How to avoid injuries while moving

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    Relocation, whether you are moving a few blocks away or interstate, is a challenging and risky process. There are many problems you may encounter while moving and many details to handle. No matter how early you have started preparing for the relocation, there’s always the feeling that there’s not enough time. The thought of the lack of time makes people frustrated and stressed. So they usually tend to speed up the relocation process without being aware of the potential problems they may come across. This makes them forget to take the necessary precautions while packing and loading their belongings. As a result, people get injured while moving. You’ve probably haven’t thought of the possibility of getting injured, but injuries are very common. Fortunately, our professional moving companies Orange County have made a guide based on their experience that can help you avoid injuries while moving.

    Why do injuries happen during the move?

    Injuries happen every day – you can get injured simply by making a wrong move while climbing the stairs, lifting grocery bags, bending over, or stumbling. However, injuries are more likely to happen while moving. Moving is a demanding process, and it can easily turn into a nightmare if not planned to a single detail. Injuries are waiting just around the corner, even when taking safety measures. Yet, the chances of getting injured are reduced to a minimum with proper precautions. One of the main reasons for getting injured is that people usually test their limits but forget that even the fittest ones are not safe. Another reason is that people don’t pay attention to the right posture for lifting and moving heavy items. Rushing is also one of the reasons why people are getting injured while moving. So, don’t leave things to the very last minute. Plan your move or consider using professional loading and unloading services to avoid injuries while moving.

    A woman lifting a box
    Be careful when lifting boxes and avoid injuries while moving

    Most common injuries while moving and how to avoid them

    One wrong step and your moving days are ruined. You may get stuck with many injuries. Fortunately, we’ve prepared a list of the most common injuries and how to avoid them:

    • Cuts and scratches– Sharp objects can cause cuts or other wounds during the packing process. Consider wearing gloves and long sleeves while packing.
    • Back injuries – these types of injuries are the most common ones, and heavy lifting is what usually causes them. So, it’s important to know how to make a correct posture. Don’t bend too much and lift the boxes like doing squats, using your knees and legs more.
    • Knee injuries – alongside back injuries, this one is one of the most often. In fact, they are related. It’s important to follow the basic rules to squat properly. Keep your feet in the hip line with your toes slightly turned out. Then keep your spine neutral, shoulders back, and your chest open.
    • Sprained ankles and wrists – it takes is one wrong step, twist, or misplacement of the foot or hand to hurt yourself. To avoid this, wear sports shoes and wrist and ankle braces.

    Proper lifting techniques like squatting and carrying the boxes high or keeping them close to your body can prevent you from getting injured. Don’t forget to stretch before and after lifting and carrying.

    Avoid injuries while moving with these tips and tricks

    Injuries happen suddenly and without any warning. We cannot escape them, but we can do our best to minimize the risk. Besides learning how to lift and carry the weight, we can secure ourselves from injuries by using some moving tricks.

    A man carrying boxes carefully to avoid injuries while moving
    Carry your boxes carefully by keeping them close to your body

    Make some space

    When carrying large items, you cannot see if something is in front of you. So, we recommend you to keep your hallways, pathways, and stairs clear of any obstacles to avoid injuries while packing. That is why you should make a packing zone. Use a room for storing and packing your belongings. Also, you should make sure that there aren’t any other dangerous things with which you can hurt yourself. Move your furniture and make some extra space for a walkthrough. Then, make a route for carrying your stuff that is free from things.

    Use proper moving supplies

    Many people think they can pack their things with any packing material. They are not aware that they can hurt themselves if they don’t use appropriate ones. To avoid hurting yourself while packing, use only recommendable packing supplies and those you can purchase from professional movers. This way you are both protecting your stuff from damage and yourself from. If you are not sure what packing items to use, you can use moving supplies Orange County CA.

    Avoid last-minute rush

    Injuries are more likely to happen if you are rushing everywhere. When moving, people tend to do things faster than usual because they think they don’t have enough time. However, they don’t have in mind that one wrong move and they can hurt themselves. It is always better to slow down with packing and moving than to fall or hurt yourself. Remember, nothing is worth getting injured. So, lift your boxes slowly, walk carefully and pay attention to how you are carrying the weight.

    First aid kit
    Have a first aid kit just in case

    Additional tip: Have a first aid kit

    Accidents happen all the time, and moving is no exception. In case you, your family, or your movers get hurt, always have a first aid kit at hand. It should consist of (triangular) bandages, plasters, sterile gloves, safety pins, gauze dressings, tweezers, alcohol, antiseptic cream, painkillers, etc.

    Hire professional movers and packers to avoid injuries while moving

    Yes, you can have a DIY move, but moving and packing require a lot of attention, so it is always better to have some help from professionals. Let the experienced and trained professionals do all the risky relocation tasks to avoid injuries while moving. And, if you need professional help, you can rely on movers Fullerton. They will make your relocation simple, safe and secure.

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