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    Relocations aren’t so simple, especially when moving to Long Beach CA. Besides preparations for relocation, it’s necessary to get ready for the new environment. In case you’re coming from a colder climate, it will take a little time until you get used to California temperatures. This doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy your new life. This transition is normal since moving usually means a fresh start. You will get used to a new environment, meet new people, and enjoy everything Long Beach offers. We at Family Affair Moving want to help you settle into your new place as soon as possible! As one of the reliable and experienced moving companies Orange County residents highly recommend, we aspire to improve our services. The customer’s needs are our top priority! Therefore, rest assured that with the right team of movers, your California life will start stress-free!

    moving to long beach ca with many beaches
    Moving to Long Beach CA is an exciting change!

    Get to know Long Beach neighborhood before the move

    Try to get to know the environment of Long Beach better before relocation day. If possible, set aside a day or an entire weekend for sightseeing and walk around your new neighborhood. On the other hand, you can always rely on the Internet and your friends’ stories. This kind of preparation makes moving seem less tedious.

    Long Beach is an oceanfront city that never sleeps. Furthermore, there is so much to do and see! The public beaches of Long Beach stretch over three miles along the ocean, with Junipero Cherry Beach being the most popular. A paved pedestrian path follows the shoreline which is ideal for runners, cyclists, and rollerblades. Another popular place, favored by tourists is Downtown Waterfront district. Here tourists and locals gather for some of the amazing attractions like the Aquarium of the Pacific and Rainbow Harbor. The next picturesque place is Catalina Islandwhere you can escape from the hectic life. It’s possible to get there by The Catalina Express shuttle transport throughout the day.

    Take enough time to find a reliable company and organize everything before moving to Long Beach CA

    Keep in mind that you will have to plan lots of steps ahead. Therefore, it’s good to start at least two weeks before the move. You will need enough time to organize and pack all your belongings. Bulky and heavy items like furniture need special care. Therefore, check if the company you want to hire offers furniture movers Orange County CA–based.

    mover helping people moving to Long Beach CA
    Good movers offer a wide range of quality services.

    Your moving checklist should look like this:

    • creating a moving budget
    • hiring reliable movers
    • schedule the moving day
    • packing supplies
    • storage 
    • 2 weeks of preparations

    Take all moving costs of the move into consideration. If you haven’t done this before, no need to worry. There are moving companies that specialize in effective consultations. With their help, you can easily get a realistic estimate of your moving budget. However, keep in mind that a low-cost move doesn’t promise excellent service. On the other hand, relocation doesn’t have to be too expensive. This is why you should research thoroughly and find a moving company that will assist you from start to finish. Such companies have a professional crew that will handle everything for you. Their aim is for you to have a pleasant move, stress-free! The most experienced and trustworthy movers Long Beach CA has on offer will make sure every step is properly executed!

    Watch out for companies that don’t put customer’s needs first

    A moving company is legitimate only when it’s fully verifiable. Shady companies often aren’t as transparent as they should be. They don’t tell you about the prices, and they don’t offer a free estimate. Moreover, if it’s impossible to find out if they are registered, then move on with your search. It’s better not to rush since many other movers on the market actually work diligently and professionally. They are also licensed and verified. Their web page has all information you need, and details about their registration are easy to find in online databases. Besides consulting the internet, ask the people you know about their experiences with moving companies they hired.

    It’s also important to know about the company’s crews. Horror stories that involve unfriendly, and unpleasant movers are quite often with scam companies. They don’t care about your belongings and put little to no effort into proper packing. Furthermore, their storages aren’t in the best conditions. Always have in mind that movers are there for you, and not the other way around.

    Spend some extra money on packing supplies

    High-quality boxes will endure the relocation and storage. Make sure to get the best ones, so you know your items will be secured. Be wary of advertisements that promise the best quality at a low price! You may end up paying for unnecessary repairs. On the other hand, packing supplies don’t necessarily have to be too expensive. You can ask your friends or relatives to give you their leftover boxes if they are still useful. Also, don’t forget to get bubble wraps, permanent markers, and cloth to add extra security to your items.

    moving box
    You will need strong moving boxes.

    Storage units are perfect if you need some time to sort out your items

    If you have decided to get rid of unnecessary things, storage is an ideal solution. You can store things in another room or basement, but the problem with this type of storage is that your things are not protected. Rodents and insects easily find their way in a dirty and dusty environment. Therefore, inquire about storage options. Keep in mind the storage you will need should be spacious, temperature-controlled, and clean. You should also have access to your belongings 24/7.

    Make your new place feel like home

    Take a couple of days for room-by-room unpacking after moving to Long Beach CA. There’s no need to rush with that. You need enough time to adjust to your new environment. Take walks, do window shopping for a home, and get some nice pillows or plants. It’s quicker to feel like you’re at home when your place has a personal touch.


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