Guide to packing and moving jewelry

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    Jewelry packing? You might think it’s enough to just pack it in one jewelry box and that’s it. It’s not! Jewelry belongs to the group of valuable items, and that is why it’s necessary to handle it properly. Because at the same time it can be very sensitive items made of yellow, white gold, zircon, gems, etc. For this reason, for packing and moving jewelry, always seek expert advice from moving companies Orange County. They are specialists when it comes to packing, and they can always give you the best advice. In this text, you can find a short guide for packing your jewelry.

    History of jewelry

    Today, jewelry is a “must-have” of everyday clothing combinations for every woman and girl. When it comes to jewelry, the same is true when it comes to shoes. We always need another pair of earrings or shoes. And so, little by little, your jewelry box will fill up. But here, you read a story about the early history of jewelry.

    Historical jewelry
    Through civilization, jewelry has changed, it was once made of animal bone, today it is made of various alloys of materials and precious stones.

    The first appearance of jewelry was already at the beginning of civilization. The first jewelry that appeared most often was made of animal bones or stones that were strung on woolen threads. The Egyptians used gold to make jewelry because it was a symbol of the Sun. While the Greeks made their jewelry from shells and gold, their favorite was silver. The Romans used murky emeralds, amber, and Indian diamond crystals. Today, jewelry making is a real art. As time went on, there were more and more types of jewelry, different materials.

    Guide to packing and moving jewelry

    Packing jewelry isn’t a difficult job, but if you have any difficulties you can always use packing services Orange County. It may sound weird, but packing jewelry when planning a move requires a few things you probably already have in your home. Straws, a medicine box, soft or bubble wrap foil, duct tape, and a few jewelry boxes.

    • Sort all the jewelry first. Especially sort earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings, etc.
    • Pack smaller jewelry like earrings in the medicine box.
    • Insert necklaces and bracelets into a straw and close the ends with adhesive tape.
    • You can pack the rings in the original boxes, if you don’t have them, you can use a cardboard stick about the size of a ring and line them up in order.
    • Finally, wrap all the jewelry in bubble wrap, but each piece of jewelry separately, as additional protection.
    • In the end, you can pack everything in one box. We advise you to get the right packaging with the help of movers San Clemente. We suggest plastic boxes because they are more resistant and durable.
    • Mark each jewelry box and transport it carefully.
    packing and moving jewelry
    When packing and moving jewelry, you need to be careful and pack the jewelry the right way.

    Ask for professional help in the packing process

    Lastly, it’s very important to know that you can always count on the professional help of residential movers Orange County. They can help you when packing and moving jewelry, but also in other situations such as packing your home appliance furniture and many other things. All you need to do is contact moving experts and leave all the work to them. Trust us, your move will be quick, easy, and simple.

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