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    When you hear that someone is moving, you usually think that it is a long-term process that takes time to organize. However, the reasons why you can move can be various, so the time for which you have to organize sometimes has to be shorter than expected. Planning your move in one week is a demanding task, but certainly very doable. You need excellent organization and logistics, as well as the help of a reliable moving company. Family Affair Moving is an experienced company that knows how to cope when it comes to short-term relocation organizations. Everything can be done without stress and excessive haste, you just need a few tips and tricks. A week sounds like a short period, but you will be surprised how much you are actually able to keep everything in order when you follow the procedure and logical steps. Good luck!

    Planning your move in one week? Don’t panic!

    A very important thing when planning your move within seven days is to be relaxed and focused. You know how short a day can last, but you are certainly not even aware of what you can do for that period. Even if you can’t take days off from work, you’ll be able to do everything on time with one of the best moving services Orange County CA. Panic did no good to anyone in the relocation process. Making irrational decisions and rushing to get everything on time will make you more serious problems than you think. So be relaxed and smiling, go step by step, and at the end of the week, you and your trusted Orange County movers will be overjoyed with how the preparation process went.

    3 steps towards successful relocation planning in a week

    • Determine your moving budget
    • Go day by day
    • Call your movers

    These three steps are the first prerequisite for planning your relocation process in a week. You definitely need money for this task, but you need to know how to use your money wisely. That is why it is important that you think carefully and organize your income before you start the process of moving and organizing. It is also very important that you set aside each day for something you will be doing during the day. If you do everything a little bit every day, it can lead to confusion and problems. In the end, when you are completely organized, and financially and determined every day for a task, you are ready to call your movers Whittier CA. Together, you will put all your work and effort into action in a week and start your new life at a new address with a smile.

    Notebook with checklist in it
    Make your own checklist before planning your move in one week

    Monday – Make a checklist!

    Monday is certainly a very important factor in the short-term planning of your move. This is the day when you need to make your checklist of things that await you during the week. Also, it would be wise to schedule what you will do immediately by day and to strictly adhere to it. There is no better feeling than crossing out the obligations from the checklist after you have successfully completed something. So make your checklist the way you want it, and the move can begin!

    Tuesday- It’s time for shopping!

    You could already use Tuesday to buy and purchase the things you need. You have nothing more to wait for- a wallet in your hands and to the nearest store! When you are planning to move within a week, you need a few things that will make it easier for you, first of all, packing services Orange County CA, but also the move itself. Buy as many boxes as you need, of various shapes and sizes. Adhesive tape and markers are also needed, as well as waterproof bags and tool refills if you do not have one. Look on the internet where it is most convenient to get all the packing materials in order to save some money in the beginning.

    Nice and clean house
    Tidy up every room before start packing

    Wednesday- Declutter your home!

    Tidying up your home brings you a lot of positive and useful things. Since you are about to start packing soon, it is very important that your house is clean and tidy to make everything easier. You know best how to arrange the space in which you live, but we recommend room by room system. Go in order, and put everything in its place. Empty your closets and sort your things nicely, for example by seasonal wardrobe or the wardrobe you wear the most. Each room is a story for itself, but put them all in order and you will plan to move in seven days much easier than when there is chaos all around you.

    Thursday and Friday- It’s time to pack!

    Take advantage of these two days for packing! Of course, if you have bulky and heavy things, leave that for the Orange County residential movers you hired. Your part of the job is the wardrobe and a million little things that you certainly have in your home. Go in order and don’t rush. Save the boxes, duct tape, and mark everything so you know where everything is. Marking the boxes will also help you when unpacking at the new address. You can also disassemble a piece of furniture to make more space and pack more easily. It is very important that everything is well protected and secured so that your belongings are in the same condition when you arrive at your new home.

    Weekend – Final touch and preparation for moving

    There is little time left! The weekend is the time for the last steps in organizing the move in a week, but also for a little rest. Before your movers arrive, make sure you have done everything properly and following the checklist. You can also prepare the essential bag that will be with you at all times during the move. Take some time to say goodbye to friends and family because you deserve it after a hard week.

    Don’t move your packed boxes and heavy furniture, let the professionals who move you do it. If you want, you can clean your house because you must have had a lot of unnecessary things to throw away when packing. Depending on the weather outside, prepare cold or hot drinks to offer to the people who move you, which will surely mean something to them. Wait for movers without stress and panic, and put everything you planned in the previous seven days into action with them.

    Couple planning their move in one week
    Be happy and enjoy your move!

    Now you finally realize that planning your move in one week is not an impossible mission and that you are absolutely capable of doing everything right. With good organization and quality assistance from the moving company, you will move successfully quickly, and easily. Stress-free relocations are certainly possible, no matter how many days you prepare and plan the process. Good luck!

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