How to help the children adjust after relocating

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    Moving is stressful enough for us adults, but it’s even harder on kids. Kids experience the world differently than we do and this is a big change in their “normality”, especially since they’ll be changing friends, school, etc. Whether you’re moving five blocks away or to the house across the street, it’s a big change for them, not to mention if you’re moving to another state or country. As one of the reputable moving companies Southern California, we have prepared a guide on how to help the children adjust after relocating. So let’s see what can you do about it

    Help the children adjust after relocating by letting them explore the house first

    There are plenty of reputable and trustworthy movers Long Beach CA has, who can tell you that letting them explore is crucial. For your sake and their own, they are little exploration robots on their own. It’s simple and it’s similar to when you’re moving with pets. Pets like kids just want to see it first and explore their new “habitat”. Psychologists advise that if you can’t take the kids to their new home, you should provide them with a video. Nowadays VR tours are quite popular so that should keep them excited and it’ll be pretty cool as well. You can also show them the pictures of the kids that they’re about to meet. Once you’ve reacher your house physically let them explore all the rooms and give them a special tour.

    A boy wearing a black and white VR goggles;
    Using interactive technology is the perfect idea to help the children adjust after relocating. It will keep them occupied and interested in relocation.

    Some of the best long distance movers Orange County CA has will tell you that this ain’t easy. Especially on the moving day since the kids will just like you get all emotion, etc. So we would advise you to at least consider hiring pros to help you with packing and moving. We’ll at least take a couple of things off your list and we’ll make your move as stress-free as possible. You’ll probably have to answer a gazillion questions from your kids like “when are we coming back or what about my friends”, etc. It’s important to validate their feelings.

    Stick with the routines

    Kids like routines since that way they can adapt to new surroundings easier and can predict the future easier. If you still don’t have a routine or are not sure how to prepare for a moving day make a plan as soon as possible. You’ll have to set some ground rules or routines like dinner at 6:00 P.M., bath time at 8:00 PM, etc. It’ll also depend on how old are your kids as well; it’s not the same with babies and teenagers, but routines and rules must exist. It may be hard at the beginning but it’ll become normal after a couple of days or weeks. Their bedroom should be the last thing that you’re gonna pack and the first that you’ll need to unpack. So keep this in mind and label all the boxes and if you can make an inventory list.

    grandmother bathing her grandson;
    Having everything planned out and sticking to a routine is essential if you want your kid to get used to the new environment.

    Help the children adjust by exploring new neighborhoods and give them some control

    You can take your kids for a walk after work, or you can take a couple of days off. If you’re in a hurry use Google or Family Days Out to find fun places around you. There are plenty of websites and with the power of the internet, you’ll be just fine. You can also do it on foot if it’s more fun for kids or with a bike. You can find the best burger or any fast-food chain restaurant that your kid prefers or healthy alternatives. Also, don’t forget about exploring the local playground.  Now when it comes to giving them control we’ve prepared a list of tips for you, so here we go.

    • Talk with them about what color of the room they want
    • Let them decide where they’ll put their old or new furniture
    • Provide kids with a tiny box for their most valuable possessions and possible a piggy bank
    • Take them to the local store or an online shop to buy some new decorations for their room
    • For older kids give them a home budget and set an allowance
    • Provide smaller kids with a chest toy or a toy box and let them decorate it
    a little kid playing in the garden
    Exploration is the key characteristic of our species, so this is why you should let them explore outside and inside their new habitat.

    Give them some time to adapt

    The whole adaptation may take some time and it’s all-natural, you don’t have to worry about it.  After the move, the first thing that you’ll want your kid to do is help you unpack. That’s the easiest way how you and the kid will connect and the new place; also it’s how you all will start forgetting about your old place. Now you’ll have to listen to their emotional needs, they’ll be needy at first but this should naturally go away. If this doesn’t go away you should speak with a medical specialist who is specialized in children’s behavior. You shouldn’t do this unless there are some difficulties with the child or if the child can’t let go after a couple of months, or expresses deep grief and sadness (something like depression).

    Okay, that would be our guide on how to help the children adjust after relocating. If you have any trouble with moving or you’re not sure about something research our blog or contact our company. We hope that you’ll have a lovely time in your new house and surroundings. Also hope that you found this article useful and have a great move!



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