Guide to packing antique furniture when moving

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    During the move, one of the challenges is to move antique furniture. These antiques can be of different shapes and sizes, so they are more demanding to pack. Improperly packed antiques can be easily broken, scratched while driving, and then it is difficult and expensive to return them to their previous state. They can be fragile, expensive, or too heavy and thus require good organization and care in handling. If the challenge for packing antique furniture when moving is too heavy, you should consider hiring a professional Family Affair Moving OC for transporting antiques. Antique furniture is valuable in itself, and you should not risk damage when moving and packing. That is why we will offer some of the solutions for safely moving furniture to your new one.

    Before packing

    To be well organized before packing up old furniture, it would be good to make some preparations:

    • Estimate the value of the furniture
    • make a list of all the antiques you want to relocate
    • clean each item
    • take pictures of old furniture to know what condition they were in before moving
    • get an old furniture insurance policy before moving
    • empty old furniture before moving

    Keep all these things in mind before packing to be as efficient as possible, whether you are packing furniture yourself or leaving the job to Orange County residential movers. Share all this information with professionals if you hire them.

    packing antique furniture
    Consider being moved to valuable furniture by professionals.

    Maybe you’ll need professionals

    If you move large and valuable pieces of old furniture, you could move them by movers Garden Grove. If you can, organize a professional moving company that specializes in moving antiques. They have much more experience in packing and moving. Packaging such furniture requires experience. They can provide appropriate crates and packaging in given situations. A professional company will first evaluate and make a packaging plan and then the relocations themselves. They have enough staff and equipment to handle particularly bulky and heavy pieces.

    If you have nowhere to move antique furniture, consider a storage unit. It is not a good decision to place furniture in basements, garages, attics due to poor temperature differences, various pests, and dirt that can damage them. Proper storage takes care of all these conditions and keeps your valuables.

    a brown coffin
    Pack it well and preserve your antique furniture. Follow the tips for packing antique furniture.

    Packing antique furniture

    If you have decided for packing antique furniture by yourself, follow these steps and be careful and focused.

    Disassemble all pieces of furniture that can be disassembled. That would only mean what can be dismantled without damaging the furniture. Pre-emptied furniture gets rid of unnecessary parts: drawers, handles, wheels.

    Movable blankets and furniture cushions are necessary for wrapping the object. Do not place the plastic foil directly on the furniture, it may damage it.

    Separately cover all corners and wrap all surfaces of antique furniture and tape with packing tape. Use air-filled plastic wrap to cover the surfaces. The furniture is carefully and safely packed, now all you need is to move it safely. Transport all large pieces in a dolly to the moving truck. You can additionally provide the furniture in the truck with moving blankets.

    It is good to know that packing and moving old furniture is for commercial moving and that it would be best to entrust the job to them. The most important thing is that the antique furniture reaches you in one piece to your new home.

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