Easiest ways of relocating bulky furniture

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    Furniture is an important part of every home. The bad thing is that the majority of beautiful furniture pieces weigh a lot. And many of them have weird shapes, making it almost impossible to move without the help of affordable movers Orange County. But with so many people moving every day, not everyone can afford movers, and everyone moves at least some furniture. You could decide to leave the furniture behind, but that is not the most rentable option. If you want to take your furniture with you, but don’t have movers by your side, keep on reading to find out how you should be relocating bulky furniture.

    What are the best ways for relocating bulky furniture?

    Moving heavy furniture is heavy work. The physical part is the most difficult, but there is also the mental load. You will think about all the bad stuff that can happen, scratched floors and injuries are just some of them. But luckily you are here, with the desire to learn some of the easiest ways for relocating bulky furniture. According to furniture movers Orange County, you should:

    • Use sliders
    • Use a moving dolly
    • Ask someone for help
    Picture of people relocating bulky furniture
    There is also a mental load of moving furniture

    Furniture sliders

    Not everyone has the opportunity to ask someone for help or hire residential movers Orange County. These people are the ones that came up with the idea of designing equipment that can make a difficult job easier. Furniture sliders are one of the best tools that you can use to move furniture by yourself. Since the majority of bulky furniture has 4 corners, you should get 4 sliders. Put each slider under a corner by slowly lifting the furniture and sliding it underneath. Once all sliders are in place, only then should you attempt to move. This method can not be used if you have stairs, so keep that in mind.

    Moving dolly

    A moving dolly is a square platform with wheels, a great invention for anyone who has the task of moving heavy furniture without help. This equipment comes in different shapes, for different types of furniture. It works best for bookshelves and dressers. The good thing about this type of moving equipment is that you can protect the furniture using some moving supplies Orange County CA before you get to move.

    Ask for help

    Moving is not the time to be shy to ask for help. If you have heavy furniture to move, this is even more important. Even if you use moving equipment, you need to lift those piece and put it on the sliders or moving dolly. Some people can do this alone, while others can’t. So even if you plan on using equipment, also think about the fact that you might not get to use it if you do it completely by yourself.

    Picture of a person asking for help
    When relocating bulky furniture, you should ask for help

    Relocating bulky furniture is not for everyone. While you might want to try to save money and not bother anyone, sometimes it will backfire. Moving injuries are the number one reason why you shouldn’t attempt to do this yourself. We wish you good luck!


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