selecting a reliable moving service is crucial. Trustworthy Orange County residential movers can help facilitate this important life transition.

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