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    Are you thinking about moving to Newport Beach CA? Or maybe you have to move there for work? Moving to an unfamiliar location is stressful on its own, not to mention the added stress of the moving process. If you are worried about whether you’ll like Newport Beach or not, we are here for you. In this article, we will go into more detail about what you can expect from living in this city in California. There are excellent moving companies Orange County CA residents can choose from, and hiring professionals to assist you with relocation is a great decision.

    What to expect when moving to Newport Beach CA

    If you are considering moving to Newport Beach, understandably, you worry about many things. From the climate, the job market through education opportunities to the cost of living, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Orange County residential movers are here to help you move to your new home, but what it is like to live in Newport Beach? Here are some things you should know:

    • the weather is beautiful all year long
    • there are plenty of job opportunities
    • the cost of living in Newport Beach is higher than the US average
    • if you are a summer-activities person, you will love Newport Beach
    • there are fantastic schools for your children in Newport Beach
    palm trees are the perfect addition to your coastal dream-life
    Great weather and beautiful scenery are integral parts of moving to Newport Beach CA.

    Beautiful weather

    Who doesn’t love wonderful, sunny weather? If you plan on living in Newport Beach, you will encounter an average of 277 sunny days during the year, with very little rain. Most days are pleasantly warm. Summers are hot and short, but even then the temperatures don’t go over 90 degrees. You also have nothing to worry about when it comes to cold weather since the lowest temperatures in Newport Beach are around 40 degrees.

    Job market

    As one of the economically strongest cities in Orange County, Newport Beach offers a lot of employment opportunities to its residents and newcomers. From jobs in healthcare, technology, to finance and tourism, anyone can find a job they love in Newport Beach! If you were worried that you may have a  hard time finding a job, but always dreamed of living near the beach, you won’t be disappointed with this place. Even if you already have a business and are considering moving it to Newport Beach, you will not regret it. Call up your commercial movers and start the moving process, your coastal dream town is waiting for you!

    Cost of living- the only con of moving to Newport Beach CA

    The cost of living is one of the few cons of living in Newport Beach. If your budget is on the lower side, you will not be happy to find out that the cost of living in Newport Beach is higher than the US average. Although beautiful and economically powerful, Newport Beach is even more expensive to live in than Los Angeles, which comes as a bit of a shock. While utilities and healthcare prices are on the lower side, this is not the case with groceries and housing prices. Buying or renting a house in some of its top neighborhoods is significantly more expensive compared to other cities the same size. In fact, the average price of a house in Newport Beach is 9 times higher than the US average.

    Great potential for summer outdoor activities

    If you are an outdoor-activity type of person, you will absolutely love Newport Beach. With its beautiful beaches, this city is a dream-come-true for anyone in love with water sports or outdoor activities. Swimming, surfing, or even just sunbathing all day (not without SPF, though) are available almost year-round due to predominantly warm and sunny California weather.

    the surfer on a wave could be you if you move to Newport Beach
    Newport Beach is perfect for you if you love surfing.

    Education opportunities

    When it comes to education, it is another field where Newport Beach excels. This city in sunny California offers fantastic elementary schools for your children, both public and private ones. High schools are also some of the best in the state, some of the most famous ones being Corona del Mar High School and Newport Harbor High School, as well as Carden Hall and Sage Hall School. There are also excellent options when it comes to higher education. There are numerous public and private colleges in the Newport Beach vicinity, more than a hundred to be exact.

    Moving to Newport Beach CA? Let us do the hard work!

    If you are relocating to Newport Beach, why not hire movers Newport Beach CA? Hiring moving professionals to do the hard work for you is one of the best decisions you can make. Not only will your movers pack all your belongings much faster than you would, but they also have lots of experience and know exactly how to handle and properly pack all sorts of household and office items. You would be saving time and ensuring your possessions don’t get damaged at the same time. Moving services come at an affordable price nowadays, so why put yourself through unnecessary stress if you have better options.

    a lot of money is not necessary for good moving services
    There are excellent moving services at affordable prices in Newport Beach.

    Moving to Newport Beach CA is an important step and a big change in your life. Whether you’re moving for business or pleasure, there are different aspects to take into consideration. Thinking about things like education and employment opportunities, the general cost of living, but also the weather and different outdoor activity options are all equally valid and important. Apart from being on the more expensive side, life in Newport Beach is pretty great. We are sure you are going to love it!

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