Fun and Family-Friendly Community Activities in Anaheim

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    Anaheim is yet another city in beautiful Orange County, California. It is one of the bigger cities in the area, and therefore one that offers various entertainment opportunities. Most cities feature fun for adults, but in Anaheim, the kids are the stars of the show. All of the attractions and sights that we will talk about today will be fun and family friendly community activities in Anaheim. Use this list after your move with our Southern California movers as inspiration, or as a guide.

    What are the best fun and family friendly community activities in Anaheim?

    Different people have different preferences, and today we want to make everyone happy by including various types of attractions in the list. Once you see all the cool things that this city has to offer, you will be tempted to hire our moving companies Anaheim and be part of the fun. Some of the must-see fun and family friendly community activities in Anaheim are:

    • Disneyland
    • Oak Canyon Nature Center
    • Discovery Cube Orange County
    Picture of a part of one of the most beloved fun and family friendly community activities in Anaheim
    Disneyland is a favorite among kids

    The world of Walt Disney

    Disneyland is without a doubt the most beloved theme park in California. Generations grew up watching Disney classics, and now they can see them come to life. It is a perfect choice for kids and kids at heart, and it is only 2.3 miles away from downtown Anaheim. But as a  world-renowned theme park, crowds are an essential part of the experience, or so you thought. The good thing is that the least busy times for our packing services Orange County CA align with the least busy times in Disneyland. For a crowd-free experience, visit either from September to November, or mid-January to March.

     Oak Canyon Nature Center

    No list of family friendly fun is complete without an outdoor attraction. Anaheim is home to the Oak Canyon Nature Center, a 58-acre natural park nestled in the foothills of Anaheim Hills. It is a great, fun place for the whole family, as it features interesting wildlife and hiking trails alike. Since you will likely have to keep up with your kids, we recommend leaving this activity for when you recover from your move with our Orange County residential movers. But in general, this is a park that you can visit all year long, thanks to the mild California weather.

    Discovery Cube Orange County

    Even though it is located in Santa Ana, Discovery Cube Orange County is just 7.3 miles away from Anaheim. Once you go there, you will see that your kids happiness will be well worth it. It isn’t ranked as the number 1 educational center in California without a reason. It features interactive, educational fun for kids of all ages, and the beloved Bubblefest can be visited from March 31 to April 16. For more information about the event and the facility itself, you can visit the Discovery Cube Orange County official site.

    Picture of a kid doing a science experiment
    There are numerous fun and family friendly community activities in Anaheim

    Final thoughts on fun and family friendly community activities in Anaheim

    Even though Anaheim is not even close to as big as LA, it is a real hotspot for fun. All these fun and family friendly community activities in Anaheim can be enjoyed during the whole year, but our recommendations will help you avoid the crowds of high season. We wish you plenty of fun and nice family time with your loved ones!


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