How to organize a garage sale before relocating

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    When moving, you will want to get rid of as many things as possible. Getting rid doesn’t mean throwing them away. It can mean donating, gifting, or selling them. Nowadays, people sell many things that they don’t need on the internet. The majority of people also decide to hire Family Affair Moving via the internet. But there are still people who like hosting garage sales to get rid of their clutter. What is considered garbage for some, can be useful for others. And you can make some cash from it. Two birds with one stone! If you want to be old school and organize a garage sale before relocating, we will teach you how to do it.

    How to organize a garage sale before relocating?

    Hosting a garage sale is nothing difficult, but there are still some things that you should keep in mind. The first thing you need to do when you want to organize a garage sale before relocating is to declutter. To be honest, that will be more difficult than the sale itself. But it has to be done, to lower the price you will pay to some Orange County residential movers. With the following tips, you will organize a garage sale before relocating quite easily.

    • First set a date and time
    • Gather as many good items as possible
    • Make creative advertisements
    • Be realistic with the prices
    Picture of a garage sale
    Decluttering is much more difficult than a garage sale

    Date and time

    Smart timing can make or break your garage sale. The best time to host one would be the weekend, preferably in spring. Everyone will want to finally enjoy the nice weather, and therefore be outside. Avoid organizing a sale when there is something else going on in your place. Also make sure to not set the date too close to your moving date with movers Diamond Bar CA, so that you have time to do something with leftover items.

    Gather good items

    You cannot expect to sell just any piece of trash you don’t need. The items you should put up for sale should be in good condition. Don’t limit your search for items just in the garage. Search for items you haven’t used in ages in your attic, basement, shed, and any other place that has garage sale-worthy items.

    Creative advertisement

    Putting a sign on the street might not be the best way to advertise a sale. If you extend your efforts onto social media, you will attract a bigger crowd. You can also print fliers and ask local businesses to put them up for people to see. Every business gets clients this way and some long distance movers CA are no exception.

    Realistic prices

    You won’t make money on your sale if you set high prices. People that come to this kind of event expect to find something cheap. You cannot expect to sell an item for the price that you bought it and neither charge for it its second-hand value.

    Picture of a price tag
    Prices have to be realistic

    Conclusion on how to organize a garage sale before relocating

    When you organize a garage sale before relocating, you can expect to sell at least a few items. If you are left with lots of items and you want to get rid of them, just throw them away. It won’t be worth it to pay professional movers to move items that you never use.


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