How to declutter your closet before moving

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    Your relocation period will depend on many things. Although a difficult task to take, you can do certain things to make it a lot easier for yourself. For instance, if you declutter your closet before moving, you will not only have an easier time relocating, but you will pay less. That is, of course, if you plan on hiring professional movers, like Southern California movers. Nonetheless, whether or not you hire professional movers to help you relocate, organizing your items beforehand is of utmost importance. Before you even start packing, you will need to make sure you are bringing with you only the items you know will serve a purpose. For that reason, decluttering before moving is a must!

    How should you declutter your closet before moving?

    Before moving companies Irvine arrive to pick up your belongings, you need to ensure that you are ready for this move. To do that you will have to pack and prepare everything. However, prior to packing, you will need to go through your things and pick the items you are going to move. Although packing clothes for the move might not be the hardest challenge, it can slow you down by a margin.

    a woman in her wardrobe as a depicton of how to declutter your closet before moving
    Go through your clothes one piece at a time and declutter your closet before moving

    Namely, it is usually only when we start going through our clothes that we realize how much of it we actually own. This relocation is the perfect opportunity to get rid of some clothes.

    Separate your clothes first

    The first thing you want to do when you declutter your closet before relocating is to separate the things you want to take with you. This way, you can focus on the things you do not want to take. After that, carefully think about the clothes you want to leave behind. You can create two piles as you are going through them:

    • The pile you want to sell: Should usually contain clothes that are in good condition but not your cup of tea.
    • The pile you should donate: Donation is the best choice, regardless of the condition of the clothes, a .

    Why should you never throw away your clothes?

    Clothes, in general, will always serve a purpose for someone if not you. Therefore, throwing away clothes, regardless of condition, is not advisable. People who are in need of any clothes will be more than happy to take your pile and utilize it.

    a woman holding a cardboard that says "donation" on it
    Even your most ripped piece of clothing will find a purpose for someone who is in need

    On the other hand, if the clothes are in a super bad shape, you can donate them to a pet shelter. Shelters for pets will always find a good use for cloth, regardless of its shape. However, do not forget to pick what to wear on moving day as you declutter your closet before moving.

    If moving DIY method, know how much space you have as you

    Clothes can sometimes be hard to pack, especially when in bulk. Therefore, be aware of how much space you have just for clothes as you declutter your closet before moving. You do not want them taking the majority of the space you have. There are many DIY relocation pros and cons and the balance will depend on your organization. You know how much space you have – make sure everything fits and you do not have to leave items behind.

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