How to fit your business into a smaller office

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    Whether your small business grows or you simply have to rent a smaller office, you need to make some changes. Small working spaces can be challenging. It can get crowded and tension can arise in that kind of working environment. However, sometimes the situation demands that you adapt to the current state. Relocating to a bigger place is a lot of work and it can cost a lot. When relocation is not an option what can you do to fit your business into a smaller office? There are a few things you can do to make it work. With small investments and with a few interior design solutions, your business can grow even in a small office.

    What can you do to fit your business into a smaller office?

    Firstly, you need to involve your team and ask for their opinions. More ideas and suggestions will give you a clearer perspective of things. And it will do good for your employees’ sense of community. The next thing you should do is to set your budget range, for possible alterations. You might have to buy new furniture or readjust the space. In case you need help with taking out your furniture, contact commercial movers Orange County and rely on them. It would be ideal if you can afford to hire a professional to adapt your office, as well. Still, there are things you can do to make your office seem bigger than it is. You’d be surprised how little tricks like one larger mirror can make a difference. 

    Coworkers at the working desk.
    Search for some help when trying to fit your business into a smaller office

    Start with cleaning and decluttering

    Once you take out all the items you don’t need anymore, you’ll see the true potential of the space. In case you need a storage unit call movers Irvine CA and check their offers. Leave only essential pieces, which you can replace later if needed. After you clear off the room, start cleaning. Maybe you could even paint the walls white, cause it makes space look bigger. When you finish cleaning up your office will be ready for redecorating. It would be wise to replace all the bulky furniture with multifunctional pieces. So think through and consult professional interior designers for the best solutions. Although, you can find great ideas on the internet, for free. 

    In case you can’t afford professional help, try out free office planning programs. One of the best-rated programs is SketchUp. This software is free for personal use and can help you organize your office space in the best possible way.  

    A hand holding a pen and writing.
    Measure your office and make a detailed plan.

    Your business can fit into a smaller office with small investments and hacks

    Whether you’re moving to a smaller office or you’re adapting your current office, you might need help. Family Affair Moving OC offers a variety of services such as local relocations or taking out your items. Working in a small space doesn’t have to cause you stress and anxiety. If you organize well and think it through, you could be happy with the results. Check out these several ideas for small working spaces.

    • Modular partitions are a huge trend in office interior design. They are space-saving panel systems that are easy to construct.
    • If you have more than one room, sharing offices or cubicles are a good idea when lack of space is an issue.
    • Office wall organizers are useful and at the same time trendy solutions for keeping files and other office material. Instead of bulky shelves and drawers which occupy space, build wall shelves
    • Multi-functional furniture is perfect for small offices. Under desk storage, or bookshelf with a drop-down desk can solve your problem and save some space.
    • While you can’t expand your current working space, you can make it seem bigger with little hacks. Mirrors on the walls can create the illusion of a larger space.
    • The proper lighting can add some depth and height to a room and make it look more spacious. If your office doesn’t have enough natural light, add some wall-mounted lights. Have in mind that cooler white lights are the better choice for offices. Also, choose carefully curtains and shutters. The last thing you want is to quench the space and dim the light. 
    • In the end, be very selective when it comes to wall coloring. You should go with neutral colors or simply white. Instead of color, you can add some texture to it. 

    Try out minimalist interior design

    One of the growing trends in interior design is minimalism. And in case you’re struggling with a lack of workspace, minimalism may be the right solution. Simplicity is the result you want to achieve. Keep only essential pieces of furniture, and take out the surplus. Family Affair Moving offers loading and unloading services OC that can help you with this part. Start with your desk and apply the clean desk policy. The fewer office items will help you focus and create more space overall. Even better is to invest in space-saving pieces. Heavy bulky furniture has been replaced with modern, light, and low-cost office pieces. All of this with the addition of shades of white color and the right lighting can make your office look airy and roomy.

    A working desk with a chair and laptop.
    Minimalism is a growing trend in office interiors.

    Quick solutions for running a business in small workspaces

    If renting the bigger office is not an option right now, try to alter your current workspace. There are a few ideas on how to fit your business into a smaller office. This can be a temporary solution or even for a longer time if you make the most of the situation. Your business can continue growing in a smaller workspace. Though, you might think of the future and leave room for even more growth. Think out of the box and try new approaches, such as an open-concept office, sharing offices, or joined tables. These small changes can make a difference and improve the collaboration and efficiency of your team. Add to that some new space-saving furniture and smart storage solutions. This way you can postpone relocation for later and focus on your main goal. 



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