How to avoid hiring fraudulent movers?

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    In any walk of life, there are reliable, trustworthy people, as well as those that aren’t. Movers are no exception. For the most part, moving companies are serious businesses. They depend on satisfied customers and they simply cannot afford the bad reputation associated with their name. Most of the movers Tustin CA are the best possible example of what it means to be dependable. Still, there are always companies whose business practices are murky and highly questionable. So, in order to separate the wheat from the chaff and avoid hiring fraudulent movers, one should pay attention to a few things.

    A few red flags that should help you avoid hiring fraudulent movers

    Moving scams exist on all levels, from the local moves to the interstate ones. Good thing is that, for a semi-intelligent person, they are not too difficult to spot and recognize. There are certain standards that almost every moving services Orange County CA based company considers their basic professional ethics. If those standards aren’t met, something is probably wrong. Usually, fraudulent movers try to lure you with a completely unrealistically low price for their services. The absence of license and insurance are also clear signs that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Last but not least, fraudsters are seldom academic people, so a poor professional demeanor is also indicative of deception.

    Asking for paperwork is the answer on the question how to avoid hiring fraudulent movers
    The absence of license and insurance are a red flag

    There are a few red flags that almost always indicate that something is probably wrong with the company you’re negotiating with. If something from the following list gets brought up to your attention, it’s a sure sign that you should start being suspicious. Here’s what you should pay the most attention to:

    • Checking if the moving company you’re negotiating with has a proper license is the first thing you should do if you want to avoid hiring fraudulent movers.
    • The same goes for the insurance. If they aren’t insured, that means they aren’t serious. It’s a big no-no as well.
    • The absence of valuation coverage is also a sign that the moving company probably isn’t all that reliable.
    • If you go online and find a few bad reviews, that’s of course a cause for caution. But an even bigger cause for caution is if you can’t find any reviews at all.

    Moving last minute increases the potential risk of hiring fraudulent movers

    Having to move last minute is seldom our own fault. It’s usually the case of some unpredictable circumstances getting us in that position. The biggest downside of that situation is that we need to make many decisions, and to make them quick. That’s when we are the most vulnerable as customers. The probability of being scammed by some fraudulent moving company gets exponentially bigger the less time we have to organize and plan the move. Therefore, moving last minute should always imply choosing the most risk-free solutions. Those solutions are usually the most expensive ones, as we need to play safe and hire the most well-known movers in our region. Still, it feels much better to pay a bit more for a fair service than to pay less and get scammed.

    Man holding money
    Requesting deposit is another big no-no

    Spotting lowball moving estimates is the best way to avoid hiring fraudulent movers

    One of the most basic signs that a moving company isn’t quite up to par are offers that are so low that they seem too good to be true. Guess what? They are. If you make that mistake and hire one such company, they will either extra charge you after the move, or disappear after getting your deposit, which is the worst option. So, the moral of the story is that the lowball moving estimates should be avoided at all costs. That way, you won’t get in an uncomfortable situation and will also get much more professional service.

    The final overview of the most common moving scams

    In order to avoid hiring fraudulent movers, you should learn about the most common pitfalls for a naive customer. The most important thing is to get well-informed about the moving jungle that awaits you out there. So let’s review once again what are the most common red flags. Firstly, be cautious of movers that don’t insist on visiting you and are fine with making the whole moving arrangement via phone. Secondly, if they come to visit you, but give merely a cursory glance to your belongings, that’s suspicious too. Requesting a deposit is another big no-no, as reputable movers almost never ask for it. The history of frequent name-changing is yet another signal that something might be rotten. Make sure to take all these things into consideration when you’re hiring a moving company. Think upfront so that you won’t regret it later.


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