Guide to packing your living room for moving

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    Moving an entire household takes a lot of time and effort. You have to organize all rooms for moving and make sure to execute all tasks within the estimated time frame. However, not every room requires the same amount of work. That’s why packing your living room for moving may seem challenging. A wide array of items isn’t easy to pack and there are no quick solutions. On the other hand, it’s possible to do the packing of your living room inventory without much stress. All you have to do is organize well, take a look at this guide, and hire professional help. You can always come to Family Affair Moving OC for high-quality services at affordable prices! We specialize in a variety of services and do our best to provide a pleasant moving experience.

    a men among cardboard boxes
    Prepare before packing your living room for moving.

    Take enough time for inventorying before packing your living room for relocation

    Set aside a day when you don’t have too many responsibilities. The secret to a successful relocation is proper planning and organization. Therefore, grab a pen and paper and write down all items you have in your living room. Separate them into categories. It’s advisable to start with smaller objects first, then finish with furniture pieces and other bulkier items.

    Next, decide which items you want to give away. Consider the size of your new living room and whether all furniture pieces may fit. Also, think about whether objects that don’t have any sentimental value should go with you. You don’t need anything that unnecessarily collects the dust. Therefore, write down everything you want to get rid of on a separate piece of paper. After that, get in touch with friends or family members that would like some extra furniture pieces. You can also donate them to charities. However, consider storage unit rental if you think the giveaway process will take some time.

    Make a list of packing and moving supplies you will need for your living room inventory

    After you are done with inventorying, it’s time to do some shopping. First, you will have to make a list of packing supplies in order not to forget anything:

    • TV Cover
    • TV kit
    • Chair Cover
    • Sofa Cover
    • Table cover
    • Moving boxes of different sizes
    • Original packaging for electronic devices
    • Lamp Box
    • Quilted pad
    • Mirror and picture box
    • Packing tape
    • Paper for packing
    • Bubble wraps
    • Cloths
    • Permanent markers

    Estimate how many boxes do you need. Better to have several boxes different in size than packing everything in few big ones. Also, make sure to write exactly what’s in the box. Inform your movers which boxes contain fragile items.

    Packing the living room for the move takes patience and precision

    Not every item has the same packing system. Moreover, it’s better to hire professional help in order to save yourself additional worries. Plus, professional movers can complete in hours what would take you an entire day. Look up online professional and trustworthy Orange County residential movers that will handle everything for you at a reasonable price.

    two people packing living room for moving
    Use a step by step approach to packing your living room for moving

    On the other hand, you can follow the tips from this guide if you want to pack everything by yourself. However, remember that you don’t have to struggle with packing when there are trained people that can do it for you.

    #1 Secure and pack smaller items first

    Start with small items that are easy to break or lose during the move. Wrap them carefully in layers of packing paper and bubble wraps. Add spare clean fabrics for additional security. After that, add extra padding to your box. Layers of packing paper and old towels should keep the items safe from breaking.

    #2 Pack all electronics from the living room carefully

    Don’t pack electronics entirely. That way you risk that the items break during the transportation. Instead, disassemble all parts and cables one by one. However, make sure to take pictures before separating device parts. You will plug them back after the move and it’s better to know how to do it properly. Next, get multi-color stickers and mark the cables. For example, red stickers for TV, blue for PC and so on. If possible, use the original packaging for electronics from your living room.

    cables plugged in a router
    Take pictures of device parts before you disassemble them.

    Be careful when you pack TV. Ask family members and friends to help you. Slide the upright TV into a special TV kit. Secure the box with strong packing tape cross-wise. Also, don’t forget to clean all electronics before you pack them. Accumulated dust might damage some inner device parts. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to pay for additional repairs later.

    #3 Take care of mirrors and art pieces

    These objects are easily breakable and require special attention. If you live with a partner or family members, don’t pack pictures and mirrors by yourself. Use special boxes for mirrors and pictures to make sure they will remain in one piece. Put them in climate-controlled storage if your move delays more than expected.

    #4 Secure all furniture pieces

    When it comes to furniture, it’s best to pack them piece by piece. Start with smaller tables and sofas, then proceed to bulkier furniture items. Wrap them in plastic wrap and make sure to add extra layers to the edges. Add some packing paper or old towels for additional security. A quilted pad is useful for oddly-shaped furniture pieces.

    Entrust the move only to reliable moving companies that offer high-quality services

    It’s never too late to ask for professional packing and moving service. Some of the most reputable local moving companies Southern California has on offer are capable to handle everything for you. Not only they can properly execute packing your living room for moving, but also they can manage the entire moving process. However, ensure the movers you hire possess licenses and provide insurance and a free estimate. In addition, you can research more about them and read past testimonials that help you learn more about the company.


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