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    Moving is a very lengthy and complex process. If you’re thinking about moving somewhere, one of the first steps is thinking about the moving costs. And there are many of them. From packing to transportation, there are countless things that you have to think about when creating a budget for your relocation. Getting a moving quote can solve many of the potential obstacles upfront. You will know in advance how much money to set aside for a moving company. Plus, getting professional help in overseeing the whole process is a great advantage, as you will know what to expect. And the right professional help is just around the corner – call the best Southern California movers for help in getting the best moving quote!

    Guide for getting the best moving quote

    The whole idea behind a moving quote is to provide you with an estimate of the moving costs before they are actually realized. However, there are a few different criteria that determine the quote. Follow the next few tips, so you won’t have to worry about getting the best moving quote. Moving on a budget can be a piece of cake.

    notes and a laptop on a table for creating a budget for moving
    Moving on a budget isn’t impossible if you plan ahead!

    Long-distance vs. short-distance moving

    The length of the relocation trip is one of the biggest factors that influence the moving quote. If it’s a short-distance move or a local one, the moving company will typically charge you by an hour. For getting the best moving quote, make sure to ask your moving company about the number of hours it will take to relocate. 

    On the other hand, long-distance trips usually charge by the weight of your items and the distance. For best support during longer relocations, contact the best long distance movers Orange County CA.

    Be aware of the hidden fees

    Sometimes, the company won’t disclose the additional fees, but it’s important to be aware of them. There are a number of factors that can make the move more difficult, and therefore, the company will charge you more. For example, moving heavy items like pianos fall under this category, as it requires extra space and care. Piano movers Orange County CA will do the best job at making sure your piano arrives safely at your new home.

    man and a moving company agent discusing the additional costs in the moving quote
    Make sure your moving company discusses all the additional costs with you.

    Also, things like shuttle service, carrying items up and down the stairs, and some last-minute changes can affect the total price. You also have to be aware of the moving date. The season you’re moving in can affect the moving quote, for example, moving during summer costs more. 

    Additional tips on getting the best moving quote

    A common mistake when getting the best moving quote is ignoring the details. Here are a few of the usual mistakes people make while trying to organize a move:

    • Never sign any blank documents
    • Make sure you have the accurate inventory list
    • Read the fine print
    • Only sign in you feel fully comfortable with the quote

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