How to clean the gutters in your old home before moving?

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    Before moving day, you will have a long list of tasks to do. All the decluttering, packing, and cleaning will leave you yearning for your bed in the evening. Once you finish all of these mainstream moving tasks, you will be happy that it is done. But think again, there is likely something that you forgot to do before Family Affair Moving arrives. If you lived in a house until now, you likely have gutters. When is the last time that you cleaned them? Since you probably didn’t clean the gutters in your old home since you found out about your move, it is time to do it before you leave.

    How to clean the gutters in your old home?

    Gutters are that type of thing that you don’t clean often because you cannot see how dirty it gets. If you have ever cleaned it, it was likely because it got clogged and there was no other way around it. It is not something that people do as a part of the cleaning routine, and it is understandable. There are many more important places around the home to clean. But before you move with some of the best movers Santa Ana has, you should clean the gutters in your old home. It is a good way to leave the slate clean and start a new chapter. To do it right, you need to:

    • Get the right tools
    • Go step by step
    • Make repairs and preparations if needed
    Person cleaning windows and thinking to clean the gutters in your old home
    If you have ever cleaned your gutters, you know what you are getting into

    Gather the right tools

    Cleaning the gutters is not hard work, but it does get dirty. The most important tool that you will need is a good, secure extendable ladder. You will need to be able to get up there and be safe. In case you don’t feel safe, you can either get someone to hold the ladder or get a ladder stabilizer. For the cleaning art, you can either use a gutter scoop, a children’s sandbox shovel, or a kitchen spatula. To protect and keep yourself clean, you will need a long-sleeved shirt, work pants, and gloves. If you want to protect the area underneath the gutter that you are cleaning, cover the ground with a tarp. All these preparation steps will make the work easier and keep you rested for when some loading and unloading movers Orange County come.

    Go step by step

    Once you are up on the ladder, try to collect and take out as much of the gunk and debris as possible. You will find many things up there like leaves, moss, dead insects, or even alive ones. Once you take the majority of dirt out, take a hose and flush the gutters to remove any leftover dirt. The water will also show you if any spots need repairing.

    Repair and prepare if needed

    If you got any leaks in the previous step, you will either have to fix them yourself or call a professional. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, it is better to get help, same as with moving, if you can’t, hire some residential movers Orange County. If winter is around the corner, you should also prepare your gutters for the freezing weather, if your house is in a place that gets cold winters.

    Picture of tools
    After you clean the gutters in your old home, you might need to repair it

    When you want to clean the gutters in your old home, keep in mind that you will need time to do it. Ideally, you will want to do it on a sunny day, but avoid doing this and moving in the summer heat, so try to plan out according to the weather forecast. We wish you good luck!


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