Common mistakes when hiring movers

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    Moving your entire life to a new city isn’t a simple job. In addition, choosing the right movers can be a lot more complicated than you might have thought. But there is no need to worry now. There are ways you can avoid common mistakes when hiring movers. With proper tips, you will find the right company for your relocation. Our team of professional movers at Family Affair Moving got you all set. Continue reading to find out more!

    Not researching the moving company

    It’s easy to rent a truck, hire a couple of guys and call it a moving company. Since it’s that simple you have to be careful before hiring movers. Do a background check. There are a couple of important steps you can take when researching moving companies. By following these steps you will surely avoid any rogue movers.

    1. Check their online website – Not checking for an online presence is one of the common mistakes when hiring movers. Sure your friend might have recommended you a company to hire. But don’t be so quick. First, check if they have an online website. You can see what services they offer and how long they’ve been in business.
    2. Check their license and insurance – This step is an absolute must! Never forget to check if the company has a license and insurance. Failing to do you might bring you lots of trouble.
    3. Check with the Better Business Bureau – Use their website to check if the company has any complaints. It’s advisable to see what former clients complained about. Likewise, check how did the company handle those complaints.

    Once you are completely sure that there aren’t any red flags. Then you can hire your movers. Just one afternoon of research could save you a lot of money. So, don’t be lazy and use google to your advantage.

    Woman researching moving companies
    Not researching the company is one of the common mistakes when hiring movers.

    Failing to plan your move

    Moving your whole life isn’t a one-day job. It’s absolutely necessary to plan your relocation a couple of months in advance. It doesn’t matter if you are moving abroad or locally. You need to invest some time if you want to find reliable local movers Orange County. Nowadays, there are a lot of scam artists in the moving industry. So you need to be mindful and take necessary precautions. This way you won’t end up with a fraudulent moving company. Therefore. start planning a couple of months in advance. So grab your notebook and start organizing! Stick to your schedule and your move will run smoothly.

    Not asking the right questions

    If you want your move to be a success, ask the right questions. Before you meet your movers, make a list of questions. Start researching in advance, so you will be ready. Their answers will help you choose if they are the right moving company for you. Of course, first, you must ask if they have a license and insurance. In addition, it’s recommended to check what kind of liability coverage they offer. Also, if you are moving valuable items, like old pianos, or artwork, check if they have enough experience. This isn’t the time to be shy. Sure it might sound like a cliché, but there are no stupid questions.

    Two women talking about moving
    Save yourself the hassle by asking the right questions.

    Going for the cheapest option

    It’s true. Moving can be rather pricey. You shouldn’t choose the cheapest moving company that you can find. Sure it might be quite tempting to go for the lowest quote, but it’s not the wisest option. The cost of your relocation will depend on a couple of different factors. First, take into consideration the amount of stuff you are moving. Obviously, moving to a studio apartment is by far cheaper than moving to a three-bedroom house. Think about how accessible is your current home. Also, how easy it will be to unload all of your belongings into your future home.

    Let’s not forget that prices will vary from state to state. So, if you are moving to a Californian town, don’t expect really low moving quotes. If you are looking to move to Irvine CA, look for reliable moving companies Irvine. Remember, that the cheapest option isn’t always the best. It might end up a catastrophe. So if you want to avoid a scam, don’t go for the lowest moving quote. Instead, start working on your moving budget a couple of months in advance.

    Black piggy bank and coins
    Avoid going for the cheapest moving company you can find.

    Getting only one estimate

    It’s advisable to get estimates from at least three different moving companies. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, the price of your relocation will depend on several factors. Also, it’s important to remember that every moving company is different. So prices may vary a lot. Every company will look differently at aspects of your move. That’s why you might get different estimates from various companies. Also, you must consider what services you will book. Are you just looking for furniture movers Orange County, or do you want to add packing services as well? Even though you shouldn’t cheap out, remember that some companies might over-charge you. Thus, if you want to avoid spending more money than it’s necessary, get at least three estimates.

    Common mistakes when hiring movers – an overview

    As you can see, there are quite a few mistakes to look out for. First, plan your move in advance. Take the time to organize and schedule your move. But remember, you must stick to the plan! Afterward, take enough time to research moving companies. Search the Better Business Bureau directory to see if there are any complaints against the company. Think about the questions you want to ask. Getting the answers will help you find the best company.

    Now you know what are the common mistakes when hiring movers. The best you can do is to avoid making these mistakes. With proper research, you will choose the right moving company for you!

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