How to get ready for relocation in a week

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    Usually, people have few weeks, even months to organize their move. What if you suddenly get a request to relocate in a week’s time? First, take a deep breath to calm down. Also, remember that moving on short notice is not so uncommon. Many people have successfully packed and moved in a week or less. So, you can do it too. Therefore, concentrate to get ready for relocation in a week. The basis for any successful relocation is good planning. And it is so either you have enough time or have to speed up the process. Consider hiring the best moving companies Orange County, to help you with such quick relocation. They can help you with the entire relocation, or only with a particular service.

    Woman in a sweater and with wristwatch is checking her shirts, to complete decluttering and get ready for relocation in a week
    Sort out belongings to get ready for relocation in a week.

    Make a plan how to  get ready for relocation in a week

    Before you start to call around, make decisions and write down a relocation plan. What you will need in the coming days? Do you have surplus items? Would hiring packing services Orange County CA speed up your preparation? Or maybe you can relocate with the help of family and friends? In that case, you need to get moving boxes and packing materials. And to hire a truck to move your things. Besides, do not waste too much time on planning. To get ready to move in a week you have to act. And be fast and systematic.

    Do most of your relocation arrangements on the first day

    Why it is important to make arrangements this early in the relocation process?  Making arrangements this early will save your time. When you start to pack, you will already have organized packing materials and transportation. Family and friends will organize their jobs, so as to have free time to help you. And you will have ready tasks for each of them. All these preparations will make things go smoothly later on. In case you hire a local moving company, you have booked it timely. Also, fill in the request for address change with the post office. And check all your utility services. The latter applies to the new as well as the old location.

    Sort out your belongings to start with relocation preparations

    Check your belongings. Doing so, make three piles:

    • Stuff to move
    • Items to donate
    • Things to throw

    For the items you want to donate, you can give a call to the local charity centers. They will come and pick up the staff. This is a great help to you. You will not waste time driving donations yourself. Also, you will have more free space in the house to move around. Checking your possessions, you will find things good only for throwing. Engage one of your helpers to drive them away. Or ask for services from a local moving company.

    A woman sits surrounded by cardboard boxes, resignedly leaning against one of them
    There are residential movers specialized in last-minute moves.

    How to pack everything in a week to get ready for relocation

    Give away everything you do not need. By doing so, you will see how much stuff remains for relocation. Depending on its quantity, you will find the proper number of moving boxes. The other factor influencing your packing is how much space you have at your new location. In case your new place is smaller, you will have to find good storage. Make sure that your belongings going to storage are also well packed. And that the storage is safe and climate-controlled.

    If your friends and family are too busy, or unable to land you a hand, check other possibilities. There are Orange County residential movers specialized in last-minute moves. They will do everything from packing to moving things into your new place. They are professional and have their own packing supplies. And have also reliable trucks. They are efficient. With their help, your move will be much easier.

    Get necessary supplies and start packing to get ready for relocation

    Now you know how many items you will store. And how many items you will move into your new home. Accordingly, you will purchase the packing supplies like:

    • moving boxes
    • packing paper
    • bubble wrap
    • packing tape
    • permanent markers
    • moving blankets
    • trash bags, etc.

    After that, start with packing. Packing is the most time-demanding part of the move. And having to get ready for moving in a week, you should do it in a well-organized way. You will not have time to re-pack your boxes. Or to change what should go in which one. Just wrap your possessions well. That will protect them during transport and loading/unloading. And label your boxes, properly listing the things inside them. Also, keep in mind the heavy items. And furniture that you have to assemble before the move.

    Remember that your things are not insured for relocation

    There are various types of insurance. By the rule, none of them are covering your belongings during relocation. If your property gets damaged or broken down, you are not covered. And this can happen during loading, unloading, and transportation times. So, before the move, make sure to get this type of insurance. It will increase your moving budget. But you will also feel easier knowing that you will be reimbursed for loss or damage.

    A woman in a summer dress and a long sweater enters in a clean, white house, carrying a suitcase
    It is nice to move into a clean house.

    Hiring a professional moving company for short notice relocation to avoid stress

    Hiring a professional moving company could be a better solution. Moving is not easy. Short notice relocation, with just a week to get ready, might become a nightmare. Moreover, DIY relocation in a week might turn into huge stress. Or even into a disaster. After considering all pros and cons of DYI relocation, you might decide to hire professionals. By doing so, you can forget about chasing packing material. They already have it. They will also reassemble and assemble your furniture. And every good moving company has the proper insurance. Hiring them, your belonging in transit are fully insured. Another worry less.

    Make sure to clean your old and new locations when getting ready to relocate

    As a part of the process to get ready for relocation in a week, find some time for cleaning. The ideal is to make cleaning of both locations. While the moving company is preparing your things for the move, clean the new location. After the move, clean thoroughly your old place. It is nice to move into a clean house. It is also nice to leave your place clean for the new tenants. You can do cleaning yourself or hire some cleaning company. Getting a notice about relocation in a week, you have probably got uncomfortable. Following the tips for moving in a week or less, shows it is possible. And much easier than you thought at the first moment. Surprisingly, hiring the right moving company will give you ease. And even some extra time to rest properly.

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