Easy steps for packing your pantry like a pro

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    Packing is definitely a highly demanding and detailed process. And before you call the best moving companies to help you transfer your stuff, everything needs to be prepared. Out of all the rooms, the kitchen is definitely the hardest one to pack. However, good planning and organization can solve all your problems! It doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems – just follow a few of our tips and tricks for packing your pantry stress-free. You will see for yourself that it can be a piece of cake.

    Steps for packing your kitchen pantry easily

    The first step – when ia the right time for packing your pantry for relocation?

    There are so many things to consider when it comes to timing. Food expiration dates, whether you will need some items and gadgets before you actually move, etc… This also depends on your relocation distance. If it’s a short-distance move, there aren’t many things to worry about. However, with a long-distance relocation, there is a chance of food spoilage. So make sure you check all the expiration dates on your food labels to make sure you pack at the right time. After timely packing, you will be all set and ready to call Orange County residential movers to start your journey.

    kitchen pantry ready to be packed
    Make sure you check all the expiration dates on all the food items in your pantry.

    The second step – collect all your supplies.

    Your kitchen pantry contains a lot of items of different shapes and sizes. Also, a lot of them are fragile and need special care. That’s why you need heavy-duty boxes in different sizes and something that will keep your items safe. Wrapping paper, used newspaper, bubble wrap, whatever comes in handy. You can also use towels, rolled-up socks, or thick sweaters as cushioning.

    You will also need a lot of duck tape and markers, but more on that in the next step. And don’t worry about getting the right materials for packing your pantry, you have the best moving supplies Orange County CA just one call away.

    The third step – no-spill packing.

    Once you have collected all the supplies, it’s time to start packing. However, the problem with transporting food is the spillage. Plastic boxes are the best option in this case. Make sure they have a strong seal and that they are tightly packed. Also, Tupperware and zip-lock bags can work just as well. But whichever packing supply you’re using, make sure to put the heaviest items on the bottom. Stack the rest tightly against each other so there is minimal space for them to move during the relocation. If you have any questions about which boxes can or cannot go in the moving truck, it’s best to ask movers West Covina for professional advice.

    Food containers for packing your pantry
    Besides plastic boxes and zip-lock bags, food containers are a great option when packing your pantry.

    Now, you are ready for the start of a new life in your new home. Make sure to celebrate with a nice family dinner in your freshly unpacked kitchen!

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