Eco-friendly way to get rid of packing supplies

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    Relocation is a process that will require proper organization. To have a good relocation experience, besides hiring a professional moving company, is to have enough packing materials. These packing materials help you preserve the state of the items you are moving. On top of that, they make it easier for you to transport items in general. However, after the relocation is done, you will be left with an abundance of these supplies in your household. So, what should you do with them? We talk about finding an eco-friendly way to get rid of packing supplies or use them to your advantage. Saving our environment is always something to strive for. Especially in times when we are using a lot of materials that are living a carbon footprint.

    The eco-friendly way to get rid of packing supplies after moving

    The packing supplies you were using are not sitting in the corner of your room creating clutter. What should you do with them? The first thing that will probably come to your mind is to throw them away. However, this might not be the best solution if you are looking to save the environment as much as you can. If you are looking to save it, we advise following the simple rule of 3 R’s. This is one of the best and easiest ways to help the planet and avoid leaving a carbon footprint after yourself.

    a couple carrying a box of items and a plant down the stairs
    Relocation will require a lot of moving boxes, as well as other supplies that should not be thrown away

    As we progress further into this article, we will discuss closely this rule and how it is beneficial to you and the environment around you. So, save your packing supplies and do not discard them just yet. There are many different ways in which you can utilize their purpose.

    1. Reduce
    2. Reuse
    3. Recycle


    Reducing is the first out of the three eco-friendly rules of material usage. It helps you understand how much one action can actually damage the environment. By reducing, a person is not only preventing unwanted pollution, but they are also saving money, saving energy, and helping sustain the environment for the future. By reducing, one will have to either buy already used supplies or stick to the bare minimum. More importantly, if you want to obtain packing supplies, you can either borrow them from someone you know or ask around in your local markets and shops. Many markets and shops have an abundance of cardboard boxes, for example, that they will throw away eventually. By asking around, you can easily get those boxes and use them for your relocation.


    Reusing is the best eco-friendly way to get rid of packing supplies. In fact, you will not be actually getting rid of those supplies as you would re-purpose them. Reusing means not having to discard any of the packing supplies left. Instead, you would utilize them to serve a different purpose. So, once Orange County residential movers leave and you unpack, think of ways in which you can use those supplies that are left.

    a couple writing and taping cardboard boxes as one eco-friendly way to get rid of packing supplies
    Re-purpose the supplies after you finish using them into something useful around the house

    For instance, you can use cardboard boxes to create additional storage space in your new home. Or maybe, you can lend them to someone else who is either moving or simply needing those boxes. Packing tools like scalpels, screwdrivers, scissors, etc. will always have a purpose around the house and thus will not need to be thrown away.

    The most eco-friendly way to get rid of packing supplies is by recycling

    Recycling or composting is a good way to get rid of supplies you cannot reuse or reduce. When recycling, you are making sure that the item you were using is transformed into something else. This is a way better solution than simply throwing those items in the trash. Many materials and supplies we are using are recyclable and there is no reason for us not to utilize that. The usage of a single supply is almost limitless and recycling helps us re-assure that. When you are done with an item or supplies, instead of throwing them away, drive to your nearest recycling centre or station. Are you wondering what to do with leftover boxes? If you do not need extra storage or you simply do not have a purpose for them, recycle them and ensure that they serve a purpose to someone else.


    One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. According to this saying, each item we do not want is something another person might need. More importantly, being humane is one of the best traits to have. Especially today, with everything that is going on with the coronavirus pandemic. If you are having any excess packing supplies, or other items for that matter, instead of throwing them away – donate them.

    a woman volonteer holding a cardboard box infront of a white van
    Cardboard has a large variety of uses and many people and organization will always be glad to take the donation

    This donation can be of your choosing. You can either donate to a local charity organization, schools, churches, thrift stores, etc. On the other hand, you can also donate these items to someone personally if you know they need them. In hindsight, donating your excess supplies and items is always a better option than throwing them away.

    Talk to your moving company before the move

    If you want to acquire moving supplies from a moving company service, like moving supplies Orange County, you can communicate about wanting an eco-friendly way of using them. In those situations, many moving companies can help you obtain such items and help you get rid of them in a proper manner. There is a chance that the moving company you are hiring is already a partner with a recycling center and is using recycled materials all the time. This is one of the best solutions to this problem. You will not only get sustainable supplies but you will also ensure they are recycled and ready to be used again in the future. When doing proper research, you can easily figure out an eco-friendly way to get rid of packing supplies without much hassle. Communicate with the moving company and see if they can offer you an eco-friendly way of moving.


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