Documents you should prepare when moving long distance

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    Moving long-distance will require a lot more planning, time, and money. Unlike short-distance relocations, these types of relocations can be quite stressful. Firstly, because you have to make sure everything is ready before the move. Secondly, because you do not want to forget something and have to go back because of it. That is why today we are talking about documents you should prepare for your long-distance relocation to avoid any potential issues. Even if you hire Southern California movers you will not be able to leave/enter the state if you do not have proper documentation with you. Obtaining documentation can often be very stressful as you can easily get lost amongst the papers and cards. However, by starting on time you will have an easier time finishing everything without feeling the rush.

    Documents you should prepare for the relocation

    The documents you will be obligated to have really depended on the state you are moving into. Moreover, different states might require different forms of documents to have if you want to enter/leave the state. Clearly, now you can see why it can be a headache obtaining such documentation. Because of that, you cannot create a universal list of documentation one would need to enter or leave the state. However, we will talk about some basic documentation everyone should have with them when moving on longer distances. So, start collecting the documents and contact moving companies Irvine to help you pack and prepare for the move.

    a stack of documents inside a file
    If you never had the chance to organize your documentation now is the perfect time to do so
    • Passport
    • Medical records
    • ATM and credit cards
    • Personal ID
    • Birth certificate
    • Documentation for your children or pets


    Having a passport when traveling is one of the most important things you should have. Of course, not having a passport with you when leaving a state will not really get you into legal trouble. However, it will create a very stressful situation as you will have to go back and get it. A passport will allow you to leave and enter different states or countries and is a universal document for that. Without it, you will not be able to leave the state you are in and thus cannot complete the relocation.

    a passport on a wooden table next to a hat and sunglasses as one of the main documents you should prepare when moving
    Passports allow you to enter/leave states and countries and such are very important when moving

    Moreover, as people do not travel abroad often they frequently forget about their passports. Make sure you check to see if the passport is still valid. If not, you should quickly work on registering it again.

    Medical records

    They say health is the most important thing in life. Because of that, you should always have your medical records with you as you are moving to different states. A medical record is obtained from your chosen doctor in your current state. They contain every piece of information that is important for your well-being. Moreover, these records will help your new doctors have a better insight into your medical condition. As one of many moving day tips, we advise you to check for this and all of the other documents before you finally go on the road.

    ATM and credit cards are other documents you should prepare

    To live, wherever, you need money. Luckily, you can easily find your bank in almost every city in the country and that is why you will need your cards. Moreover, make sure you bring all of your bank documentation with you. These cards will grant you access to your money wherever you are.

    a man holding a phone and a credit card in each hand
    ATM and credit cards allow you to withdraw money from your bank thus making them highly important when moving to a new location

    Without money, you will not be able to move as easily. Moreover, forgetting or losing your cards is not such a big deal. They are easily retrievable. However, this can take time and can impose serious stress levels.

    Personal ID

    Everyone with a personal ID knows that that is a document you should have by your side at all times. Well, relocation is no different. A personal ID is the most important document you can own. It helps law enforcement identify each citizen and contains basic information about a person. Make sure you bring your ID card with you. If you do not, you can easily get a new one but it will take time. Moreover, as a personal ID is the primary form of identification – it will help you deal with post-move paperwork you will need to finish as you arrive.

    Birth certificate

    A birth certificate is a document you will require in various situations in your life. This makes it as important as a personal ID. Because of that it is advisable you have it at all times, not just when moving. For instance, in case you lose or forget your ID card, your birth certificate will help law enforcement identify you. Moreover, you can use it as a form of identification until you retrieve your personal ID card. Either way, a birth certificate is a document you will need from time to time in life and we advise acquiring it and making sure it is always by your side.

    Documents for your children or pets are also documents you should prepare

    At last, make sure you have everything you need regarding your children or pets. This means you will require birth certificates, school records, and medical records for your children. Moreover, if they are going to school you will probably require additional documents regarding their school record, etc. When it comes to pets, make sure you bring your pet to the vet for a checkup. Different states have different rules regarding pets. One of the main documents will be the veterinarian document about the health of your pet. This document will include any vaccinations, potential diseases, or special conditions that your pet requires.


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