Cleaning and Disinfecting Your New Home

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    The global pandemic the world is currently experiencing has opened a lot of questions. One of the most discussed ones is the importance of basic hygiene. Our own hygiene, the hygiene of our clothes, and our homes. However, of all those things, maintaining a clean and neat living space is the hardest. Moving is the perfect opportunity to establish some new rules in that regard. Cleaning and disinfecting your new home is a must. Before the move, immediately after the move, and for as long as we live in it. Moving companies Irvine are there to make that whole process easier. It’s important to hire a moving company that will perform the move nimbly and elegantly. Stains and dirt must be kept down to a minimum.

    Things to do first

    One of the prerequisites for cleaning your new home with a smile is the absence of a mess after the move. Therefore, hiring reliable residential movers is extremely important. Moving is messy as it is, you don’t need someone to make that whole adventure even messier. So, investigate, read the reviews, and turn the movers market upside-down before you make the call.

    Cleaning and disinfecting your new home is a must
    Cleaning and disinfecting your new home is a must

    Greater Los Angeles area residents will eventually get in touch with some of the movers Santa Ana. This densely populated city is known for its social mobility. The market has recognized that and adapted to it. The number of moving companies in Santa Ana reflects that very vividly also.

    Define the resources and equipment needed for cleaning and disinfecting your new home

    So, movers didn’t overstay their welcome and now you’re all alone in your new home with all the boxes. It’s cleaning time, right? Let’s see what you’ll need to properly clean and disinfect your new home. Vacuum, duster, dust mop, broom, bucket, step ladder, and spray bottle will come in handy. Of course, disposable gloves, water, soap, and disinfectants are mandatory.

    The importance of a clean bathroom

    Don’t forget that the most important room in your new home is the bathroom. You can unpack your bathroom only after you have cleaned it properly. The reason why you should unpack the bathroom first is the fact you’ll start using it immediately. A functional bathroom is a mandatory precondition for further cleaning of your home.

    Cleaning equipment
    Find the right equipment for cleaning

    How to clean and disinfect

    There are more and less efficient ways of cleaning and disinfecting. If you want the best and fastest results, you should follow a few guidelines that would increase your efficiency. Especially if you could get yourself a helping hand, or a pair of them. Here they are:

    • Cleaning and disinfecting your new home should always go from the top down. Ceiling fans, lighting, and shelving get as grimy as anything that’s lower. Yet, we don’t clean them regularly.
    • Do the kitchen first. Food will be the first to spoil, so make sure that the fridge is empty and clean.
    • Finish cleaning and disinfecting with the floors. Vacuuming first, then mopping, but with a product that won’t damage the floor’s surface.

    Make cleaning and disinfecting your new home a regular activity

     Cleaning and disinfecting your new home regularly may seem like a chore. The truth is that regular cleaning is the easiest way of keeping your home tidy. Only the very first time, when you actually deep clean it, it is a serious inconvenience. After that, if you’re doing it regularly, the time spent on cleaning exponentially goes down. Your home will never get so dirty that you need to kill yourself cleaning it. Doing it weekly, you’ll literally need 15 minutes to get it done. A brush sweep here and there, and you’re good to go.



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