How to move your piano: 4 simple tricks

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    Moving a piano is a heavy task but not an impossible one. Most people choose to leave this to a professional moving company with a piano moving service since they are the most suitable when it comes to dealing with this part of your relocation. Piano movers usually have all the needed experience and they will move your piano without any damage. Still, some people choose to get all of their belongings moved by professional movers, like Family Affair Moving, and they move a piano by themselves. Or even choose to move everything alone, without any help from professionals. If you are one of them, you will need some great tips on how to move your piano. Once you find out how to do this, you will be relocated in no time, as well as your piano.

    There are some times you should leave this to professionals

    If you decided to do this without professionals, good for you. You will probably do it just right and without any damage done to your piano or your new or your old home. It won’t be easy, but it’s possible. Still, there are some situations you should not do this by yourself, just like you should hire residential movers if you absolutely need to move your home, in some cases. If your piano is really valuable, don’t risk it. You will be much better off if you leave it to professionals. Also, if your piano is really large or heavy, more than usual, you will make a better choice if you call piano movers. If you need to move it far away or up the stairs, if there is a narrow hallway, and so on, you shouldn’t try to move it by yourself.

    a piano
    You have to be careful with your piano, it is really sensitive

    4 simple tricks for moving a piano

    Now that you know that it’s not a good idea to move your piano in some situations, you are probably wondering- how to move your piano if you believe you can do it? We are here to make sure you know how to do this if you won’t hire long-distance movers for your piano. You should make sure you do this right and you will have a great piano relocation in no time. The best thing you can do is follow these instructions and you will do a great job:

    1. Get as many helping hands as you can
    2. Make sure you have the right equipment
    3. Protect your piano
    4. Be careful and you will do a great job

    There is nothing for you to worry about, you will move your piano in no time. Knowing how to move a piano is not something you will hardly learn and it might come in handy more than once.

    Make sure you get as many helping hands as possible

    Helping hands are important

    You most probably understand this, but we will say it just in case- there is no way that you will be able to move a piano by yourself. No way. You will need help. And as much as you can get. You will need at least three people helping out. First, make sure you put a strap under the piano so you can be sure that you can lift it up. Then the four of you will lift it up by the straps for all four sides. If you are moving with kids, you have to make sure they are not there with you while this is going on. They need to be somewhere safe, with a babysitter preferably.

    Get the right equipment

    When it comes to moving pianos, it’s not like moving other furniture. A piano can cost as much as $100,000, and some cost much more than that. For example, the Steinway D-274 piano is the most expensive one, but even if you don’t own that one, you might own one that is highly-priced too. This is why it’s very important to make sure that you have the right equipment. You can buy all the equipment to move your piano, or you can rent it, the choice is yours. And once you get all of it, you can start.

    Protect your piano

    No matter if you own a grand piano or the upright one, you need to make sure it’s protected. This is why you should cover pedals, keys, and legs with a blanket and secure it with the tape, so it can’t move. Cover it as well so you can be sure that it can’t move around. This way, your piano will be safe during the relocation. But, you should make sure you are safe as well. And that you know how to do this without hurting yourself. Lift with your knees and mind your back. You will be just fine. Some pianos might be better off if you remove pedals and legs, but that is your choice.

    Get some blankets and protect your piano

    Be careful

    Once you start preparing to move your piano, you have to be careful. It is the only way to be sure that you are doing the right thing. And that is not always easy. You have to make sure you place the straps at the right places, that you all pull and lower the piano at the same time, and that you are holding the piano while rolling it on the trolly. These are just some of the examples of the things you need to be careful with. You will know how to move a piano without having to worry about damaging it in the process.

    Being careful and doing your best not to damage your piano is the best way to answer the question- how to move your piano. Once you are done, you will be free to enjoy your beloved instrument again. Once you moved it, make sure you get it tuned by a professional and enjoy it! But remember, it might be for the best leaving this to professional piano movers.

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