Common moving scams to look out for

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    Relocation is something that you have to do at least once. With that being said, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration. Preparation is always the key to a successful relocation, but you have to also be aware that there are common moving scams that you need to look out for. Therefore, you have to be careful when choosing a moving company that will help you with your belongings. Movers Lake Forest will make sure that your items arrive undamaged to your new home. This article will help you recognize a potential moving scam so that you can avoid it. That is why you should get a piece of paper and start writing those potential scam scenarios, so you can be prepared. Because many people become the victims of these scams and do not see them coming.

    Common moving scams

    When it comes to moving scams, there are many forms of it, no matter where you are. You should be aware that those people are really professionals when it comes to deceiving and scamming people. That is why you should be prepared when searching for your potential movers. Movers Pomona will assist you with packing your belongings as well as with transportation. So you can have a bit of spare time to finish other things during your relocation.

    Man talking over the phone.
    If a company offers only over-the-phone estimates, you should definitely avoid them.

    Here are some of the most common scams that you should keep an eye out for:

    • Among the common moving scams is over-the-phone estimates – You should absolutely avoid this type of estimate if a company offers it. You will get an over-the-phone estimate, and after the move, your price will be increased than previously quoted. That is why you should always go for an in-home estimate, which is a sign that the movers are legit.
    • Bait and switch – This tactic is also common among scammers, so be aware of it. A moving company will offer you a great estimate for your move. The price is cheaper than the competition and you will likely hire them to complete your relocation. And if you did this, then you took the bait. As soon as they finish your move, they will add additional fees and costs. That is why you should first itemize fees that may be included in your relocation costs.
    • Required deposit – This is a typical scam where you have to pay some of your money in advance. In order to reserve your movers. After that deposit, you will probably not hear from them anymore. That is why you have to be careful. Reliable movers will never ask for a deposit.

    How to protect yourself against scammers

    There is always a way to protect yourself from these things. That is why you should always hire moving helpers Orange County residents gladly recommend. Just to be sure that your belongings will arrive undamaged to your new location.

    Man giving money to another person.
    Make sure to never pay with cash and you will avoid some common moving scams

    You should pay attention to the following things in order to protect yourself. If you are required to pay a large deposit upfront, be sure to eliminate those movers ASAP. It is most likely that you will never see them again after you pay the money. Another thing you should pay attention to is to never pay with cash. The reason why to avoid it is that there is no evidence of a transaction. Therefore, you will have no evidence that you paid the movers, and in case of problems, you will lose your money and items.

    It is a tricky business, that is why you have to be careful. Also, another thing you should avoid is signing partial contracts. If you are signing a contract, then it should be more than two pages. All your possessions should be listed on the contract. You should also check your potential mover’s claims policy. Just in case you file a claim, make sure it is handled quickly and properly. And that everything is included, so you can be reimbursed for your items. The truck of your potential movers has to be branded. Make sure to check that truck and look for the company logo.

    How to find reliable movers

    This is also not a simple task for you to do. You have to do good research regarding your potential movers. And if you have various items to relocate, piano movers Orange County CA will help you. So you can enjoy some spare time with your friends and family until you relocate.

    Man carrying a box.
    Reliable movers will really ease the job for you.

    A few things will help you find the right movers. You just have to be patient and thorough in your research. Which will include the following things you have to check:

    • Information about the company on their perspective webpage – The more information you acquire the more it is easier going to be for you to make a decision. You will also learn if a company is serious about its business and services.
    • Company address – You will be probably busy preparing and organizing pretty much everything for the move. Try to find some free time and check the address of your potential movers. Just to be sure that they really exist!
    • License number – Just be aware that most of the scammers use the license number of an existing moving company. You have to try to find that out and avoid them.

    Another important thing during your research is to check out the reviews. If a reliable moving company provides good services and does their job as they should, people will start talking about them. There is no better promotion than reviews on the internet or referrals and recommendation from the people who already used their service. Common moving scams are unfortunately normal. That is why you have to detect them as soon as something is suspicious so that you can avoid them. Check every information and fact that you can before you make a decision.

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