Guide to relocating gaming equipment

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    Moving can be challenging and cause many worries around your possessions. This applies especially to sensitive and easily breakable items. Therefore, it takes some time and effort to pack and secure them properly. Keep in mind that relocating gaming equipment isn’t a joke, and nobody wants to deal with additional repairs. Buying a completely new expensive gaming device doesn’t sound like a good idea either. Therefore, make sure to hire a pair of professional helping hands to handle all your gaming equipment for you. That’s why Family Affair Moving has a team of trained movers and packers who will take care of your belongings as if they were theirs!

    black and white gaming consoles
    Each gaming item needs additional security before packing them.

    Prepare all your gaming equipment before packing for relocation

    The first step of every relocation is organizing all your stuff. Therefore, plan a day or two for inventorying your belongings. You always have to know know what you have. Also, pay attention to the quality of items, their sensitivity, size, and so on. Items like game equipment usually require special attention.

    Give it a thorough cleaning before relocating gaming equipment

    Packing dusty consoles, or other electronic gaming devices is the last you need. It’s better to dust or clean them before the move. You will probably feel tired after the move and won’t want to do the cleaning right away. Moreover, regular cleaning and dusting prevent electronic parts from malfunctioning.

    Separate cables and other parts of your gaming equipment

    Keep each gaming set separated and organized. Label disassembled parts with multi-color stickers and take the photos with your phone. It will be easier for you to later assemble back all devices. In addition, don’t forget to prepare instruction manuals or contact the manufacturer and don’t hesitate to ask anything you want. You don’t want to plug the cable or put a gaming part in the wrong place. Therefore, it’s better to prevent possible malfunctions than to be sorry later.

    Good packaging is necessary for successful gaming equipment relocation

    First, check if you have the original packaging left. Delicate electronic equipment is much safer in the original boxes, with a better chance to survive the move. The original boxes are already designed to firmly and safely hold desktops, consoles, and the like. On the other hand, you may opt for strong cardboard boxes and hard-shell boxes.

    a couple prepares for relocating gaming equipment
    Packing and relocating gaming equipment takes precision and patience.

    Make sure to protect your gaming equipment for maximum safety during the move

    The best packing materials that won’t give off static electricity are packing paper, anti-static bubble wrap, old clothes, and towels. When you wrap all parts and cables with packing paper and layers of cloths and bubble wraps, you add extra security. Next, adding enough extra padding ensures your gaming equipment parts are completely safe. They won’t tumble around, crack or completely break.

    A good packing system will protect gaming equipment during relocation

    Packing is a serious moving task to complete. Although it may seem simple, it definitely isn’t, especially when it comes to sensitive items. Putting your consoles into the boxes isn’t enough. You have to properly secure them beforehand and treat them with care. Tossing the boxes with gaming tools inside is something you mustn’t do. Likewise, bigger gaming equipment is more prone to damages during transportation. That’s why hiring a good moving team such as movers Newport Beach residents highly recommend is a good option.

    yellow usb cord
    Wrap and pack each part separately.

    Go for movers able to handle sensitive gaming equipment with care

    In case you have larger gaming equipment – big desktops, pinballs, and other gaming valuables – you will need a team to help you out. Therefore, take some time to research some of the best local moving companies Southern California offers that can handle the task well. When looking for good movers, make sure they complete everything from the following checklist:

    • Years of successful professional experience.
    • Numerous customers speak highly of them and their work.
    • The moving company is legitimate (has a license and insurance).
    • They offer a free estimate.
    • Their crew is trained to pack, store, and move all kinds of sensitive items.
    • The pricing is transparent and there are no hidden fees.

    Complete every packing step

    In case you are packing and relocating gaming equipment on your own, the following steps are necessary to complete:

    1. Make sure there’s nothing left inside your gaming devices. Leaving CDs inside them can eventually damage the game.
    2. Unplug your gaming equipment.
    3. Disassemble cords and other parts.
    4. Place the layers of packing paper and cloth for extra padding.
    5. Wrap all disassembled items separately, then put them in the boxes or containers. Place the heaviest parts on the bottom, then the lightest on the top.
    6. Don’t put everything in one box, since it’s going to be too heavy. Better use more boxes and containers of different sizes.
    7. If you notice some extra space in the boxes, fill them with paper crumbles and cloth.
    8. After you pack the boxes, place another padding layer on the top. Close and seal the boxes with strong packing tape cross-wise.
    9. Finally, label each box with a permanent marker. Be specific when writing what’s inside the boxes. It will make the unpacking process much easier.

    Consider additional packing services

    Gaming devices require special attention when it comes to packing. It’s not enough just to put them into the boxes or containers and be done for the day. Poor packing methods may result in damages and leaks in a moving truck. For these reasons, it’s better to pick some of the best packing services Orange County CA companies offer before relocating gaming equipment. Professionals are trained to accomplish within hours what would take you days. Also, make sure to inform your packers about everything you have in your gaming space. Let them know which devices are most sensitive so they can add extra protection before packing.

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