Guidelines for packing your power tools

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    Moving is a complex process, and there are different categories of items you need to pack. For some categories, such as clothes and shoes, packing is easy. These items are not fragile, and you can simply put them in cardboard boxes. However, some items, such as kitchen appliances or power tools, need special treatment. There are special packing skills and preparations that you should have. Packing a garage or a tool shed is something people just leave for the last minute. But do not fall into this trap. Instead, start your preparations on time. In addition, consult with moving companies Orange County CA if you need help with packing your power tools. It will not be easy to pack all those tools with odd shapes, but movers with enough experience will help you with their professional packing tips. Not only that, but they can also help you with packing your entire garage!

    Sort everything out before packing your power tools

    Before you start packing your home, we recommend that you sort out the mess first. This especially applies to your garage. Over time, there are so many things that people gather. No matter how well-organized you are, you will certainly find a great deal of unnecessary stuff among your tools. Movers Costa Mesa has at its disposal know that decluttering is the first step before packing starts.

    a driller
    You can hire reliable movers packing your power tools

    Take some time to go through all the shelves, boxes, and storage units. It will come as a great surprise to see how many items you do not need. And there is, of course, no need to pack them. Forget about ‘just-in-case’ items, you will certainly not use them. Therefore, depending on the type of material of the items and tools you want to remove, sort these out. In addition, sort out different categories of the items you plan to pack.

    If you decide to do the packing on your own

    No matter how hard it may sound, it is still possible to do. Check what kind of packing supplies you will need for your tools. Remember that these items come in different shapes and sizes. For this reason, it may take longer to fit them in. Because of that, start your preparation on time and make a list of all the packing supplies you will need. Power tools are sensitive. Make sure to gather lots of different cushioning to protect the tools properly. You may, of course, use the old blankets and towels for packing. Remember to avoid last-minute packing. This may lead to damaging your items during transportation.

    power tool in toolboxes
    Remember to gather different shapes and sizes of packing supplies

    Here is the list of packing supplies that you will need:

    • Sturdy boxes- these should come in different sizes and need to be very sturdy
    • Specialty boxes
    • Bubble wrap and packing tape
    • Cushioning materials
    • Different kinds of containers

    Packing your power tools- how to

    In case you still keep the original boxes of your power tools, that will make the whole process much easier. You will only need to put them back in the boxes and secure them with cushioning materials. If you threw the boxes away, then you will need to rearrange everything. Wrap up each item in bubble wrap before you start fitting them into boxes. As with anything, there are pros and cons of packing by yourself, so you need to be careful. Make sure to put only two or three items per box to avoid mishaps. Putting too many power tools in the box can lead to the breaking of your boxes. Moreover, don’t forget to remove all the parts which you previously attached. If possible, remove all the cables or securely wrap them up and use packing tape to stick them together.

    Hire professionals if you are not sure how to do pack

    You might find packing your power tools quite challenging. It is not just about the odd shape and size of your tools that you need to fit in the boxes. Some items, such as gas-powered tools, need additional preparation. On top of that, each move comes with a lot of moving tasks. Getting packing supplies, obtaining documents, and working at the same time is not easy.

    sorted for packing your power tools
    Hire professional packers to pack your tools

    If you think that you cannot manage packing your garage, consider hiring professionals. Packing services Orange County CA will make your relocation easier. Professional packers will bring their own packing materials for different purposes. This will save you a lot of time searching for the right packing supplies. Not to mention the packing process – professionals will pack your garage twice as fast as you would.

    Additional packing advice

    Regarding packing gas-powered tools, make sure to drain the fuel before packing. If you skip this step, the fuel can leak out during transport and cause many problems. Once empty, put the packing paper around the sparkplugs. Also, for this kind of power tool, you will need special moving boxes. You can find those on Amazon. Regarding hand tools, it would be good to put them into the toolbox. Since these boxes are sturdy, these tools will not pierce through. For this reason, it is not a good idea to put them in cardboard boxes. If you do not have enough toolboxes, your safest bet is to buy some more. Later you can use them to keep the tools in the garage or shed. In addition, toolboxes provide protection from rust and moisture. When it comes to wrapping tools up, you can use some old newspapers.

    Perfectly Packed Power Tools for Safe and Efficient Transportation

    Packing your power tools for moving is a process that you should not leave for the last minute. Instead, get packing materials on time. Although these tools are not so big, it takes a lot of time to fit them into moving boxes due to their different shapes. Use different cardboard boxes, bags, and special tool boxes for safe transportation. In addition, you will lower the amount of stress with the right packing material. Also, professional packers can help a great deal. Give yourself enough time to pack and prepare and your relocation will be seamless!

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