Guide to moving from Orange County to San Diego

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    San Diego is an attractive place to move to. Thus, many people from Orange County are deciding to move there. Moreover, San Diego offers many possibilities. It has nice weather and beautiful beaches. It also offers a lot of entertainment. Additionally, this is a city with fast-growing business opportunities. San Diego is considered the best city in the US to lunch small businesses and startups. Its unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the US. It has a variety of respected schools and universities. That is yet another reason for moving from Orange County to San Diego. However, the real estate prices are higher than the USA average. Still, San Diego has lower monthly groceries and transportation costs. So overall, it is an affordable place for living. Whatever your reason to move, Family Affair Moving Southern California will make your relocation comfortable.

    A green park with people, toll trees and old church, that people are visiting after moving from Orange County to San Diego
    San Diego is famous for its thematic parks where people like to spend time after moving from Orange County to San Diego.

    Where is San Diego located?

    San Diego is about 87 miles to the south of Orange County. Using I-5S, it takes a bit more than an hour’s drive to reach it. It is also the southernmost city in California. San Diego is situated just about 20 miles from the Mexican border.  The climate is generally nice. Still, summers are very dry. Due to that, the San Diego vicinity suffers from occasional wildfires. The winters are very mild.

    What are the best places to move to in San Diego?

    Where to live in San Diego? You can choose between San Diego city or its numerous neighborhoods. If moving because of work in finance or tech businesses, consider downtown. That is the best place for you. There are also many other neighborhoods. Check which one suits you the best.

    Before moving to San Diego, it is good to make careful checks. Different neighbors have different living costs. And also, different access to your job. So, before organizing your move with movers Tustin CA, choose the best neighborhood for yourself. Finally, San Diego has a lot of them. There is a right place for everyone. Some of the neighborhoods are:

    • Carmel Valley
    • Torrey Hills
    • Rancho Bernardo
    • Del Mar Mesa
    • Solana Beach
    • La Jolla
    • Carlsbad
    • Torrey Pines
    • Rancho Penasquitos University City
    • Oceanside
    • Pacific Beach, etc.

    Moving from Orange County to San Diego for work

    When relocating from Orange County to San Diego, inform yourself about job opportunities. Inform yourself about the main industries in the city. Those are defense, tourism, universities, and research. The main employers in San Diego are:

    • USA Navy, 32nd Naval Station
    • MCCS Mcrd military bases
    • University of California
    • San Diego Unified School District
    • San Diego Community College District
    • ​The telecommunication giant Qualcomm
    • Scripps Research Institute
    • Illumina Inc – biotechnology products & services
    • ​Sharp HealthCare
    • The city and County of San Diego
    • Kaiser Permanente,
    • The entertainment industry, etc.

    Also, check employment possibilities in the startups. What if you own a small business? Many small businesses are sharing offices. That way, the self-employed people are saving on rent costs. So, look for a business roommate.

    A woman pours draft beer in a high glass, from one of many beer pipes
    San Diego is famous for numerous bars and restaurants serving fine, draft beer.

    Relocating from Orange County to San Diego for school and studying

    San Diego is famous for its great education system. Besides elementary and high schools, it offers university educations. San Diego has some of the best universities in California and the US in general. The possibilities of finding the right school for kids are high. Or you are a student. And have just enrolled in one of San Diego’s famous universities. Maybe even coming from a much further than Orange County. Hiring the long distance movers Orange County, you will safely come to your designed destination.

    Living in San Diego is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with nature

    Have free time from work? Or need to rest from studying?  Then is the right time for parks and recreation. San Diego is famous for its sandy beaches. But, it also has some wonderful theme parks. There is always a possibility to enjoy dolphin sighting. You can watch the birds or the sunbathing seals. Also, you can go for picnics or hiking. You can just seat or walk along the shoreline and enjoy the spectacular ocean view. Visiting the San Diego parks is a wonderful way to relax. And recharge your batteries. There are also numerous possibilities for sports and fitness.

    The most famous parks in San Diego are:​

    • Balboa Park​
    • Cabrillo National Monument
    • ​Old Town Historic Park
    • Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve and Beach
    • ​Mission Bay Park
    • Ellen Browning Scripps Park
    A train driving on the railroad, placed between the sandy beach and dunes, with the ocean and sky at the left.
    A San Diego Amtrack train driving alongside the coastline.

    Find about transportation in San Diego, when moving from Orange County

    People in San Diego are using their cars for commuting. The average commuting time is about 27 minutes. Some people prefer using public transportation. It is the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System. You can also rent scooters and bicycles. They are available for rent in several places in the town. At the waterfront, you can rent shuttles and pedicabs. Or use the Amtrack trains.  San Diego also has an International Airport. It provides international flights to many countries.

    Other amazing things to check when you move from Orange County to San Diego

    The San Diego population is constantly growing. Many people are moving to San Diego. They are mostly young. The students are many. Also, people in search of jobs. Still, San Diego also has a large retirement community. San Diego is also famous for its cultural diversity. It is furthermore known for many specialized restaurants. They are serving various international dishes. And the famous various types of draft beers. You will find many things to enjoy, after moving to San Diego.

    Make San Diego your home after moving from Orange County

    People tend to make their new homes comfortable to live in. The best way is to personalize your California home. Why is that important? If you have followed our guide for moving from Orange County to San Diego, you already know your way around. And, you know what San Diego can offer. Also, where to look for jobs. And, where to look for schools. You also know all about entertainment. And transportation. Also, you got to know the sports possibilities. Likewise, you know where are the best beaches. And the best restaurants. But, at the end of the day, you are coming back to your home. Adding some personal touch to your living space will make it a your go-to place. The place where you like to come back after all the fun San Diego can offer.

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