How to calculate the cost of a winter relocation to Irvine CA?

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    The peak season in the moving industry is summer. The warm weather and free time for the majority of people make it more attractive than any other part of the year. This is why most of the moving companies Southern California are the busiest during this part of the year. Summer moves have been a trend for quite some time, but trends tend to come and go. In recent years, people have picked winter as their preferred season for moving. There are many reasons for this decision, and you might also want to give it a try. That is also the reason why you are here, want to learn how to calculate the cost of a winter relocation to Irvine CA.

    What are the benefits of moving in winter?

    Winter usually associates people with freezing temperatures and snow, but this greatly depends on the place where you live in. In case you want to move to Irvine CA, you should know about the climate of this place. The climate in this part of California is considered mild, with the lowest temperatures rarely dropping below the freezing point. Snow is really rare here. So, the climate of this place is on the warmer side, but where are you moving from? If you are moving from colder parts, you will feel all the bad and good sides of moving in winter. Apart from the cold hands, occasional falls due to ice, and traffic jams, there are not many other bad sides of hiring movers Irvine CA during this season. Some of the main benefits are:

    • Movers are more flexible and cheaper
    • Avoiding the heat
    • Cheaper housing options
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    Moving in the winter lowers the prices by 20 to 30%

    How can you calculate the cost of a winter relocation to Irvine CA?

    Now that you see a winter move as a more appealing option, you are likely wondering about calculating the cost of a winter relocation to Irvine CA. The method is mostly the same, you will need the same moving supplies Orange County CA for any season. The first thing you will need is to know what services you need. If you are a busy person with little free time, you will need all the services provided. Everything from packing to unpacking will be done by professionals, which will come at a cost. Below, we will talk about the average prices of the most popular moving services during the low season in the moving industry.

    Packing services, specialty items, and transportation

    Packing is the most time-consuming and boring task during a move. Due to this, many people hire some packing services Orange County CA to help them with it. Since the prices of moving services drop by 20 to 30% during winter, you can expect to pay from $400 to 3,500 dollars for this service. The average is $1000 but the price will vary greatly depending on the number of items that you have. Specialty items on the other hand are more expensive to move by default, with the prices ranging from $500 to $2000. Transportation is also a customer favourite service, which’s price greatly depends on the distance. Local moves are always cheaper than long distance moves. Due to the recent gas price increases, it has become more expensive as well. Luckily winter season is cheaper, so you can expect to pay from $800 to $6000, depending on the distance.

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    When you want to cost of a winter relocation to Irvine CA, you need to know all the prices

    As with any other season, the cost of a winter relocation to Irvine CA depends on many factors. But once you decide what you want, you will get an average price for all of these services. Put the numbers together and you will get a price that you can expect to pay. But if you want to be 100% sure, getting a moving estimate is the right way to go. And don’t forget to budget a little extra money, there will always be unexpected expenses during a move. Good luck!


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